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Breaking Bad

  1. As if Men Had a Monopoly on Murder: In Search of the Female Gus Fring

    Female villains forever.

    Perhaps no cultural phenomenon has generated more thinkpieces than the modern television antihero. Some of these have focused on the trend itself, and its roots in classical literature, while others have used individual milestones of the genre through the years as their jumping-off point, with Tony Soprano, Walter White & Don Draper as its primary avatars. One recurring theme in analysis of the genre has been the overwhelming whiteness and maleness of the character, and the implications thereof.

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  2. Breaking Bad‘s Creator Wants Everyone to Stop Throwing Pizza on Walter White’s Roof


    Throwing pizza on someone else's roof is bad. 1. Those people don't want to have to clean your pizza off of their roof. It is not a trash can. 2. You are WASTING PIZZA. 3. You should probably stop killing people and dealing drugs.

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  3. Aaron Paul Tweets About Those Young Han Solo Movie Rumors

    "Less than twelve parsecs, bitch!"

    The other day we posted a somewhat surprising rumor—that Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul was up for the role of a young Han Solo in one of the standalone Star Wars films on the way. While actors don't often confirm or deny things like this until they're set in stone, Paul did feel compelled enough to say something about it.

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  4. Rumors Point to the First Star Wars Spinoff Being Young Han Solo With Aaron Paul

    Who's scruffy lookin'?

    Don't count all your womp rats before they're bagged, Han. It's only a rumor!

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  5. Benjamin Linus the Bunny Rabbit Has a Cosplay Calendar

    No, Google, I asked for "2015 Hot Buns Calendar."

    This is the cutest 2015 cosplay calendar and I dare you to prove me wrong. Seriously, try, that sounds like a win-win situation to me.

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  6. Dr. Quinn, Morphine Woman Reunites The Whole Cast, Is Kinda Dark Actually


    Do not even lie to me for one second, you watched Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and you loved it. It was '90s television feminism: historical fiction, first woman doctor in the West, super-hot Native American boyfriend played by a definitively white dude... okay, so it wasn't perfect. But you're going to love seeing the cast reunited in this Funny or Die parody.

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  7. Michelle MacLaren Officially Signed on to Develop and Direct Wonder Woman!

    Great Hera!

    Breaking news: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Game of Thrones alum Michelle MacLaren has officially signed on to helm Wonder Woman.

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  8. Game of Thrones Alum Michelle MacLaren Reportedly In Talks To Direct Wonder Woman

    Valar Morghulis!

    Take this with a considerable grain of salt, of course, but if Variety's sources are correct, the director of the standalone Wonder Woman movie may have also logged a little time in Westeros.

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  9. Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Gives Toys “R” Us A Sick Barbie Burn


    You may have heard the story of a mother who petitioned for Toys "R" Us to remove Breaking Bad action figures from their shelves. Well, Mr. Pinkman had a few words in response.

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  10. Fan Sues Apple Over Charging Separately For Both Halves Of Breaking Bad‘s Fifth Season

    Better call Saul!

    AMC's recent trend of splitting up the seasons of their shows into two distinct sections has its fair share of detractors (like those of us who would just like to recap all the dumb zombie shenanigans in one go... cough). But surprisingly it's Apple, who packaged the two halves into separate season passes on iTunes and are now facing lawsuits from customers, who's feeling the burn this time around. It's okay, guys, I know a good lawyer for this.

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  11. Breaking Bad, Sherlock Cleaned Up At Last Night’s Emmy Awards

    Emmys are afoot.

    We'll have more to share with you regarding last night's Emmys later on in the day—like the winners of our version of the Emmys, Billy Crystal's tribute to Robin Williams, and what went down with Weird Al Yankovic and George R.R. Martin. But for now: The winners.

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  12. Pyro Baby Daenerys Wins All the Awards In This Video of Kids Reenacting 2014 Emmy Nominees

    I will take what is mine with cookies and juice boxes.

    The 2014 Emmys take place this Monday (yeah, not Sunday—I know, it's weird), and to celebrate, has put together this video of children acting out imagined scenes from the six Outstanding Drama Series nominees. If you're worried about what Game of Thrones scene would even be appropriate for children to reenact, don't worry, they went creative with it and came up with the best possible solution.

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  13. New Study Says Binge-Watching TV Might Kill You, No Matter How Healthy You Are

    First the radio us?

    Guys, I have some bad news. Are you ready? You might want to sit down, I'm not sure your ticker can handle the shock: according to a majorly depressing new study, our bodies are so profoundly impacted by TV-viewing that watching more than one hour a day is highly likely to have serious health consequences. Better hope there's no buffering in the afterlife.

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  14. Nielsen Twitter Infographic Reveals The TV Shows We Talk About The Most

    The Boob Tube

    From Heisenberg to How I Met Your Aunt Robin, this broadcast TV season has been full of moments that warranted discussion (or angry, inarticulate yelling at screens). Nielsen Social used Twitter data to reveal the shows that got us talking, and wow...we obviously had a lot of feelings. Can you guess which geek shows made the top 10?

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  15. Epic Rap Battles of History, AMC Edition: Walter White Vs. Rick Grimes

    When Rick Grimes is a better dad then you, you know you have problems.

    Sure, it's not exactly as "historical" as it used to be, but Epic Rap Battles of History has really outdone themselves with this latest video, which pits two players in the Golden Age of Television against one another in a no holds barred throw down. Too bad they couldn't shove Don Draper in there for a cameo, too.

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  16. No, Anna, Jesse Pinkman Does Not Want To Build a Snowman [Video]

    "Do you wanna build a meth lab?"

    No wonder your parents want to keep you two separated. There's no snow in Albuquerque! If anything, Jesse's probably got supernatural meth powers, and you don't want that around little kids.

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  17. Artist Reimagines Pop Culture Icons as Byzantine Religious Icons

    eye candy

    To be fair, Fotis Varthis says on their Behance page that their Byzantine series is based on the Byzantine art style as a whole, not on any particular saint iconography. The series began when they were attempting to draw a prophet and accidentally drew Saruman instead. You can probably guess what came next. Check out two more of Fotis Varthis' series at Behance.

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  18. Yeah, Bitch! Aaron Paul’s in Talks to Play Jesse Pinkman in a Breaking Bad Spin-Off!

    Yo, Mr. White!

    In a recent interview about Need for Speed Aaron Paul was asked about Jesse Pinkman (better get used it, man) and he said he's in serious talks with Vince Gilligan about appearing as a less turmoil-ridden, younger Jesse Pinkman in Better Call Saul.

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  19. Maisie Williams Feels The Pain Of TV Deaths. You Know, The Kind Game Of Thrones Viewers Are Used To.

    It is known

    Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams spends a good portion of her year playing Arya so she probably doesn't have a great deal of time to sit down and binge a whole television season. So she just now got around to watching the Breaking Bad season finale and tweeted this message to her followers. Not that it's in any way her fault for what happens to the characters we love on Game of Thrones but I still take a little evil satisfaction out of this. Previously in Game Of Thrones

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  20. Alleged Meth Lab Operator Arrested Wearing a Breaking Bad “Los Pollos Hermanos” T-shirt, Because of Course He Was

    Someone's a lot more into Breaking Bad than he should be.

    Do you love Breaking Bad? Not as much as Daniel Kowalski, who was just arrested for having a meth lab in his home while wearing a Los Pollos Hermanos T-shirt. Come on man, that's like going to a concert wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see. It's just tacky.

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