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Burger King

  1. To Ham and to Hold: Burger King to Pay for (And Cater?) Wedding of a Mr. Burger and Ms. King

    Well companies are just LINING UP to pay for Cox weddings, let me tell you

    As per custom, The Burger King will also be entitled to Mr. Burger and Ms. King's firstborn male.

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  2. Japan’s Burger King Introduces “Kuro Burger” With Black Cheese, Buns, and Sauce

    ./' I see a burger and I want it painted black ./'

    God, would you get a look at the sad state of fast food products these days, with their stupid preppy yellow cheese and their red ketchup? They're such conformists. If you consider yourself beyond all that gross consumerism, then Japan's Burger King has the perfect thing for you to rebel against those other sandwich-sheeple while still getting to actually participate in gross consumerism anyway.

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  3. That Time Burger King Won April Fools Day

    Well done: how I take my burgers and how I like my jokes.

    On April Fools in 1998, Burger King was serving two kinds of whoppers: juicy burgers, and a big fat lie. The company was temporarily crowned the prank champion after taking out a full page ad in USA Today announcing the release of an ergonomically designed, specially constructed Left Handed Whopper.

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  4. This Open Twitter Account Lets You Pretend You’re Burger King

    We all had a good laugh yesterday when Burger King's official Twitter account got hacked, but while we give the hackers an "A" for effort, at best they get a "C+" for execution. Most of what was tweeted was nonsense, and the account was quickly suspended. The hack gave birth to something pretty special though, because someone was inspired to create the @PretendBK account, and they let you tweet on their behalf, giving you the keys to the pretend Burger Kingdom.

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  5. I’m Lovin’ It: Burger King’s Twitter Account Got Hacked

    Hackers have seized control of the official @BurgerKing Twitter account, and are running wild with it. The running joke of the hack is that Burger King has been sold to McDonald's, but there are also a fair number of nonsensical tweets and links to rap songs thrown in for good measure. We've got screen shots for you, since we're assuming this thing won't last long.

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  6. 4chan Helps Burger King Maintain Food Safety Standards

    On Monday, this picture was uploaded anonymously on 4chan, smugly proclaiming "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King". Yeah, well these Burger King employees might be good at balancing themselves on buckets of vegetation, but they're not very good at removing Exif data from their photos. The denizens of 4chan were quick to notice, and the very next day, the lettuce-stepper was fired.

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  7. Burger King Unveils New Bacon Ice Cream Sundae

    Among the pulled pork sandwich and sweet potato fries found on Burger King's new limited edition summer menu, sits a simple, yet odd item one may have assumed would've never been put on offer at a national food chain: The bacon ice cream sundae.

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  8. Japanese Man Orders $80 Whopper With 1,050 Strips Of Bacon [Video]

    Burger King Japan is currently running an ill-advised promotion where you can add 15 strips of bacon to your Whopper for a scant 100 yen, or about $1.20. "Ill-advised?" you say, "that sounds awesome!" Yes, for the most part it does. The ill-advised part is that there is apparently no limit, as a reporter from the Japanese website RocketNews discovered when he ordered a Whopper with a whopping 1,050 strips, at the cost of around $80. There's no telling if someone will attempt to one-up the record, but if anyone is even thinking about it, may God have preemptive mercy on their souls. Also their arteries.

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  9. Russian Burger King Ad Presents Terrifying Alternate Reality Where Eating Whoppers is the Only Activity

    It's comforting to see that despite the demise of Burger King's wonderfully bizarre ad campaigns, the fast food chain is still keepin' it surreal overseas. If this Russian ad is any indication, with its unicorns, dachshund-wielding hooligans, and hamburger turntables, Burger King may well be on the cusp of something fantastic. Though the (Burger King) King is dead, his spirit clearly lives on. See the video, after the jump.

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  10. Burger King Japan is Selling a Whopper the Size of a Pizza

    Burger King does weird things every now and then. The recent, fairly popular ad campaign featuring the extremely creeping King mascot comes to mind, and how there were multiple $5 video games made for the Xbox and Xbox 360 featuring said mascot. Now, Burger King Japan is continuing the weirdness with a Whopper the size of a pizza.

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  11. Burger King Abandons Creepy King Ad Campaign, Opts for Something More Boring

    The King is gone, but he won't be forgotten. Burger King has decided to abandon their iconic, hilariously creepy "The King" campaign after what I think most people would consider to be a resounding and continuing success. Instead, they're turning their focus towards moms and highlighting the freshness and quality of their ingredients and products. Their newest commercial for the California Whopper (which has guacamole) will feature the sights and sounds of the fresh, fresh ingredients being prepared. How delightfully boring.

    The King ad campaign was the brainchild of Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the same people who brought you Whopper Lust and what-this-is-I-don't-even experiences like Sneak King and Subservient Chicken. After over seven years together, CP+B and Burger King have officially parted ways and Burger King says it has "no plans to bring the King back anytime soon."

    Check out some of CP+B's best Burger King related work after the jump. Long live the king!

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  12. Burger King Launches Direct TV Channel That is Just a Rotating Burger

    Burger King has apparently launched a channel that is just a rotating whopper. No music. No shows. No commentary. Just a burger, revolving with some CG flames. The company says that this latest marketing campaign, called Whopper Lust, is designed to "preserve the value of the Whopper." You see, unlike most companies that just give away their products, Burger King wants you to sit and stare at this rotating burger (and only the burger) for five minutes. If watchers have some more time to kill, they can watch for an additional 15 or 30 minutes to earn more free burgers. This delightfully absurd idea appears to be working. Since it's launch on Monday, the channel has garnered some 300,000 minutes of viewing but is expected to be at around 810,000 minutes (13, 500 hours) when the campaign ends on Friday. If you want to earn your burger, tune your Direct TV to channel 111. Once there, a timer will count down to your next free burger, while prompting you to hit certain buttons on your remote to prove you're still paying attention. Wait, doesn't this sound ominously familiar...?

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  13. Burger King’s Brussels Sprouts Whopper

    Publicity stunt, epic troll, or earnest attempt to get today's youths interested in Brussels sprouts? You be the judge. Over the holidays, Burger King UK offered the limited-edition Sprout Surprise Whopper in select stores for the same price as a normal Whopper, explaining that "we wanted to create a recipe that would challenge existing sprout perceptions, and genuinely make sprouts a flavour to be reckoned with." In addition to Brussels sprouts, the burger was topped with Emmental cheese. In the words of a Scottish Facebook user commenting on Burger King's page, "gads this must b some kind of wind up either that or u want clossed down ad want compo for eating that boke." (via BuzzFeed)

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  14. Digg 404 Error Page To Be Brought to You by … Burger King?

    We've heard of funny 404 error page Easter Eggs before, but ... sponsored 404 pages? Strange. Apparently, that is the direction that Digg is headed, with an ad for Burger King set to appear on the error page that users hit when they type in a query with no results, BrandFreak reports. The ads, which were briefly up last week, are slated to reappear within the week. (The above picture is not an actual ad, but rather an artist's rend.) The ads will be promoting Burger King's "Tiny Hands" campaign, about a man with freakishly tiny hands who is sad because he cannot grasp a Burger King® Double Cheeseburger.

    WalletPop grabbed the text of one such ad, which will be accompanied by a hypertext link to a "Tiny Hands" BK ad:

    The error page is reported to say, "No results for 'Your Search Error' were found. Looks like your search had a typo. Blame it on your tiny hands. The beefy $1 Burger King Double Cheeseburger gives tiny hands some trouble, too."

    We're conflicted:

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