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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


I'll Allow It

Three Dimensional Embroidered Bugs Are Less Icky Than Real Insects

It’s a miracle. Textile artist Claire Moynihan has created insects I would touch willingly. She calls her technique “a ‘freestyle’ form of 3D embroidery which can loosely be described as stumpwork.” I call it, really cute bugs on balls.


Don't Panic

Amazing Anatomically Correct Lego Insect Models… for Plastic Science!

Sean and Steph Mayo (alias Siercon and Coral) built these Lego models of living insects (okay, so technically only most of them are insects, but they’re at least all arthropods), some of which are so realistic that I’m actually getting the willies just looking at them. And that’s a pretty impressive feat for something made out of prefab plastic pieces.


Do You Think People Wear Bugs on Their Faces in the Capitol of Panem?

Either way, Pixie Cold has just started a series of costume makeup that incorporates (dead) insects and beetles. And so we would have just used those pictures, but… some of her other art is just to pretty not to include. Many of her pictures are available as prints right here. From Nyan Cat, to Wonder Woman, to a creepy Cheshire Cat makeover, enjoy!