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Calvin and Hobbes

  1. Scholar Publishes In-Depth Research On The Cost Of Raising Calvin From Calvin and Hobbes

    Having an army of snowmen at one's bidding: priceless.

    But isn't Spaceman Spiff at least partially to blame?

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  2. Stop Everything: This Guardians of the Galaxy and Calvin and Hobbes Mashup Won the Internet

    There's treasure everywhere, but especially here.

    Homicidal Psycho Jungle Foliage? The Days Are Just Packed (With A-Holes)? It's a Magical Galaxy? That's it, everybody. Pack it in and go back to bed. You cannot compete with this, so we might as well all just take the rest of the day off. This Guardians of the Galaxy/Calvin and Hobbes mashup fanart by Adi Fitri is the most perfect, life-affirming thing you will see on the Internet today. Truly, we are Groot.

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Matt Smith is Shocked

    Things We Saw Today

    I think I need this decal on every single one of my outlets. (via ElectricStickerCo on Etsy) 

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  4. Brace Your Inner Child: New Art From Bill Watterson, Creator of Calvin and Hobbes

    This pleases us.

    The beloved creator of Calvin and Hobbes designed amazing poster art for the documentary Stripped, available for advance order on iTunes as of midnight last night. It's a huge testimony to the movie's quality that the notoriously discerning Watterson was involved, but he could design a poster promoting his butt, and I'd be happy.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: The First Poster for NBC’s The Sound of Music

    Things We Saw Today

    You remember: This is NBC's upcoming live production of The Sound of Music starring Carrie Underwood as Maria and True Blood's Stephen Moyer as Captain Von Trapp. My brain doesn't know what it's doing. Am I indignant? Horrified? Amused? Do I even care? If I have to be subjected to these conflicting emotions then so do you. (Entertainment Weekly)

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  6. Calvin and Hobbes Documentary Trailer Gives Us All Kinds of Feels

    It's A World of Laughter A World of Tears

    There's something about Calvin and Hobbes. Everyone of a certain era in American childhood, from all walks of life, has a memory or a story or a warm fuzzy feeling when they think of the iconic comic strip and its young blonde hero, and that floppy tiger. It makes sense, then, that a comic so powerful is getting its own documentary about the impact it has had on the lives of so many people-- within the industry and beyond. If you love Calvin and Hobbes, check out this trailer for Dear Mr. Watterson, and try not to drown in your own bittersweet tears. (via Pajiba)

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  7. This Calvin and Hobbes Trailer’s the Grittiest of Reboots [Video]

    Did you love the original Calvin and Hobbes comics or appreciate the recent animated short? Doesn't matter. One way or another, the Gritty Reboots folks have delivered us a fan trailer for a movie that doesn't exist and probably shouldn't. The results are decidedly dark, existential, and beyond silly, but just in case, let's not let Michael Bay see this, okay?

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  8. This Calvin and Hobbes Animation’s Both Warm and Fuzzy

    Calvin and Hobbes was one of those great comics -- like The Far Side -- that at its dullest was still far, far more entertaining than the best installment of Family Circus. Cartoonist Bill Watterson had a great thing going with his strip, because it was as humorous as it was deep. Calvin's imagination and occasional philosophical musings are rightly admired still. Calvin and Hobbes never launched into a bigger franchise or animated series -- but only because Watterson didn't care for all that. "My strip is a low-tech, one-man operation, and I like it that way," he said in The Calvin and Hobbes: Tenth Anniversary book. That said, animator Adam Brown (Ugly Americans) went and made a short little animation of the comic, and it somehow manages to encapsulate its charm.

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  9. Horrific Snowman Creations from Calvin and Hobbes [Video]

    A staple of the much beloved comic strip series Calvin and Hobbes were the horrific snowmen built by the titular character. Those creations are faithfully remade in this tribute video by JimFrommeyer, and it's an utter delight. Cleverly, the film's creator only hints at the famed boy and tiger, and instead lets us dwell on this veritable snowman house of horrors. 

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  10. Things We Saw Today: Everyone Has A Crush On Batman

    Things We Saw Today

    Mike Maihack (who we selected for the art section of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide) has drawn Batgirl/Supergirl strips before that have resonated with us but perhaps none so much as this. Hit the jump to see all the other cool stuff we saw today. 

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