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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


what is this I don't even

Whoops: SELF Magazine Criticizes Cancer Survivor Running Marathon In Tutus She Sells For Charity

Marathon runner Monika Allen was overjoyed to find out SELF magazine wanted to use an image of her from a recent race. After all, it would help get attention for her sale of tutus, the proceeds of which go to Girls on the Run, a charity aimed at promoting exercise and confidence for young girls. But then the magazine was published and she realized the clipping featuring her likeness wasn’t a positive mention at all.


We Can Be Heroes

The Bay Area Adds To Batkid-Mania With Their Very Own Wonder Girl

You remember the fun San Francisco (and everyone else) had with Batkid, right? Well the Bay area town of Vallejo recently celebrated another young individual by turning them into a superhero for a day. Everyone, say hello to Monika Romo, aka Wonder Girl. 


Hey! Listen!

Art Show Fights Cancer With Time Travel

When artist Chris Thornley (Raid71) was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer a few years back, he and Julia Hall set up Art V Cancer, a yearly show that donates most of its proceeds ($13,368 since it began in 2011) to cancer charities. As if the philanthropy aspect isn’t cool enough, this year’s show,  titled Bending Time and Space, heavily focuses on time travel movies. And, as we all know, time travel movies are the best movies. Hit the jump for amazing art based on The Terminator, Back to the Future, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and more.

(via: GeekTyrant)


Consider the Following

Hospital Rebrands Chemotherapy as Superhero Serum

While there are plenty of heroes out there who got there powers from being dosed with radiation (usually under less than controlled conditions), this isn’t a campaign that convinces kids that chemotherapy will give them superpowers. What it is, is one that might make them feel less scared about a pretty scary situation. After all, not everybody is old enough to appreciate xkcd’s epic reframing of cancer treatment.


The Future Is Now!

Woman With Terminal Illness Put Into Cryogenic Sleep After Futurists Help Fund The Process

Cryogenics is something we’ve seen often in our favorite sci-fi products but more people are opting to preserve themselves this way. If they can afford it, of course. So when a 23-year-old neuroscience student was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she asked the internet for help raising the money to freeze herself until a cure is found. The effort was successful and Kim Suozzi is now cryogenically preserved. 


Make It So

J.J. Abrams Makes Dying Trekker’s Wish To See Star Trek Into Darkness Come True

See? The internet can be used for good! 


Warning: May Contain Feelings

Ian McKellen Reveals That He Has Cancer (Don’t Panic!)

In an interview this week, Sir Ian McKellen, beloved by many geeks for his roles in both the Lord of the Rings and X-Men franchises (not to mention being, for this writer, the only bearable (not intended as a pun!) part of The Golden Compass), revealed that he has been living with prostate cancer for “six or seven years.” However, the actor says that his particular case is has remained non-life threatening and is being closely monitored.


Keep the Change Ya Filthy Animal

Terminally Illin’: A Graphic Novel About a 20-Something Battling Cancer

A cancer diagnosis at any time is unfair and bad news, especially when you’re a young adult in the prime of your life, ready to take on anything. Kaylin Andres was one such person, and after surviving her own battle with cancer, she’s fictionalized the experience in the form of a comic book, Terminally Illin’. Along with collaborator Jon Solo, she’s running a Kickstarter campaign to create a digital version of the comic and spread the word. After the jump, more details and pictures from the project.


Today in things that make us scream incoherently

Teen Cancer Survivor Suspended For Wanting To Donate Hair

Yes, it’s true, we have rules in our society for a reason but in my mind at least, there’s times when rules should be bent for the greater good. This is one of those occasions. J.T. Gaskins was recently suspended from his high school. Why? Because the long hair he was growing to donate to Locks of Love violated school policy. Did we mention he’s a cancer survivor himself? Sigh. 


A Lesson in Humility

Yeah, Mattel…Why Isn’t There A Bald Barbie?

There have been countless Barbies sold since they first hit shelves in 1959 and while you’ve got your run of the mill versions there have also been numerous special edition Barbies. Things like their holiday Barbies, Barbies made to look like Hollywood stars etc. Well one group is now asking Mattel, makers of the famous doll line, to create a bald Barbie for children who have lost their hair due to cancer or other illnesses. And we’re here to say, Mattel, what’s taken you so long?