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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Today in Boobs

Technology Does Weird Things: Oculus Rift and Gender, Robot Ethics, and True Love Bras

What has future technology done for us lately? Well, Daft Punk won five Grammys in a single year.* Lets take a look!


Today in Boobs

This Is How You Advertise A Push-Up Bra [VIDEO]

You might see the twist coming. It doesn’t matter. Watch it to the end anyway; the face at 1:14 is worth it.

(via: Pajiba)

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this exists

Home Made Star Wars Theremin Bra

I don’t know what the purpose of a Star Wars theremin bra would be, nor do I wish to insinuate that such an object requires a purpose in order to justify its existence.

I just know that I kind of want one now.

(via Neatorama.)

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: How to Make a Lockpick Out of Your Underwire

Today in Boobs

Boobs Had Bras Over 600 Years Ago, 500 Years Before Bra’s Invention

Holy boob revelations, Batman! Bras have long been thought to have arrived on the scene right around the time when women started abandoning their corsets for more comfortable options–but according to recent archaeological finds, women may have worn undergarments remarkably similar to those on the market today–600 years ago.


All this has happened before...

Jarrah Hodge Drops Some Feminist History On Us: Bra-Burning is a Myth

Referring to feminist protest as “bra-burnings” was simply a rhetorical trick made by a reporter to create a parallel between women’s struggle for equality with other protesting movements of the time, specifically the anti-Vietnam war protest and its characteristic burning of draft cards.

The more you know.

(via Gender Focus.)

Today in Boobs

The Japanese Have Invented Ice Bras As a Result of the Busted Nuclear Reactor. To Keep Breasts Cool. Okay.

Yes, there is more important news about President Barack Obama expressing his public support for marriage equality. But these are bras with ice in them. They are from Japan, and they were created in response to the shutdown of the country’s nuclear reactors following the Fukushima catastrophe. This means that Japanese citizens are encouraged to avoid using air conditioners. Finally — women will have a way to keep their breasts cool and nipples erect for days on end. Gentlemen, consider this a consolation prize while you sweat your balls off, because there is no such contraption for you … yet.


Today in Boobs

The World’s Largest Bra

Ladies and gentlemen, behold. There comes a time in every young building’s life when they experience certain… changes. And right about then, their loving and observant contractor will take them aside, explain the facts of life, and get them fitted for their first bra.

Okay, actually this is an ad campaign created by Vanish detergent, a partner of Wear It Pink Day, a breast cancer awareness campaign. And, in case you were wondering, yes, there is a boob shaped scaffold underneath that thirty meter length of cloth.


Today in Boobs

Burn Your Bra, Solve The World’s Energy Crisis!

In the 1960s, some feminists railed against cultural norms and burned their bras to symbolize that they wouldn’t be controlled by the patriarchal society around them. Who knew they could have been pulling double duty by also providing valuable fuel to the world? And here I was upcycling my old bras as purses on Etsy! Ok, not purses, wallets…


The Boob Tube

Vintage Celebrity Spam: The Electronic Bra [Video]

The video above is what you might call a “diamond in the rough.” There isn’t much of a back story, except that according to its YouTube page, it could have been found in a dumpster. Thank goodness. Because now we can share it with the world. And the future. Here is what came to mind after viewing:

1. We all accidentally watched Lady Gaga‘s thoughts just now.
2. This vintage celebrity spam was definitely ahead of its time.
3. Upon doing a search for related “weird bra” things, I discovered what gainaxing was.
4. Where is Will Forte when you need him? He needs to play that guy in something, anything.
5. This might actually be from Tim & Eric.

If you don’t want to watch it now, watch it at a party, 2,000 years from now.

(The Hairpin)