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Blizzard Entertainment

  1. You Can Now Take Selfies Of Your Avatar In World of Warcraft


    Because honestly, what's the point of spending all that time crafting yourself a pair of Tankatronic goggles if you can't see yourself looking cool in them?

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  2. Blizzard CEO Opens BlizzCon 2014 By Condemning Gamergaters Like A BAMF

    Blizzcon 2014 kicked off today, and CEO Michael Morhaime had some great things to say during the opening ceremonies. Though he never specifically mentions Gamergate by name, anyone with a modicum of common sense knows of whom he is speaking.

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  3. Blizzard Wants Even More of Your Money: World of Warcraft Microtransactions Confirmed

    Azeroth? More like Casheroth, am I right?

    If buying expansions and paying a monthly fee to play the World of Warcraft wasn't enough fire to burn a hole in your pocket, then Blizzard has good news for you: Items you can buy with real money are on the way. Players recently found an item purchasable with cash that would grant you a 100% EXP bonus on a public test server. When pressed on the subject, Blizzard confirmed that microtransactions are in the works.

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  4. Blizzard Made $26 Million From Security Keychains

    We already know Blizzard is the king of the video game world, especially after fusing with Activision and going Super Saiyan 5, but just how large is their kingly crown? Aside from owning World of Warcraft, both the bane and champion of the video game industry and MMO market, which millions upon millions of users pay a monthly subscription to play, generating an ever-flowing river of cash directed at Blizzard headquarters, Blizzard has also made $26 million on keychains.

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  5. MEGA Bloks Are Making World of Warcraft and StarCraft II Construction Sets

    MEGA Brands Inc., maker of MEGA Bloks, has signed a deal with Blizzard Entertainment to bring us official World of Warcraft and StarCraft II Mega Bloks. Set to debut in the summer of 2012, the constructions sets will be based on locations, characters and vehicles from the ridiculously popular MMO and StarCraft II's Terran (for those not in the know: human) campaign, Wings of Liberty. From Vic Bertrand, Chief Innovation Officer of MEGA Brands:
    “We’re proud and thrilled to enter into a partnership with Blizzard Entertainment, the world leader in creating epic online game franchises. The depth of content in World of Warcraft and StarCraft will fuel years of fun, collectible products for gamers and collectors.”
    There are not yet pictures of pieces from the sets, but MEGA Bloks handles other franchise sets, such as the Halo construction set, and aside from am overly flashy webpage, that set looks pretty decent, so fans of both non-Minecraft blocky construction and Blizzard franchises with "craft" in the title need not worry about poor product quality. As for which Blizzard franchises should've gotten the MEGA Bloks treatment first, we're happy for the -craft titles, but we all know Lost Vikings would've been ideal. (via Topless Robot)

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  6. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Is the New Fastest Selling PC Game of All Time

    Expectations were high for the third expansion to juggernaut World of Warcraft.  After all, with a player base clocking in at 12 million, you can expect a significant number of people to go out and buy the game within a short amount of time after its launch. Turns out more than a third of World of Warcraft subscribers went out, buying up 3.3 million copies in the first twenty four hours of it being available.  Which means that Blizzard has, with an expansion pack, claimed the title of fastest selling PC game of all time... from itself.  The previous bestseller was, you guessed it, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, the second WoW expansion.

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  7. Blizzard’s Rumored 5-Year Plan Leak Looking Less Rumor-y Now That People Are Resigning

    On November 29th, a great secret was revealed... or at least, it certainly looked like it. It seemed as Blizzard China had allowed the internet to get a hold of a list of all of Blizzard Entertainment's proposed product releases for the next five years, and which yearly quarter they were expected to be released in. This included heretofore unknown projects like the fourth and fifth expansions to World of Warcraft, three different additions to StarCraft II, two expansions for the unreleased Diablo III, the World of Warcraft movie, and a project going by the name Titan that is likely a codename for Blizzard's long-secret second MMO. Well, that weeks old leak is starting to receive some legitimate, if indirect, confirmation in the form of the resignation (or firing, depending on who you ask) of the general manager of Blizzard China.

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  8. Pirated Starcraft II Holds Record for Most Transferred Torrent

    According to an article over on TorrentFreak, a pirated release of Starcraft II, with a torrent size of 7.19 gigabytes of data, has been downloaded around 2.3 million times totaling 15.77 petabytes of transferred data. Even more interesting, the torrent was only released about three months ago.

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  9. Blizzard Trolls BlizzCon Attendees with “New MMO,” World of Jersey Shorecraft

    Blizzard Entertainment is pretty infamous when it comes to pranking their fans, but their prank at this year's BlizzCon was so calculatedly evil that it can only be considered a hilarious epic troll. Hilarious if you aren't a huge Blizzard fan, I suppose.

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  10. StarCraft II Is the Fastest Selling Strategy Game in History

    Video game sales data is in for the month of July, and we all know what to expect: complete and utter StarCraft II dominance. Unsurprisingly, that's what we got. Blizzard sold more than 700,000 retail copies of the game in the last five days of July, causing an 103% increase in US PC game sales from June. Overall, Blizzard says it sold 1.5 million copies in the game's first 48 hours.

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  11. World of Warcraft Nets Tens of Millions of Dollars by Selling … Glittery Sparkle Ponies?

    Finally marrying MMO-related obsessiveness to infantile consumer taste, Blizzard is now making millions selling World of Warcraft players...shimmering space ponies?

    Has online gaming's biggest player finally turned itself into Farmville?

    Blizzard has long been in the practice of selling "pets," which are ornamental creatures that follow players around the gameworld. But the Celestial Steed is the first "mount" (read: ridable animal friend!) which must be acquired through grubby lucre rather than honest-to-god in-game effort.

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  12. Blizzard Comes Through for April Fools’: EPEEN, Queen’s Quest, Diablo Snuggies

    Blizzard Entertainment is well-known for their elaborate April Fools' Day pranks, and once again, they've come through: With EPEEN ("Equipment Potency EquivalencE Number"), a 17-floppy disk epic called Queen's Quest, and a snuggie for hardcore gamers. 

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