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  1. Praying Mantises Jump Like Tiny Avengers, May Help Develop Tiny Robots

    One impressive leap for bugkind

    Fun fact: Praying Mantiss leaps are hella impressive — hella being the scientific term — their jumps usually only taking a tenth of a second. Such impressiveness was recently captured in this 1000-frames-per-second bug-leap video, which may prove useful in the future of robotics.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Belle Is The Best She-Hulk In This Marvel Disney Crossover

    Scarlet Witch Esmerelda = PERFECT

    We'll stop being sick of Disney princess mashups when artists like Robby stop making them so awesome, which will be never. (via Girls Read Comics)

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  3. San Francisco Zoo Valentine’s Day Promotion Encourages Adopting a Cockroach In Honor of Your Ex

    You probably think this bug is about you, don't you?

    Love is dead! May the bugs dance on its bloated corpse!

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  4. Publisher Changes Title Of Book Series “For Boys” After a Little Girl Objects

    Bugs for everyone!

    Imagine this: you are a child from California who loves the crap out of some bugs—so much so that, at the tender age of six, you know what the word "entomologist" means. One day you find the coolest book ever about insects, and it's only after you finish reading it that you turn it over and find it's part of a series of books "for boys." You are a girl. This makes you unhappy.

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  5. Vashta Nerada Fears Validated: Tiny Nightmare Bugs That Live Among Books Exist

    Hey! Who turned out the lights?

    So science has known about pseudoscorpions for a while, but we didn't know until just today that tiny, scary-looking bugs like to inhabit books and papers, so forgive us for having a bit of a moment. In return, we'll forgive you for taking a second to check how many shadows you've got.

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  6. World’s Largest Aquatic Insect Discovered In China, Needs An Appropriately Horrifying Name

    In before people saying it's not that big. In before you because you've probably been chomped by a giant bug.

    In the unofficial "eww, what is that weird bug" Olympics, several factors come into play--pure exoticism and number of limbs are of course important variables, but as always, size matters. A recently discovered as-yet-unnamed aquatic insect believed to belong to the mysterious Megaloptera order has been found in Middle Earth China, and I think we can probably go ahead and give it the gold medal right now. I'm sure it has a hoard somewhere to store it in.

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  7. AsapSCIENCE Makes a Compelling Case for Why We Should All Eat Bugs

    Let's see how many crickets we can fit in our mouths!

    Have you ever eaten bug? Actually, you probably have, but have you ever eaten one on purpose? AsapSCIENCE's latest video explains that maybe you should consider eating more of them. They also make a secondary case for why you should probably lay off the beef.

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  8. Hey, The Site is all New and Stuff. Let’s Talk (Tech).

    Deploy the gear! Establish a perimeter!

    Some of you may know who I am and some may not. I'm the lead developer here at Abrams Media. Right now I'm going to be the go between for you guys and the team back home. Come on inside and air your grievances.

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  9. Netflix Bug Mashes Summaries Together to Create the 10 New Must See Shows and Movies of 2014

    Almost Totally Excellent

    Netflix, this isn't a bug. It's a feature. Summary Bug is a twitter account that started documenting how their Netflix app would smash up the first four lines of a show or movie's summary with that last line of the next one.

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  10. Three Dimensional Embroidered Bugs Are Less Icky Than Real Insects

    I'll Allow It

    It's a miracle. Textile artist Claire Moynihan has created insects I would touch willingly. She calls her technique "a ‘freestyle’ form of 3D embroidery which can loosely be described as stumpwork." I call it, really cute bugs on balls.

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  11. Amazing Anatomically Correct Lego Insect Models… for Plastic Science!

    Don't Panic

    Sean and Steph Mayo (alias Siercon and Coral) built these Lego models of living insects (okay, so technically only most of them are insects, but they're at least all arthropods), some of which are so realistic that I'm actually getting the willies just looking at them. And that's a pretty impressive feat for something made out of prefab plastic pieces.

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  12. How, Uh, Romantic? Name a Bronx Zoo Cockroach After Your Sweetheart for Valentine’s Day

    Looking for a last minute Valentine's Day gift that's really unique? For just a $10 donation to the zoo, you can immortalize your sweetheart by naming one of the Bronx Zoo's 58,000 Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches after them. You'll even get a fancy certificate you can send to remind them of what you've done, even if reminding anyone you care about that you named a roach after them doesn't seem like an advisable thing to do. You've got to give the zoo points for novelty on this one, because no one -- and I mean no one -- expects to be indelibly linked to a huge, noisy terror-bug for Valentine's Day.

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  13. Do You Think People Wear Bugs on Their Faces in the Capitol of Panem?

    Either way, Pixie Cold has just started a series of costume makeup that incorporates (dead) insects and beetles. And so we would have just used those pictures, but... some of her other art is just to pretty not to include. Many of her pictures are available as prints right here. From Nyan Cat, to Wonder Woman, to a creepy Cheshire Cat makeover, enjoy!

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  14. Seeing Is Believing: Just Looking At Ants, Bug Bites Can Make You Itch

    Does the picture above make your skin crawl? You're not alone. A recent study conducted by the University of Manchester found that visual cues -- such as being shown an image of an ant or a bug bite -- can provoke an itch response in people, even if they haven't felt a thing. In fact, you may not even need to see the itch inducing stimulus, as the same study found that just seeing another person scratch can make viewers feel that they also have an itch to scratch, suggesting that itching, like yawning, may be a socially contagious response.

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  15. The Newest Version of Android Dislikes The Holidays, Doesn’t Include December

    The end of the year can a be a very lonely time for a smartphone. When the holidays roll around, people tend to get together with their families and speak to each other in person, so the phones just sit there in their owners' pockets or on a table somewhere. Well, after years of abuse, Android-based phones have decided they aren't going to take it anymore. As a sign of protest, (or because of unforeseen bug) Android Jelly Bean 4.2 skips the month of December, 2012 in certain apps.

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  16. Photosynthesizing Bugs Can Channel the Power of the Sun

    A new study has revealed that the pea aphid may be the only type of animal to use photosynthesis to collect and store energy. Alain Robichon, an entomologist from the Sophia Agrobiotech Institute in Sophia Antipolis, France, built his research on the findings of Nancy Moran; she discovered that the aphids had the gene to produce carotenoids in the first place. The pea aphid was already among nature's oddest creatures for a bunch of reasons. For example, did you know they can be born pregnant?

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  17. New Insect Species Discovered on Flickr

    The Semachrysa jade, a type of lacewing indigenous to the jungles of Malaysia, was only recently confirmed to be an entirely new species. The story of how scientists came to find the insect, first published in the newest issue of academic journal Zookeys last month, explains that the little bug wasn't actually discovered in the wild -- but on the Internet.

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  18. World’s Smallest Fly May Also Be World’s Smallest Decapitator

    A new species of fly was recently discovered in Thailand and now holds the title of the world's smallest fly. Entomologists suggest that this fly might also hold the title of the world's smallest decapitator. Ants the world over, beware! Euryplatea nanaknihali will hunt you, find you, and mount your head over its fireplace.

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  19. These Insect-Based Foods Actually Look Pretty Good

    See those sushi-like cubes on that stylish tray? They're made of bugs: A mix of honey caterpillar croquettes and other processed insect treats. They are the products of Ento, a design by a group of U.K. students aimed at convincing the average shopper to add some insects into their diet. Now, you might think that eating insects is a measure of last resort, but there are some pretty compelling reasons why bugs should probably be on your dinner table.

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  20. The Worst, Best, and Weirdest Chess Sets

    In the 12th century, someone somewhere in Scandinavia carved the Lewis Chessmen, a collection of nearly 100 chess pieces of a particularly unique and expressive style. It wasn't the first ornate chess set, but it's certainly a strange and unique set with its shield-biting berzerkers and worried looking royalty. Since the Lewis chess set, the Western world has continued to make stranger and stranger chess sets. Perhaps this speaks to the power of the game, and it's captivating metaphorical nature. More likely it speaks to the human desire to spend stupendous amounts of money. Regardless, chess set making has come to the point where it's no longer about the game but about whatever weird twist you can put on it. And trust us, they've come a long way from simple walrus ivory carvings. So whether your covet these gameboards, or laugh at those that do, please enjoy this humble collection of the least humble chess sets the Internet has to offer.

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