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  1. Things We Saw Today: A Celtic Supergirl

    Things We Saw Today

    Artist Steve Howard took part in CBR's latest The Line It Is Drawn where users were asked to place superheroes in different eras. Check out the site for a Puritan Green Lantern, the Avengers of Imperial China and more. And read ahead to take a gander at what else we saw today.

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  2. Jeff Smith: The Bone Movie Lives!

    Stupid Stupid Rat Creatures

    Just last week, Jeff Smith was talking to Reddit about the ongoing process of getting a film adaptation of his long running Bone series, but without a lot of details, naturally. But just yesterday, he was talking to The LA Times about it, and it turns out there's actually been some significant progress made. Warner Bros. is currently in charge of the adaptation of the long series into a computer animated trilogy.

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  3. You Can Now Get Bone Digitally, and Talk to Jeff Smith on Reddit

    Stupid Stupid Rat Creatures

    There are two exciting Bone-related items of news today, and so it gives us a chance to plug this classic comic series that contains its fair share of totally kickass women and is totally entertaining for adults while being appropriate for children, too. As a geek girl site we're obliged to mention Grandma Ben and her granddaughter Thorn as both examples of kickass warrior women and princesses who were not of the flouncy, lacy, waiting to be rescued type. So, if you've ever thought about getting into Bone, now might be a good time, since the entire story has recently become available digitally on Comixology and is on sale for a week at 99¢ an issue.

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  4. 10 Geek Bars For Your St. Patrick’s Day Crawl

    Power Grid

    This Saint Patrick's Day, you might not be in the mood or have the means to do a bar crawl. Bar crawls might just not be your thing. But we think it would be hard to say no to a bar crawl that wound through the great watering holes and steamy dives of science fiction and fantasy literature and film. It is in many ways the ultimate bar crawl, through a diverse range of establishments both terrestrial, extra, and multi-dimensional. Come on. We promise that if you pass out we'll keep anyone from writing eldritch runes on your forehead with a sharpie.

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  5. Jeff Smith’s RASL Might Be A Movie


    Lionel Wigram, executive producer behind the last four Harry Potter movies, The Guardians of Ga'Hoole, and the current crop of Sherlock Holmes movies, has acquired veteran comics creator Jeff Smith's ongoing series RASL. The eponymous RASL is an art thief who only steals from other dimensions, whose scientist past come back to haunt him. Smith's series is decidedly noir, and something of a departure from his more famous Bone, which is at heart still something that you could read to your kids. Smith will still executive produce the movie.

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  6. Things We Saw Today

    Just Go With It

    At BuzzFeed.

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  7. 3 Things That Would Also Work As A Movie And TV Show, Besides Dark Tower

    Fan sites are trumpeting the news today that Stephen King's Dark Tower has been greenlit for a film adaptation. But for television, or movies, you ask? Both. The idea is to have a trilogy of movies that aren't completely consecutive, narrative-wise. The story in between each movie will be done as a television show that will run in between the theatrical releases. We've never read the Dark Tower series, but we find ourselves really intrigued by this proposed method of adaptation. It is an extremely elegant solution to adapting a serial story that nevertheless really needs a big screen and big budget to do it justice, without the necessary serialization that occurs in miniseries. And we've seen it before, in an incredibly successful way. Remember Clone Wars? We'd like to see this approach put towards other works as well, even though, as some have rightfully pointed out, it is unorthodox, logistically tricky, and incredibly expensive. A few examples:

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  8. Jeff Smith Talks to Print About Bone Movie has started a new monthly column on animation, written by John Canemaker, and for his debut he has a great interview with Jeff Smith, the artist/writer behind Bone, Shazam!, and RASL. Canemaker describes the journey Bone has taken, from a independently published comic thirteen years in the making, to an animated movie trilogy being worked on by the Australian animation/special effects studio Animal Logic; showcases his favorite chapter of Bone; and then engages Smith on the subject of manipulating time in comic books:

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