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Black Friday

  1. #BlackHoleFriday, Your Sciencey Alternative to Black Friday Chaos

    So holey

    Stores everywhere were chaos as usual this Friday, but space has got us beat for epicness. NASA took Black Friday and used it as the jumping-off point for their second annual #BlackHoleFriday. Fun facts and awesome-in-the-truest-sense-of-the-word photos abounded.

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  2. Dorkly Shows Us Black Friday As Perfectly Represented In Film

    The terror.

    Black Friday is great for deals - from the comfort of your couch while online shopping. Try to venture out into the world, however, and you may come to some harm - as these amazing movie edits via Dorkly illustrate perfectly. Stay safe on your bargain hunt, Mary Suevians!

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  3. Geeks Won’t Want to Miss Out on These Black Friday Deals

    Hey, geeks! We know lots of folks are taking advantage of Black Friday deals in physical stores today but the old interweb has lots to offer too! We've collected a few deals you might be interested in.

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  4. J.J. Abrams Confirms: Star Wars Teaser in Select Theaters on Black Friday

    It's as if a single tweet cried out, and then was retweeted by a million voices.

    Looking to pay nearly fifteen bucks to see a teaser trailer this Friday? The marketing team on Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens has you covered. For real. Not a rumor. Many Bothans did not die to bring us this tweet.

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  5. Two Shoppers Camping Out for Black Friday at Best Buy Already. Yes, Really.

    I heard next year's Black Friday line starts this Christmas Eve.

    What I can't figure out is why you'd go to such great lengths just to be the person who gets squashed against the door and incapacitated before it even starts.

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  6. Hey, Clone Club! The First Teaser Trailer For Orphan Black Season 3 Is Here!

    Perfect song choice is perfect.

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  7. Hulk Smash Black Friday?


    I probably spend too much time on Tumblr, because I immediately recognized that Sairobee's Black Friday comic depicts Iron Man, the Hulk, and Hawkeye without any more context than the first two panels. If you'd like to know what happens when Bruce Banner has a little too much Holiday shopping, you should check her Tumblr. I like to think that during this Black Widow is on the Helicarrier, gamely still trying to explain traditional Thanksgiving movies like Home AloneMystery Science Theater, A Christmas Story, and The Iron Giant to Thor and Captain America.

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  8. Huge Canadian Game Giveaway Gets Out Of Hand, Becomes American Black Friday

    Insert "blame the crack-smoking mayor of Toronto" joke here.

    Apparently Canadian companies don't care about things like profit margins, because this weekend Canadian game retailers Best Buy and Future Shop gave gamers the best deal ever: trade in literally any PS3 or Xbox 360 game and get Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag or Call of Duty: Ghosts, free. As you can imagine, things got crazy.

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  9. Improv Everywhere Stages Huge Line for 99 Cent Store on Black Friday [Video]

    The folks at Improv Everywhere sure know how to find a deal on Black Friday. They didn't pay more than 99 cents for anything that morning. That's because they staged a huge line outside of a 99 cent store on the shopping holiday. They even had pretend security and a fake news team there to cover the "event."

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  10. Mondo Got In On Black Friday With These (Sold Out, Sorry) Limited Edition Prints

    And All Was Right With the World

    All bow before the altar of Mondo. They always deliver when it comes to inventive, artistically stunning movie posters, and this Black Friday it was no different. Sadly all of their new poster designs—of Back to the Future Part II, Psycho, RoboCop, and (my personal favorite) The Bride of Frankenstein—sold out shortly after being debuted on Mondo's Twitter account, but the images are after the jump for you to admire from afar.

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  11. Everybody Knows That Zombies Get The Best Deals on Black Friday [Video]

    Black Friday may have already come and gone in 2012, but for some of us, it will take a long time to forget what we saw. Whether you were trampled by fellow shoppers over doorbuster sales, yelled at by a stranger over a parking space, or the victim of a seemingly random act of deal-related terrorism, Black Friday isn't so much a capitalist's way of celebrating the holidays, as it is a harrowing event where you shop to survive.

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  12. Not Black Fridayed Out Yet? Check Out This Gear From Our Buddies at SportsGrid

    Still in shopping mode today? We can't blame you. Having done most of our Christmas purchasing online today, we're still very much in the zone. If you're in the same boat, we'd urge you to take a minute and check out the online store over at SportsGrid. This poster -- an infographic breaking down and charting the etymology of a great many different baseball team names -- in particular is pretty high on our wish list. Courtesy of the fine folks over at Pop Chart Labs, this handy infographic can ensure you never have to struggle to recall the name of a team again. Whether they're MLB standbys like the Angels or more obscure clubs like the Casper Ghosts (get it?), they're all here, and all organized for your convenience. Because if there's one thing we love about the great American pastime, it's how easy it is to get super nerdy over it.

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  13. Because We Need More Stuff: Walmart Reports Best Black Friday Sales Ever

    In today's totally depressing news, it appears that the American impulse to needlessly purchase junk in bulk is alive and well. Black Friday no longer exists just on Friday, despite the infamous day's name. No, our cup spilleth over to Thanksgiving as well. Walmart was already doing ridiculous amounts of business last night, and they've reported their best Black Friday events ever with almost 5,000 items sold per second between 8PM and midnight.

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  14. Two Malls to Track Customer Movement with Cell Phones Starting Black Friday

    Black Friday. You've heard about the crazy mobs, the tramplings, the stampedes. With the number of people running around on Black Friday, if you watched them hard enough, you might even be able to learn something about swarm intelligence. And where people shop. It's probably that second one that prompted the Promenade Temecula in southern California and Short Pump Town Center in Richmond, Virginia to track their customers' movements via cell signals.

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  15. Apple's Black Friday Sales Detailed

    Apple is a lot of things, both good and bad, but if they can be defined by one unchanging quality, it is that their products are notoriously expensive, so we can all welcome and appreciate any kind of sale on Apple products whenever we can get one. Black Friday is nigh, and that means just about everything one can purchase will be going on sale, Apple included. 9to5Mac has the details on Apple's Black Friday sale, which can be seen after the break.

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  16. Kohl's Uses Rebecca Black's "Friday" for Black Friday Commercial

    Black Friday is on the horizon, and in a somewhat clever pairing of words, Kohl's is using a parody of Rebecca Black's "Friday" in a commercial to promote their Black Friday sales. The ad features the above woman having waited in line "since yesterday," the main woman continually terrorizing an older woman, and what seems to be a Rebecca Black lookalike behind the main woman as she enters Kohl's for the first time. The commercial's song follows the same tune and rhythm, though the lyrics are replaced with Kohl's-centric lines. See the video of how a department store utilized Rebecca Black after the jump.

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  17. The Anti-Black Friday: Buy Nothing Day

    You might not have known it, but today is actually an international day of protest for some people who aren't scrounging for Black Friday bargains; quite the opposite. Buy Nothing Day is a yearly protest against consumerism which falls on Black Friday, founded by artist Ted Dave and popularized by AdBusters magazine. As the name suggests, it involves not spending any money for the day. A few of the frequent Buy Nothing Day activities: Organizing coat drives, hiking and exploring nature, and cutting up credit cards at shopping centers. One online seller of handmade goods, Cosa Verde, explains why despite being on the business side of things, they too support Buy Nothing Day:
    The Holidays are upon us. En force. And all we're going to hear about over the next few days is Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Sale! Sale! Sale! Buy! Buy! Buy! How about we just slow down a bit and enjoy the long weekend, and remember how lucky we are to have the friends and family that we're thinking aboout rushing out the door for that 6am sale for. And instead of braving the crowds and the parking lots and standing on line for whatever this year's must-have thing is—what is it, anyway? I haven't been paying attention—let's stay home, have a cup of tea, and pick up the phone and call those people we're so lucky to have and tell them that we love them. Why add to the weekend's statistics? If you're reading this blog, you already know that the best gifts are homemade, heartmade, handmade. So let's take a breather from the capitalistic craziness for a bit. Pull out those craft supplies. Bake some cookies.
    (Cosa Verde via Dude Craft)

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  18. Black Friday Deals Around the Web

    It's Black Friday, that American secular holiday where a bunch of good deals pop up as retailers try to spur consumer interest. But if you aren't planning on freezing outside for a doorbuster sale, where to do your shopping online? Below, ten geek-approved sites for snagging Black Friday deals.

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