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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Wow, I Didn’t Know There Are No Female Characters In Adventure Time!

…at least that’s what you’d think if you looked at McDonalds’ line of Adventure Time Happy Meal toys, which has only male characters and is marketed “for boys,” while the Paul Frank monkeys are “for girls.” Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess, etc. must have been figments of my imagination this whole time. (Serious Eats)


eye candy

Alien PEZ Dispenser is Not a Real PEZ Dispenser, But Should Be

I know, I know there’s no practical way for this PEZ dispenser to have another, tiny PEZ dispenser head that extends when you open it, offering tiny PEZ, but rationality has nothing to do with my desire for an Alien Queen PEZ dispenser.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A Horse and Unicorn Wedding Cake Topper

“Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?” “My darling, I’m so sorry, but… neeeeeiiiggghhh.” (by Archie McPhee, via Laughing Squid)


The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

If You Smash a TARDIS Piñata, Does it Make a Candy Crack in the Universe?

And on the other side of that candy crack, is there a Candy Kingdom? Because I want to go to there.

Mostlymade’s TARDIS piñata features a hatch on the bottom and a pullstring, just in case you don’t want to smash up your lovingly made TARDIS piñata and don’t care that you’re completely ignoring everything cool about piñatas (blindfolded violence) and also the opportunity to restage Van Gogh’s exploding TARDIS painting with candy instead of fire. Here’s the making-of of this cardboard construction.


om nom nom

These Death Star Lolipops Are Fully Operational (And Marshmallow Flavored)

DesignerLollipop made these confectionary treats “allowing for no seems. Each side is poured independently and is completely smooth all the way around. The front of the lollipop is a proprietary blend of Isomalt, Sugar and Corn Syrup. This blend produces supurb clarity. The backside is poured with a mixture of corn syrup and sugar, color black.” But all I heard was “Magic. They were made by magic.”

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Peanut Butter and Chocolate

“The Greatest Candy Store on Earth” Doesn’t Have a Chocolate River But It Looks Pretty Cool Regardless

Anyone who knows me is aware of several things. One: I’m a card-carrying cinephile who will dork out about movies at the drop of a hat. Two: I own the world’s best sofa. (It’s really comfy. Also it’s corduroy.) Three: My sweet tooth knows no bounds. So needless to say I’d like to take a trip to Sweet!, the 30,000 sq. ft. Willy Wonka-themed candy store that opened recently in Los Angeles.

Look at it. Feel its glory. Yearn to be let loose at the Star Wars and Ghostbusters displays. Feel slightly discomfited looking at the sexy lounging cow. Gasp in awe at the Harry Potter portrait made of jelly beans. Rear back from your computer in fright upon seeing the Oompa Loompas. (It’s a conditioned reflex.)

I’ll take one of everything, please. More photos under the jump.


It Came From Outer Space

Dear Geeks, Eat Me. Sincerely, The Solar System

If you are A) a fan of candy, B) an aspiring supervillain who relishes the idea of eventually destroying a planet but wants to start small or C) into astronomy, you might want to invest in some of Etsy seller Vintage Confections’ “edible images planets lollipops.” A set contains ten lollipops, each fashioned after a different planet, plus the Sun and Pluto (moment of silence for our no-longer-planetary friend, please). As you can see, they look pretty (wait for it…) freaking sweet, plus they’re decorated with edible silver glitter to simulate stars, which is exactly the type of attention to detail I look for in my confectionary treats.


I'm In A Glass Case of Emotion

Rejoice, For the Girl Scout Cookie-Flavored Nestlé Crunch Bars Are Upon Us!

I might be able to top the Benedict Cumberbatch-Frankenstein thing I just posted, because there is another wonderful thing coming to America in the month of June. Remember the Girl Scout cookie-flavored Nestlé Crunch Bars we told you about a while ago? They are happening. They are real. They are coming to stores in June for a limited time. I’ll provide you information on the featured flavors after the jump, and you will be very pleased.


Allow Us To Explain

If You’ve Ever Wondered Why Peeps Are Such a Thing, Wonder No More!

Every year around this time, and even when it’s not this time, marshmallow Peeps have themselves a moment. People think of clever, unconventional recipes for them, they make them re-enact scenes from classic literature, all kinds of things! And all with those yellow sugar-covered, vaguely bird-shaped marshmallow treats. But how did they emerge from the pastel plastic grass of the Easter basket to land squarely into the epicenter of pop culture (to the joy/annoyance of many)?


Thing That Might Have to Exist

The Girl Scout Cookie-Flavored Nestlé Crunch Bar

Someone posted this picture of a Nestlé Crunch Bar on Reddit that, according to the label, is flavored like a Girl Scout cookie known as the Thin Mint. And that on the aforementioned label, this is part of a series of “Limited Edition Cookie Flavors,” which is plural. Which means there might be a whole line of Nestlé Crunch Bars that are flavored like Girl Scout cookies. But for now, all we have is this mysterious sample candy, taunting us … playing with us … making us crave a minty, crunchy chocolate dream … Even the delusion is better than Girl Scout cookie lip balm.

What happens now? Petition? A march on Nestlé headquarters? I will go to Vevey, Switzerland if I have to, if that’s what it takes. I will go to Vevey, Switzerland.

(via That’s Nerdalicious)

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