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Captain America

  1. Stanford Researcher Explains the Science of Captain America and the Hulk’s Powers [VIDEO]

    "Get in, losers. We're going to do science."

    Stanford biologist Sebastian Alvarado is here to take the wind out of your sails, pedants. Superheroes will probably never be 100% scientifically accurate, but Alvarado's rationalizations for the real science that could be at work behind the Hulk and Captain America would make the Science Bros. proud. Watch him explain Captain America above and then hit the jump for the Hulk.

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  2. Dorkly Reminds Us That Captain America Is Sometimes A Big Embarrassing Goofball

    All those who chose to oppose his shield must bend over laughing.

    Remember that time Steve Rogers went undercover as somebody's grandma to infiltrate Hydra Headquarters, with tiny frilly-suited Bucky Barnes in tow? Dorkly does, as well as a lot of embarrassing stuff that's happened to Cap and his team over the years—though not, ironically, that time he asked if the A on his head stands for France. It's probably better that we all forget that.

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  3. San Diego Comic-Con 2014: While You Were Sleeping, Part 3

    Future tip: Be very polite to any and all Spider-Mans.

    We know that reading about goings-on at Comic-Con after the fact isn't as good as being there in person, but think of it this way: You're at home. You're in your pajamas. And there are no lines. Join us now as we catch up on some newsy morsels, including a new Outlander trailer, the logo for the Warcraft movie, and some tidbits about Agent Carter.

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  4. Falcon Is Taking Over as Captain America… Stephen Colbert Taking Over as Falcon? [Updated]

    "Why did the Falcon cross the road? For justice, mother f---er!"

    The big Marvel announcements just keep coming. After announcing Thor will be a woman on The View, Marvel sent Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada to The Colbert Report to announce that the Falcon, Sam Wilson, will be taking on the mantle of Captain America.

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  5. We Need All Voices in Comics (Or I Started the #FireRickRemender Hashtag and I’m Only Kind of Sorry About It)

    Republished with permission.

    Wednesday evening, following my first read of Rick Remender’s Captain America #22, I posted a series of entries to my blog reiterating my distaste for his work, and my renewed (and long-held) belief that he should no longer be writing it. I am genuinely sorry for any personal affront my actions may have caused. What I am not sorry for is everything that came afterward.

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  6. No, Rick Remender Did Not Write Falcon Having Sex With A 14-Year-Old In Captain America

    Let's take a look, shall we?

    Captain America #22, by writer Rick Remender and artist Carlos Pacheco, caused an uproar last week. Why? Many were under the assumption a sex scene between Sam Wilson (aka The Falcon) and Jet Zola was actually a statutory rape scene. Soon, the hashtag #FireRickRemender surfaced on Twitter and many angry posts were written. There's just one thing to clear up - in the comics, Jet is at least 23 years old. So why the confusion?

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  7. Fox ADHD’s Captain America Song Is Fairly Upsettling, Sadly Spot-On

    I bet the real Captain America would hate this.

    This video from Fox ADHD titled "CAPTAIN AMERICA STATISTICS SONG!" might get you in the 4th of July spirit, but probably not in the way you're expecting. It reworks the classic Captain America cartoon theme song with statistics about how America compares to other countries in education, health, and more. Spoiler: We don't compare very well.

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  8. Her Universe Launches All-New Line of Marvel Themed Apparel

    This makes me want to fondue.

    We all knew this was coming when Ashley Eckstein tweeted out a teaser of that Captain America hoodie yesterday, but now it's official: Her Universe has just released an all-new line of Marvel clothing!

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  9. The “Unnecessary Censorship” Version of Captain America Is F%$&ing Great

    Captain America would never.

    Captain America: The Winter Solider was fantastic - so how can we bring the first Cap film up to that level? Easy - we just pretend the whole movie was filled with hilarious vulgarities, and then censor them all out. Including a pre-super Chris Evans exposing himself in of a room full of his fellow soldiers.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: Super Captain Wolverine Man

    Things We Saw Today

    Quick! Get Hollywood on the phone! (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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