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  1. Buzzfeed Looks at 21 #NonCompliant Members of the Comics Community

    What we talk about when we talk about NC.

    This year's ECCC featured a Being Non-Compliant panel with Kelly Sue DeConnick, Noelle Stevenson, Kate Leth, Erika Moen and Spike Trotman, but the bad-assery didn't end there--Buzzfeed's Kirk Damato took to the floor to talk to creators, professionals, and fans about what being non-compliant means to them.

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  2. “Historically Accurate Disney Princess” Video Is a Great Excuse for Costume Porn


    The whole "historically accurate Disney Princess" project has been done before, of course, but Buzzfeed did a pretty good job of researching the authentic fashions of the time periods and cultures that these Disney movies took place in (but not, it should be noted, with their original source material in mind).

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  3. Shove It, Haters: Buzzfeed Is “Unequivocally” Feminist


    In case you had any doubts about Buzzfeed's commitment to feminism after looking at their diversity-minded hiring policy, their patriarchy-smashing Harry Potter retellings, and their gender role-reversal videos that ask geeky guys the same boneheaded questions girls get asked all the time, then don't worry: their Tumblr just spelled it out for everybody.

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  4. 6 Often-Overlooked Women From History Who Did Not Give a F***


    Here's an awesome animation from BuzzFeed Video that shines a light on Annie Smith Peck, Mary Lou Williams, Ada Lovelace, Lilian Bland, Murasaki Shikibu, and Ethel L. Payne—six pioneers in STEM, the arts and politics who gave approximately zero fucks. Hell yeah.

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  5. Hermione Granger and the Goddamn Patriarchy: A Feminist Re-Imagining of Harry Potter


    As much as we all love Harry as a character, let's face it—Hermione is better than him at just about everything and barely gets any credit for it. In fact, I would bet you so much leprechaun gold that she'd be a proud and outspoken feminist if she were a real person in 2015. Heck, Emma Watson already is.

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  6. Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Lesbian Answered Sarcastically as Hell By a Lesbian

    Cameron Esposito, you're my hero.

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  7. “What If Gamer Girls Acted Like Gamer Guys?” Is Way Too Spot-On [VIDEO]

    "Ugh, you play like such a dude."

    You might have heard that there's a touch of misogyny floating around the games community at the moment - which is why it's so nice to see the double-standard in gaming perfectly illustrated in this video from Buzzfeed. "Are you buying that for your girlfriend's Xbox?"

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  8. “I Would Not Want To Trick Or Treat In This”: Men Try On Sexy Halloween Costumes

    "Give the girls some pants! Pants can be f**king sexy!"

    Someone I very much respect and admire once said (via Lindsay Lohan in a movie script) that Halloween is the one time of year when a woman can dress slutty and no one can give her crap for it. Which is great for those who welcome the opportunity, but the Halloween-industrial complex has gone a bit... erm, overboard with that idea. Don't believe us? Let BuzzFeed demonstrate with some of the the weirdest and most inappropriate costumes on the market today, as modeled by pasty men.

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  9. 20 Things We Want to See In BuzzFeed: The Movie


    BuzzFeed now has a movie division. And the Earth does tremble.

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  10. The Onion To Debut New Website Parodying Buzzfeed and Upworthy

    I can't make a sub-header joke when I'm writing about The Onion. That's flying a little too close to the sun.

    America's Finest News Source has a new platform for satirizing uniquely 20th century media--on Tuesday The Onion announced, a site dedicated to parodying Upworthy , Buzzfeed, and endless over-sharing.

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  11. True Friends Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Play The Newlywed Game [Video]

    It's okay to be jealous of everyone involved in this.

    "The Newlywed Game" is a fun cruel exercise where couples compete to see how well they really know their partner. Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen aren't a romantic couple, but they do have an enviable friendship -- although judging from this video, they definitely wouldn't win in a relationship trivia smackdown.

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  12. Dave Coulier Took BuzzFeed’s “Which Full House Character Are You?” Quiz

    Guess which character he is.

    Something like 40% of all Facebook posts are people posting their BuzzFeed "Which _______ Character Are You?" quiz results. I'm pretty over the whole thing, but today Dave Coulier took the Full House character quiz and I found myself captivated by the idea that he might not get the right result. So who'd he get?

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  13. Without the GIFs and Images, Buzzfeed Articles are Hilariously, Terrifyingly Surreal

    But how will I be able to tell people what I'm feeling without screen caps from Mean Girls??

    Like 'em or not, you've gotta hand it to Buzzfeed -- they've turned sharing GIFs on the Internet into an art form. But when you strip all the images away, what's left? Nothing but curiously vague bits and pieces of phrases. Honestly, after reading some of these, it really should have occurred to us earlier that a Buzzfeed staffer was behind @horse_ebooks.

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  14. Watch A Surprisingly Satisfying Takedown Of Buzzfeed’s Editorial Practices [Video]

    This will probably be the only original content on the Internet that never appears on Buzzfeed.

    Say what you want about the Internet juggernaut Buzzfeed -- no, really. Say what you want. They don't care; they're too busy making spagillions of money every time you click on one of their lists. Speaking of which, Maddox of The Best Show In The Universe on Youtube has a lot of gripes that he would like to get off his chest re: Buzzfeed.

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  15. Facebook Abandoned Feature to Show How Many People View Your Posts

    Because 'Like' is more important than 'Look'

    More people look at your Facebook posts then 'Like' and 'Share' them. That's a fact that everyone is vaguely aware of, but it might surprise you to know that Facebook tested a feature that would tell you how many people saw your posts, and decided that people didn't want it. According to Facebook engineer Lars Backstrom, the call was made that users wouldn't be interested in how many people saw the content they passed along -- just how many reacted to it. "People are way more interested in seeing *who* liked their posts, rather than just the number of people who saw it," he said in a Facebook post of his own.

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  16. BuzzFeed and CNN Sitting in a Tree, Y-O-U-T-U-B-E

    You got your news in my cat memes. You got your cat memes in my news. CNN and BuzzFeed join forces for new YouTube channel.

    Internet-list authority BuzzFeed has teamed up with CNN and YouTube to create a "CNN BuzzFeed" channel on the popular video site. The channel will feature archival footage, and create new content that we imagine will fall somewhere between ridiculous link bait and regular link bait. Get ready for headlines like, "15 Biggest White House Press Briefing Fails" and, "9 Cats That Are Sick and Tired of Partisan Bickering."

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  17. The Worlds of Viral Video Explained for Everyone [Video]

    What, exactly, is a viral video? That's what this PBS Off Book video attempts to tackle. Sprinkled throughout you'll find delicious nuggets of videos we all know and love as well as, perhaps, a few you've never seen. They speak with a number of people who are in the know, including but not limited to Jonah Peretti from BuzzFeed, Brad Kim from Know Your Meme, and Casey Neistat on the nature of viral video and the future of what's quickly becoming the goal for many content producers.

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  18. Politico Reporter Ben Smith Takes Helm at BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed, the web aggregation juggernaut, has announced that popular political writer Ben Smith will be taking over as Editor-in-Chief of the site as of January 1st. With the new face, there will be a new emphasis on breaking news and original reporting. In celebration of the announcement, BuzzFeed let loose a new meme they've christened "Ben From BuzzFeed."

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  19. Are You Experiencing a Paradox? [Infographic]

    How many of us have woken up the morning after a hard night of traveling through time and killing/becoming our own grandparents and wondered, "is this a paradox??" Well, thanks to the fine folks at BuzzFeed, you can know for sure. Though if you're capable of following the Yes/No loops, you're probably some kind of Time Lord and wouldn't need a mere infrographic to navigate the seas of time. See the full version after the break.

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  20. Ghostbusters + Inception = Wonderful [Video]

    While Inception mashups are hardly new, it doesn't make them any less awesome when they're done well. And with the best movie of all time. (via BuzzFeed)

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