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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Blade Runner sequel

And All Was Right With the World

Harrison Ford Did a Reddit AMA, Was An Amazing Curmudgeonly Bastard

To be fair, a lot of the responses Harrison Ford gave during his Reddit AMA—specifically what he says about that Blade Runner sequel—are not at all grumpy old man-like. But his answer to the question “Who shot first, Han or Greedo?” is so curmudgeonly that it pushes the whole thing over the edge. Harrison, we love you. Never change.



Ridley Scott Says Prometheus 2 Is Written, Updates Us On Blade Runner 2

Speaking with Empire Magazine, director Ridley Scott dropped a few bombs concerning some of his most anticipated projects – the Prometheus and Blade Runner sequels. 


thanks but no thanks

The Person Responsible For The Green Lantern Movie Is Probably Writing The Blade Runner Sequel

Looks like Michael Green has been hired to write the Blade Runner sequel. Oh. Hadn’t heard about the Blade Runner sequel yet? Sorry about that…


Pros and Cons

Sean Young Spills on Whether We’ll Be Seeing Rachael in the Blade Runner Sequel

Like it or not, a sequel to Blade Runner is in the works. It’s still in the very early stages—to my knowledge all we know about it at this point is that Ridley Scott plans to do it. But the very prospect of a Blade Runner sequel has a lot of people curious, including Crave Online, which during an interview with Sean Young took the opportunity to ask the actress whether her original Blade Runner character Rachael might show up in the sequel.

Her answer?


I'm In A Glass Case of Emotion

Ridley Scott’s New Blade Runner Is Officially A Sequel & Will Star A Woman In The Lead Role!

Back in 1982, Ridley Scott directed a film based on Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? called Blade Runner. It went on to become one of the most highly regarded sci-fi films ever. The story took place in 2019 which obviously meant it was time for Hollywood to revisit the idea. Scott has finally announced that his new Blade Runner film will not be a remake, but a sequel, the original screenwriter is involved, and he’ll be putting a woman in Deckard’s shoes this time around. Hit the jump for details! 



Despite Rumors, Harrison Ford Will Still Not Be In the Blade Runner Sequel … Probably

You may have read something yesterday about the possibility of Harrison Ford coming back to Blade Runner after it was made pretty clear that the new movie would not feature his character, Rick Deckard. We chose to ignore it, because it seemed like a non-story with no real details to report. But now, the head of Alcon Entertainment Andrew Kosove says that rumors of Ford’s return to Ridley Scott‘s new flick were “absolutely patently false.” Or, at least, “quite unlikely.” So … which is it?


There And Back Again

The New Blade Runner Is “Likely to Be a Sequel” to the Original

After some speculation as to what Ridley Scott‘s new Blade Runner movie was going to be — prequel, reboot, remake, etc. — the director has said that it will mostly likely be a sequel to the 1982 original. And while Scott seems to confirm his intent, he also says that there is no script just yet. Oh right, that little Prometheus thing is going to be happening first. Man, if there was ever a director we like to see working on new versions of his old things, it’s Ridley Scott.