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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Captain Jack Harkness

Hello Sweetie

John Barrowman Pitches the Captain Jack/River Song Spinoff He’d Like to See

In an interview with The TV Addict at SDCC, John Barrowman had some things to say about his ideal Captian Jack Harkness/River Song Doctor Who spinoff. To the surprise of no one and the delight of all, it appears that he’s put considerable thought into the probably-won’t-ever-exist-sorry-but-it’s-true show. See if you agree with what he wants behind the cut.


Why Not Do It With Some Style?

Protect the World In Comfort and Style with This Captain Jack Harkness Bathrobe

Even if I’d never seen an episode of Doctor Who in my life, I’d still want to wear this. Those are some right snazzy buttons.

(via: FashionablyGeek)

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Allow Us To Explain

Guys: John Barrowman Won’t Sleep With You

No, never. But there’s always a cute 27 or 35-year-old. The best is when women bring their husbands up and say, “My husband thinks Captain Jack’s fantastic.”

And the husband says, “John, if I was ever to do it with a bloke then you’d be the one.” And I’m like, “Call me. You are hot.” But no, I’ve never done it. I have a partner. Plus, maybe I won’t live up to their expectations. – John Barrowman, when asked if he’s ever slept with one of his nerdy fans.

Ladies have known for a while that John Barrowman only plays an omni-sexual on TV, and isn’t one on real life (not that there’s anything wrong with being omni-sexual…)

So guys: John Barrowman won’t sleep with you. It’s not because you’re not hot. It’s because he’s a gentleman.

You want to sleep with Captain Jack? Do it in fanfiction. And if it’s good, put it on the internet for the rest of us.

(via Digital Spy.)

Audience Participation

John Barrowman Really Wants to Return to Doctor Who

“It’s the 50th anniversary coming up of Doctor Who and Jack is an integral part to this story and, if I’m going to be a little self-absorbed, I would hope he would be involved, it would be a shame if he wasn’t … But it’s a decision left up to the BBC and the drama department … So like I’ve said to all the fans, you need to write to them if you want it to happen because I’ve never been asked. I know Russell [T. Davies] thinks it might be a nice idea as did [executive producer] Steven Moffat but who knows?”John Barrowman, unofficially kicking off the “Get Captain Jack Harkness Back on Doctor Who” campaign.

Until such a return is made, we have yet to see Captain Jack hanging out with Matt Smith‘s 11th Doctor, but Barrowman has already said that he’s a “very good Doctor.” It’s up to us, Whovians! Let’s get the Beeb to Bring Back Cap!

(via Blastr)


Misleading Headline of the Day

Torchwood Producer Russel T. Davies Assures Us All That Captain Jack Isn’t Gay

Russel T. Davies, Torchwood: Miracle Day producer and co-writer, is very adamant that the world know that Captain Jack Harkness is not gay. Which upon first listen can lead to a giant “WTF,” because, well. Don’t get up in arms too quickly, however: Davies quickly clarifies, and he is simply worried that he spent too much time playing up the character’s homosexual leanings (we’re not complaining) that they neglected the heterosexual side. After all, as Davies tells AfterElton, Captain Jack is omnisexual.