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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

book publishing

Inside of a dog it's too dark to read

YA Author Takes On Gendered Book Covers With the Coverflip Challenge

Yesterday author Maureen Johnson Tweeted about how many times she’s been told by men that they wish her books had “non-girly” covers so they could read them without fear of embarrassment. Her books don’t get “girly” covers because of their content, she explains, but because of her gender: “If you are a female author, you are much more likely to get the package that suggests the book is of a lower perceived quality. Because it’s ‘girly,’ which is somehow inherently different and easier on the palate. A man and a woman can write books about the same subject matter, at the same level of quality, and that woman is simple more likely to get the soft-sell cover with the warm glow and the feeling of smooth jazz blowing off of it. This idea that there are ‘girl books’ and ‘boy books’… gives credit to absolutely no one, especially not the boys who will happily read stories by women, about women. As a lover of books and someone who supports readers and writers of both sexes, I would love a world in which books are freed from some of these constraints.”

Thus Coverflip was born. The challenge, proposed by Johnson, asks for people to take a well-known book and reimagine what the cover might look like if the author was of a different gender. A few of our favorites—including A Game of Thrones by “Georgette R. Martin” and Stardust by “Nellie Gaiman”—are behind the cut.


And That's Terrible

Are You a Female SF&F Writer? You Might Be Able to Get Published, But Good Luck Getting Reviewed

For the past two years speculative fiction magazine Strange Horizons has put their researcher’s hat on to look at gender in genre publishing. Specifically they analyze the breakdown of male and female authors, male and female reviewers, and how many books by male and female authors get reviewed.

So what’d they find about genre publishing in 2012? There’s good news and bad news.


Just What You've Always Wanted

Amazon’s New Netflix-Style Library for eBooks Coming Soon?

Has the time finally come for Amazon start start lending out ebooks? The Wall Street Journal says that this might just be a possibility soon, and that the online retailer has been in talks with several book publishers about a service that would involve customers paying a monthly fee to access ebooks temporarily, Netflix-style. All this, just in time for the release of their new tablet.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: This Hungarian Star Wars Poster