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  1. Our Own Eric Smith’s Geek’s Guide to Dating Gets a Great Review on Bullseye!

    Worlds collide! It's like a Venn Diagram of stuff we love overlapping!

    We haven't exactly been shy about our love for our contributing writer Eric Smith's Geek Guide to Dating or the NPR show Bullseye With Jesse Thorn, so imagine our surprise and delight yesterday when the book got a glowing recommendation on the show by Boing Boing's Mark Frauenfelder. Listen to the segment right here.

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  2. Protect Your Home from a Zombie Apocalypse [Video]

    I hate it when zombies try to attack while I'm making pie. Team Unicorn gives us a simple how-to lesson on dealing with the undead during the holidays. Includes: Zombie vs. Drunk. (via BoingBoing)

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  3. Geek Wreath

    Redditor avatarr's friend made this geekiest of wreaths for her company's IT department out of computer components. Someone is going to get great tech support this year. (Reddit via Laughing Squid)

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  4. Airplane, With All the Jokes Taken Out

    Turns out, there are fourteen whole minutes of Airplane that don't have jokes in them. We never would have guessed. (via BoingBoing.)

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  5. Teachers Find Homeless Dalek in Their School

    Teachers at the West Exe Learning Centre in St. Thomas, England have a problem. It's not that a Dalek has appeared somewhat spontaneously on their campus, threatening all with it's inevitable waking into full exterminating consciousness. It's that no one has come forth to claim it. Says Sue Wiley, deputy manager of the Centre:
    "We'd like to return him to his owner if possible because he's taking up quite a lot of room and is living in a cupboard at the moment."

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  6. FDA May Be Close to Approving Genetically Altered Salmon for Public Consumption

    The Food and Drug Administration is close to approving genetically altered salmon for human consumption, which would make it the first genetically modified animal approved for use as food. AquaBounty, a Massachusetts company, wanted federal approval to sell genetically engineered salmon to the public, claiming the salmon are perfectly safe for human consumption as well as the environment. A team of FDA scientists have agreed with the claims and are going to present the case for approval on September 19. The Atlantic salmon, or AquAdvantage Salmon as AquaBounty calls it, is reportedly no different from regular salmon, except they've been given a gene from the ocean pout to prevent freezing, as well as a growth gene from the Chinook salmon that allows the salmon to grow twice as fast as Atlantic salmon.

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  7. Geekolinks: 8/19

    Style Icons for Fashionable Nerds (Flavorwire) Orbital Re-entry From a First Person View (Boing Boing) BBC Documentary on Tolkien from 1968 (BBC) Batman Robs a Taco Bell (nganci) We Don't Know What This Is But It's Mesmerizing (andrut) 81 Sci-Fi Desktop Wallpapers (blastr) Seven Deadly Wineglasses ( (image via Lowbright.)

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  8. Geekolinks: 8/14

    X-Men: First Class Starts Shooting Soon (Bleeding Cool) Crysis 2 Launch Date (Kotaku) The PAX Prime Schedule is Up (PAX) Albino Animals (Surf With Berserk) Pics of Dave McKean's Pumphouse Installation (Bleeding Cool) A Rocket Powered School Bus (Boing Boing) 10 Most Badass Movie Combat Units (ScreenRant) (pic via

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  9. Reporter Has Real-Life Yakuza Fact-Check Yakuza 3

    Tokyo-based crime reporter Jake Adelstein is no stranger to the Japanese criminal underworld. So when Boing Boing recruited him to pall around with three high-ranking yakuza friends for a little experiment, we were thoroughly impressed. After several rounds of cigarettes and whiskey in the reception area of a "real estate agency" -- in fact a front company for the mob -- the yakuza bosses were offering Adelstein their impressions of the Playstation 3 video game Yakuza 3, originally released in early 2009.

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  10. Geekolinks: 7/4

    YouTube's HTML Injection Vulnerability (/.)

    Best Transformers Toy Ever? (Kotaku)

    What 'Yankee Doddle Dandy' Actually Means (Neatorama)

    Two More Mad Max Movies? (Coventry Telegraph)

    Kinect Only Supports Two Players At A Time (That Videogame Blog)

    Coma: The Flash Game (Played Online)

    8 Historic Symbols That Mean The Opposite of What You Think (Cracked)

    (image via BoingBoing.)

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  11. Despite a Torrent of Reviews, Tech Elite Withold Final Judgement on iPad

    For a little while now, the elite of the tech journalism world have been behind closed doors, testing the Apple iPad ahead of its release this Saturday. And after sitting down with the device -- which Apple is trumpeting as the future of computing, while critics fear it as foretelling the coming infantilization of user interfaces -- they're actually pretty impressed! Here's what the Important Tech Writers of Our Time have been saying:

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  12. Your Scheduled Dose of Geek History

    Kids educational website BrainPOP have a great animated short celebrating the life of a historical figure who was English nobility, a child of Lord Byron, a friend of Charles Babbage, a mathematician, the first programmer, and a woman.

    Pay attention, Computer Engineer Barbie. This is Ada Lovelace. Programmer of the old school. Yeah, back when it took a room of clockwork to add and subtract. Back when using punch cards was the next big innovation. Respect.

    Sock it to 'em, Ada!

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  13. NASA Drafts Our Prime Directive

    NASA has an Office of Planetary Protection. It's where the Officer of Planetary Protection works. And that may be the most awesome thing I've heard all week. Goodnight everybody! ...Just kidding. But there really is an Office of Planetary Protection at NASA, and its job is to keep us from irretrievably screwing up interaction between terrestrial life and extra-terrestrial life (or possible extra-terrestrial life). Boing Boing has an article up about the ever-changing job of creating the protocol that we use to avoid horrible science fiction disasters.

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  14. There’s a New Keyboard Cat In Town

    As we all know, the internet is 90% cats. Here is one of them. It plays a little drum, and it dances a bit. Mostly it plays a keyboard. We suppose that would make it a keyboard cat. But not the first keyboard cat. A second keyboard cat.


    Accompany our exit with a musical selection, piano feline!

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  15. Boing Boing Scoops Music Mags on New MGMT Cover Art

    Chalk one up for the geeks: while countless music magazines out there would have done anything to get their grubby paws on the cover art for electro-indie band MGMT's upcoming album, Congratulations, they were beaten to the punch -- by geeky curiosity blog Boing Boing. The cover was painted by Trinidad and Tobago-born artist and cartoonist Anthony Ausgang, who told Boing Boing that the band was a pleasure to work with: "A lot of people who commission a painting only know what they don't want; fortunately MGMT knew what they wanted and let me do it my way." Fully sized Congratulations cover art after the jump:

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  16. Hip-Hop Battle of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek

    A brief perusal of Wikipedia shows that John Maynard Keynes and F. A. Hayek never fought each other on Celebrity Deathmatch. If this is something over which you might mourn, the you'll be interested to know that has a really nicely produced video depicting a rap battle between the two titans of economics.

    At first we were worried that we didn't understand enough about economics to post this video. Then we remembered that nobody understands enough about economics, and we felt a little better.

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  17. Functional Steampunk Guns

    We're not joking. Check out the videos after the jump if you don't believe us.

    Jonathan Alberico (deviantART alias Macabre151) has built two firing models of steampunk inspired weapons, Doris and Black Betty.

    "Doris" is a rifle, or, to be more appropriate, a blunderbuss that can be loaded with either a magazine of four ping-pong balls or a barrel-full of confetti.

    Also in Alberico's deviantART gallery is his "Black Betty," a handgun equipped with two 40 caliber balls. If you don't have any projectiles for it, it can also simply ignite flash paper. Which allows it to shoot fire.

    The video is after the jump. What are you waiting for?

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  18. Homemade Robot Walks on Oxygen Tubing

    What's got 24 legs made of hospital oxygen tubes, has 6 compressors that were used in Gulf War nerve gas detecting equipment, and won two first prizes at the Hackers' Conference in 2005? Answer: this incredible robot, designed by roboticist syntience. Video after the jump:

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  19. Haiti Aid, in Infographic Form

    The infographic whizzes at GOOD have once again teamed up with branding and communication design firm Design Language to turn abstract numbers into compelling visuals: This time, by looking at the amount of money different countries, businesses, and NGOs have given to Haiti.

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