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Captain Marvel

  1. Joy-Crusher of the Day: Captain Marvel Won’t Appear in Age of Ultron

    Sorry, Carol Corps.

    According to Nerdist News "a source close to production" has confirmed to them that our favorite Captain will not be making a cameo in Age of Ultron, which also means that everyone can stop speculating that Aurora Fearnley (the blonde woman currently credited as "Marine" in Ultron) has been cast as Carol. The Nerdist does say that no one they know has yet seen Ultron's post-credits scene, but that it's far more likely to involve Black Panther or Dr. Strange.

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  2. Marvel Ending 33 Comics Post-Secret Wars, Including Captain Marvel, Thor, And Angela: Asgard’s Assassin


    Marvel is merging all of its universes into one big mish-mash called Battleworld in this May's Secret Wars event - but it looks like not all current comics are going to make it out the other end alive, including several of our current faves. Sad. Face.

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  3. Are DC & Marvel Placating a “Vocal Minority” of Fans With Practical Female Character Costumes?

    Apparently creator Erik Larsen thinks so. Here we go again...

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  4. There’s A New “Captain Marvel And The Carol Corps” Comic Coming Your Way!


    We're already getting a Wild West AU and an all-female Avengers as part of Marvel's Secret Wars event this May; but if that isn't enough to get you to start a pull list at your local, you might be excited to learn about their all-new Carol Corps book for Captain Marvel fans!

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  5. Superheroes and Mental Illness: Why Our Stories Matter

    Words matter. Stories matter.

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  6. Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction Will Adapt Sex Criminals And Other Comics for TV


    According to an exclusive from Deadline, everybody's favorite comic-book writing couple is making the jump to television thanks to a new deal with Universal TV.

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  7. The Mary Sue Interview: Captain Marvel Artist David Lopez On Kelly Sue, Carol, And Comics

    Captain Marvel is one of the best female-led comics on the market - and not just because of Kelly Sue DeConnick's fantastic writing. Carol Danvers is brought to life by David Lopez, an incredibly experienced comic artist who draws the Avenger respectfully and imbues her with great strength. We sat down with Lopez to talk about his history in the industry and his time on Captain Marvel. 

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  8. Angelina Rumored To Have Been Approached To Direct Captain Marvel

    But will Chewie be involved?

    Okay, it's a completely unfounded rumor at this point, so let's not get too excited; but Marvel may have approached Angelina Jolie to direct the Captain Marvel film coming our way in 2018.

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  9. Pay Attention, Marvel, Selma‘s Ava DuVernay is Open to Doing a Superhero Film

    Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes.

    Ava DuVernay admits she's not expecting a call from Marvel, and even if she got one she'd have to start by even figuring out who Marvel's characters are. But which would you rather have: someone who loves examining heroes and myths and can admit they have things to learn, or somebody who is totally fine with being the world builder of a superhero universe while seeming dismissive of nerds, confused about character origins, and puzzled by the idea of self-sacrificing heroes?

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  10. [UPDATED] Marvel Announces New All-Female Avengers Team!

    Get hype!

    Look at that art! Not to be left out after DC announced twenty-four new titles this morning (including Black Canary!), Marvel decided to make a "game-changing" new series announcement of their own this morning.

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