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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Captain America


Captain America’s Shield Explained By Science

Captain America’s shield is famous for absorbing tremendous amounts of kinetic energy, from an artillery shell to a punch from the Hulk – keeping Cap not only safe, but on his feet.  What’s going on here?


om nom nom

Lunchbox Dad Creates Pop-Culture Meals For His Kids

It probably says something about my urge to take care of something other than a cat that I can’t imagine packing any type of lunch for a child, let alone a creative one. Thankfully, Beau Coffron, also known as “Lunchbox Dad,” is happy and willing to do so for his three children. Take a look at just some of the fantastic lunchbox images he’s put together with yummy ingredients which make up Star Wars, Frozen, Dr. Seuss characters and more!


Why Not Do It With Some Style?

WeLoveFine Shirts and Leggings Help You Get Your Captain America and Adventure Time On

I am almost partially at least somewhat certain that winter is marginally close to being over. And as weather gets warmer, I personally feel better about letting my gams out into the wild with naught but a layer of thin, stretchy fabric between them and the *shudder* weather. So: leggings! WeLoveFine has some new ones—plus some popular, back-in-stock ones—that we think you’ll like, plus some Captain America shirts newly released in women’s sizes and a spiffy X-Men shirt with art by Antony Rozwadowski. Check ‘em out behind the jump.



Captain America: The Winter Soldier Delivers Big Ideas, Bigger Explosions

Whether punching out Hitler or hanging up his shield, Captain America has always been a barometer for America’s political atmosphere, a reliable gauge for what’s on the minds of the nation. In his latest adventure, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he is again, standing as a voice of reason in a high-octane action drama that concerns itself with the all-too-pertinent debate of freedom versus security. Those who found the first Cap adventure distasteful in its hamminess will be pleased to know that CA:TWS contains nothing of the kind, being a grim-faced thrill ride with no time to talk and no room for cheese. The jokes in Winter Soldier are spare and barely land, a testament to the film’s hard edge. But, unlike some of its dark-and-gritty peers in the superhero genre, a touch of darkness serves this sequel well, working for its covert ops setting instead of against it.

Is the price of knowing SPOILERS a price you’re willing to pay?


We Can Be Heroes

Chris Evans to Quit Acting Post-Marvel, Scarlett Johansson Still Wants a Solo Black Widow Movie

Sorry, Chris Evans fans, but after the actor finally hangs up his shield, whenever that is, he has no intention of returning to the movies… in front of the camera, anyway. I’m gonna go re-watch Sunshine and be sad.


this exists

A Reawakened Captain America Has Some Important Things On His To-Do List

Thanks to Redditor LargeMaleDogOrHorse, we have a very important screenshot from Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Steve Rogers’ to-do list. To be fair, since the guy woke up in our time, he’s been pretty busy doing that superhero stuff, nice to see he finally has some time to indulge. But some important questions remain: Did Steve make this list or did Natasha (or Coulson) make it for him? Which order did he watch Star Wars in? Why is disco on this list at all?? But just think, when he’s done, Steve will finally understand some references!

Previously in Captain America



Superhero Shoes For Everyday Crime Fighting

It’s true, we don’t think high heels are the best footwear for superheroines but that won’t stop us from wearing the hell out of these around town. ComicsAlliance’s resident fashion expert, Betty Felon, took inspiration from Mandy Kerr’s superhero-inspired designs featured at Shoes of Prey to create her own! Check out custom designed shoes inspired by the Batfamily, Loki, and more!


Elsewhere on the internet

Photoshop Makes the Other Version of Winter Soldier We’d Love To See

“Natasha! What – what’s going on?”

“Steve, we explained this. It’s laser tag.”



We Know A Bunch of Stuff About the Peggy Carter Series, Even Though It’s Still Not Real

Clap your hands if you believe in fairies a period spy/action drama series featuring a female lead.


Do Try This At Home

Iron Man and Thor’s Avengers Fight Scene, Remade Shot For Shot With Cardboard and Love

You know, in some ways, it’s more impressive than the original. The sound effects alone are worth the watch.