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  1. The Devil Wears Prada May Sashay Its Way Onto Broadway

    That's all.

    Gird your loins. The Devil Wears Prada could be headed for Broadway and your earholes.

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  2. Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home Now Coming To Broadway As An Acclaimed Musical

    Three Alisons, one awesome adaptation.

    We've been keeping an eye on the musical adaptation of Alison Bechdel's critically acclaimed graphic novel memoir, Fun Home, since word of the project was first announced back in 2011. The Fun Home musical, written by playwright Lisa Kron and composer Jeanine Tesori, has had an amazing life since then, and is now coming to Broadway!

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  3. Will the Groundhog Day Musical Coming to Broadway Repeat the Magic of the Original?

    Want a prediction? It'll be awesome.

    The creators of Broadway's Matilda are readying a musical adaptation of the 1993 Bill Murray classic, Groundhog Day. We've gone ahead and put together the musical numbers.

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  4. Spongebob Squarepants Might Be Heading To Broadway, With Music By Aerosmith and John Legend

    Who lives in a Pineapple in... NYC?

    Anything can get onto The Great White Way—Shrek, Spider-Man, even Fifty Shades of Grey (kind of—technically that one's "off"-Broadway). Now our favorite yellow sponge will get a chance to be in the limelight, too.

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  5. The Top 10 Reasons Why the World Needs More Heathers the Musical

    So very.

    On August 4th, Heathers the Musical played its last performance off-Broadway at New World Stages in New York City. I had the privilege of seeing the show twice, but too many people have never heard of Heathers the Musical, much less seen it live on stage. Here are the top 10 reasons why the world needs more of it.

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  6. Broadway’s Aladdin Leads Audience In “Friend Like Me” Singalong In Honor of Robin Williams

    All together: AWWWWWWWWW.

    Help. My heart doesn't know whether to be happy or sad about this. Human emotions are so complex. Some days I would rather be a robot.

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  7. The Cast of Broadway’s The Lion King Give NYC Subway Riders a Surprise Performance [VIDEO]

    But the left the giraffes at home.

    As anyone who rides the New York City subway system knows, you never know what you're going to get on your daily ride. And while "musical performances" of all kinds take place regularly on subway cars (whether riders want them to or not), a Broadway performance is certainly a nice change of pace. Take a look at what happened when the cast of The Lion King took a little break from their stage to perform "Circle of Life" on the subway.

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  8. Ladies of YouTube: Kate Wetherhead’s Pulling Back the Broadway Curtain with Heart and Humor

    "You root for her, and you want to punch her a little."

    As a platform, YouTube has opened up new opportunities for filmmakers, writers, pop culture critics, and other creative talents to share their work with the world. In this new series Ladies of YouTube, I sit down with writers, camera women, and prominent personalities to discuss their work as well as the advantages and disadvantages of YouTube culture.

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  9. Godzilla: The Musical Is The Best/Only Musical About Godzilla We’ve Ever Seen

    Now when can we get Lizard People: the Cabaret?

    Apparently Godzilla just needs Les Mis references and a couple of sashays to be compelling. This lovingly made musical from Cinefix obviously strays from the story's dark roots, but damn, does it ever have talent!

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  10. Jimmy Fallon and Anne Hathaway Give Hip Hop Songs A Broadway Spin On The The Tonight Show

    In da club, more like in da theater.

    In case you missed this on The Tonight Show, beloved entertainers Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon decided to to put a Broadway spin on some popular hip hop songs that most of us probably know by heart.

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  11. Australia’s Lion King Cast Serenades An Entire Plane With “Circle Of Life” Because of Course They Did

    They could defeat a whole army of Sycorax with those lyrics.

    It doesn't take much to turn even the most seasoned performer back into an overexcited camp kid. All you need is a confined space -- preferably one in transportation, like a bus or plane -- and several other performers who all know the same song. So yeah, of course the cast of The Lion King started singing in public.

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  12. Disney Has Frozen In Early Development as a Stage Musical

    And So It Begins

    Surprising no one, Disney's looking into turning it's latest musical blockbuster into a live stage show. Looks like where Frozen is concerned, they won't 'Let It Go' any time soon. HA HA.

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  13. A Heathers Musical Is Headed To Broadway Next Year

    I'll Allow It

    Corn nuts! 

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  14. The Spider-Man Musical Is Leaving Broadway


    The problem-laden extravaganza (and Broadway's most expensive musical ever) is finally calling it quits after three years.

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  15. Things We Saw Today: Cat Doughnuts

    Things We Saw Today

    Some context, if you want context for cat doughnuts: This feline food was inspired by anime series one Nya hup, which features… wait for it… doughnut-shaped cats. Sadly, they're only available only in Japan. (Laughing Squid)

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  16. A Peek Into The Alternate Universe Where Patrick Stewart Has Hair, Is Still Friends With Ian McKellen

    i'll just leave this here

    At first, I had some trouble recognizing Sir Patrick Stewart without his signature lack of locks. Fortunately, I just used context clues to figure out that it must be Sir Patrick Stewart, since Sir Ian McKellen is next to him. Because they are the perfect pair on inseparable best buddies. Here, the pair are actually playing Hirst and Spooner in Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land, though the play will be paired with Waiting For Godot, in which the two play Vladimir and Estragon at Berkley Repertory Theatre in Berkley, California through August 31. For east coast fans, the show is coming to Broadway via the Cort Theatre, and will open November 24. You can check out a video teasing the plays at EW. (via Entertainment Weekly) Previously in Patrick Stewart

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  17. The Muppets Might Be Coming to Broadway. In Real Life, Not In a Movie.

    it's time to play the music

    Never have I been happier to live in New York City.

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  18. Watch Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill Start A Band, Star On Broadway

    I See What They Did There

    Matt Mira and Jonah Ray of The Nerdist crew recently travelled to London and accidentally wound up starting a successful band with Doctor Who's Arthur Darvill. Watch their epic rise and tragic downfall in under three minutes! Also, tangentially related, we just found our Darvill is taking over the role of "Guy" in Once on Broadway for the next nine months. So if you ever wanted to hear him sing in person, now's your chance. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  19. Star Trek’s George Takei Gives A Very Personal TED Talk [VIDEO]

    Offered Without Comment

    I'll just leave this here. George Takei, you're awesome. (via TED Blog) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  20. Aladdin Might Be On Its Way to Broadway, I Hope They Bring His Mom

    it's time to play the music

    According to the New York Times, a stage version of Disney's Aladdin will be making its way to the New Amsterdam Theater. There's a lot of reasons why this is a pretty cool thing. Not only is Aladdin a pretty dang good Disney movie, it's was also the first of Disney's animated features to include a lead female character of color (although we'd have to wait three years to get one as the lead), second only to the The Jungle Book as the earliest Disney feature animated film where the main character is not of white-European descent. Broadway musicals are already a field of work where starring (and in many shows even secondary) roles for actors of color are thin on the ground. But a stage musical can also be a chance to escape the usually-around-ninety-minute limit of the animated feature, expand upon secondary characters, introduce original songs or even reintroduce songs that were cut from the original film. Which brings us to the very sad story of Aladdin's mom and the song "Proud of Your Boy."

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