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  1. Today In “Duh, Of Course”: Canadian Scientists Taught a Tiny Robot To Ski

    But did they teach her how to package milk in bags? That's the test of a true Canadian.

    Great, now if we have to flee to the mountains to escape the inevitable robot uprising they'll be that much better at tracking us dow—WAIT, OH NO, WHY IS THIS ROBOT SO CUTE. I'm trying to hate you on principle, robot, stop wearing TINY HOCKEY JERSEYS AHH LOOK AT ~YOU~.

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  2. Kate Beaton Drew Today’s Google Doodle in Honor of Women’s Rights Activist Henrietta Edwards!

    Hark! An inspiring woman.

    Huzzah! Canada's Google Doodle today celebrates the 165th birthday of Henrietta Edwards, an activist who ensured women were recognized as persons under Canadian law. During her lifetime, Edwards also established Canada's first YWCA, co-founded the Victorian Order of Nurses, wrote two books on women's rights, established the National Council of Women, studied law, and was active in prison reform. Phew.

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  3. Canadians Crowdfunding “Beaver” Bot to Send to Mars, Because the World Is Amazing

    Oh, Canada.

    A Canadian company isn't going to let the U.S. have all the fun with robots on Mars; they've got a plan to send a crowdfunded "Beaver" rover to the Red Planet. Yes, the people of Canada are going to need to band together to send a robot Beaver to Mars. Yes, the world truly is a magical place.

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  4. Things We Saw Today: The #SaveStorm Campaign Needs YOU

    Still reeling from the recent loss of Marvel's She-Hulk title, as well as Elektra? It looks like another female-led series might be on the chopping block next—Storm. A social media campaign's been created to champion for Ororo's book; Brett White at Comic Book Resources has more on the subject.

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  5. Canada Of The Day: Sign This Petition For A Wolverine Statue In Edmonton

    A very short statue, but still.

    Everyone's favourite grizzled Canadian superhero needs some love in his home province. Edmonton, Alberta resident Jessie Seitz has set up a petition that endeavours to get a life-sized statue of Alberta native Wolverine installed somewhere in the province's capital.

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  6. Reggie Fils-Aime Demands Poutine In Nintendo’s Announcement For #SuperSmashClub Canada

    That Canadian mug better contain a double-double, eh?

    Maple syrup! Olympic mittens! A hockey player! Poutine! Nintendo spared no Canadian cliché in the making of their announcement video on EPN for the new Super Smash Club Canada. All they were missing was a box of Timbits and a two-four.

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  7. Ship Lost In Arctic 160 Years Ago Found Due To Global Warming

    Good. Soon we'll need all the ships we can get.

    In 1845 explorer John Franklin set off to explore the Northwest Passage. The adventurer and his ships the HMS Erebus and the terribly-named HMS Terror were never seen again--until very recently, that is.

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  8. Chris and Dave Hadfield Made “The Most Canadian Music Video Ever” To Celebrate Canada Day

    Needs more French.

    Not all our readers will appreciate the significance of July 1st, but for those of you who do, I salute you!

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  9. Guy Rescues a Baby Moose, Takes It to Tim Horton’s, Because Canada

    Tim Horton's may be a perfect habitat for Canadians, but not so much for moose.

    That's it, we've found the essence of Canada. This is a story about a guy doing something nice and selfless that involves a moose and Tim Horton's. It's not always the best idea to take in stray animals you find on the side of the road, but if you do, taking them for donuts is probably the way to go.

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  10. Thank You, Toronto Citizen Who Demanded a Library Remove Hop on Pop, For Protecting Me From Being Hopped Upon

    I will not be hopped upon!

    A library in Toronto has received a request to remove the Dr. Seuss book Hop on Pop for fear that it will inspire kids to violently attack their fathers in a hopping fashion. As a father with no desire to be hopped upon, I applaud this brave Torontonian for taking a stand to protect me from my child.

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  11. Canada Is Working Hard To Bring The World A Pizza Cake

    Now I actually know what we're "blaming them" for.

    Boston Pizza is a Canada-based chain that makes third-rate pies but first-rate hybrids of pizza and politics. As part of "their Pizza Game Changer" promotion you can vote right now for a hypothetical weird food innovation you want to see at a parlor near you. If you have strong feelings about Pizza Cake (as you should) then make your voice heard!

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  12. Canadian Olympic Athletes in Sochi Get Free Beer With Their Passports

    As opposed to American passports, which usually just get you silently judged.

    Hey, Olympic athletes need to unwind every now and then, too. It turns out Canada's team has the advantage in that area, though, as Molson Canadian has installed a beer fridge in their Olympic house that opens when a Canadian passport is scanned. Presumably, that beer fridge is now empty, and someone is trying desperately to wake up the Olympians.

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  13. Avalanche Sharks Is a Movie, Whether We Want It to Be or Not, so Watch the Trailer [Video]

    Because the problem with Sharknado was its plausability.

    This summer, the snow will run red with your blood. Wait, what? The inevitable next shark/natural disaster movie is here, but this time, it has way more Canada.

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  14. Canadian Mountie Delighted To Find Tumblr’s Cartoons of Her Stopping Crime With Bear Cub Partner

    Bear Time

    Two and a half years ago, Constable Suzanne Bourque was interviewing witnesses about the activity of a too-friendly-for-his-own-good bear cub who'd been pestering visitors at the Terra Nova National park in Newfoundland and Labrador when the bear cub himself showed up. The ensuing pictures were un-bear-ably adorable, but, in the way of things on the internet, ran under the radar for a while until they finally got their chance at becoming internet gold.

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  15. Thousands of Snowy Owls Are Migrating to Florida Because It’s Too Cold in Canada

    It's definitely not because they want to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. Nope.

    Snowy owls tend to stick to parts of the continent that are, y'know, snowy — but anything goes in this weird post-polar vortex world of ours, and now there are reports of snowy owl sightings as far south as Florida. That's right, it's too cold in Canada for animals that have the word "snow" in their names.

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  16. Canada Now Has a Truck Made of Ice, Because Water Is a Solid in Canada

    Is this some kind of weird winter-themed Transformers spin-off?

    Last week, we learned that parts of Canada had become colder than the surface of Mars. Now they've used their powers of extreme cold to build a truck made of 11,000 pounds of ice to prove that its battery works well in cold conditions, because just being in temperatures lower than Mars didn't prove it enough.

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  17. This Is What Happens When You Use A Water Gun Outside (When It’s As Cold As Mars)

    Cloud-Making 101.

    Yesterday we told you that a bunch of Canada got colder than Mars. Today, it looks like the same is true for the majority of North America. This guy in Northern Ontario (where it was -41°C and -41°F) filled a SuperSoaker with boiling water, went out into the cold, and created his own clouds. It's like the intense version of seeing your breath.

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  18. Hey, It Got as Cold as Mars in Canada, so Living in Canada Makes You Pretty Much Amazing

    But if Canadians are so warm and friendly, why is Canada so cold?

    Hey, did you know there's a vast, uninhabitable, frigid land ready to be explored if we only look up? No, not up to outer space and Mars. Up north, to Canada. Yup. Our northern neighbors recently found out what it's like to live on the surface of Mars (kind of) as temperatures plummeted to the same levels the curiosity rover braves on Mars.

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  19. Newfies Rescue A Shark Choking On A Moose, Because Canada

    Get that shark a Cruller down the Hortons instead, eh?

    The most Canadian rescue ever went down this week near Norris Arm North in Newfoundland (that's pronounced "New-fin-land," to the uninitiated). Normal Newfie Derrick Chaulk was just driving down the coast when he spotted a beached shark, choking to death. On a moose.

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  20. What Makes a Music Video “Look Canadian?” Dave Shumka Breaks it Down

    Someone please make a flowchart of this.

    We love Canada. It gave us Chris Hadfield and our wonderful weekend editor Sam Maggs. We have a lot in common, but when something's Canadian, you can just kind of tell. Comedian, blogger, and Canadian Dave Shumka set out to qualify what makes music videos "look Canadian" over on the CBC Music Blog.

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