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birth control

  1. Arizona Schools Are Literally Ripping Pages on Contraception out of Biology Books

    Well this is as stupid as [REDACTED].

    The Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board in Arizona became displeased with a section in a high school biology book that described how an abortion-inducing drug works after complaints from a Christian law organization called Freedom, so they advised school officials to redact it with extreme prejudice. I can't wait until someone goes full-on Fahrenheit 451 on them.

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  2. Planned Parenthood Now Offers Birth Control and Counseling Online

    Everything's coming up ovaries.

    From lack of affordable health care providers in rural communities to the stigma surrounding sexuality, there are plenty of reasons why a woman might be unable or unwilling to physically see a doctor and discuss contraception and protection. It should be as cheap and easy as possible for women to take care of their bodies--and thanks to Planned Parenthood's incredible new online service and app, soon it might be.

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  3. Male Birth Control May Be On The Market As Soon As 2017

    Not so fast, condoms. You've still got a job to do.

    Thanks to the non-profit Parsemus Foundation, the birth control field might be on the cusp of becoming far more egalitarian--starting as soon as 2017, a reversible and non-hormonal male contraceptive may soon be on the shelves of a pharmacy near you.

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  4. Things We Saw Today: A Painted Leather Bag End Bag Fit For Any Baggins

    There and bag again?

    Baby got bag?

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  5. Bill Gates Has Invented Remote-Controlled Birth Control

    Now, where's the button that turns Hobby Lobby off?

    Not a fan of IUDs or other hormonal contraception options? Don't worry, friends, the future of our fallopian tubes is bright! The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is currently experimenting with an incredible microchip that could be embedded into the body to provide convenient and reliable protection for far longer than any currently available hormonal birth control. Now if I can just keep track of where I put the remote...

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  6. Song Honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Hobby Lobby Dissent

    Let's see, what rhymes with "it's 2014, get your shit together America"?

    "Slut-shaming geezers" is not a Ginsburg quote. Not exactly.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Strong Words on the Hobby Lobby Birth Control Mandate

    As do we, incidentally.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote a passionate 35-page dissent on today's Hobby Lobby mandate, condemning a ruling that will revoke thousands of women's contraceptive coverage.

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  8. It’s Really Hard to Castrate a Hippo, but Vets Have a New Technique to Get the Job Done. Sorry, Hippos

    Bad news for hippos, but also probably not great new for vets.

    Unlike some species (looking at you, pandas) the common hippopotamus can reproduce very well in a zoo environment. Sometimes a little too well, creating the need for hippo birth control. Castration of males is a logical way to go, but until recently castrating a hippo was harder than it sounds, and it already sounds really hard. Hippos are crazy.

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  9. Things We Saw Today: The Cover of Christopher Lee’s New Metal Album

    Things We Saw Today

    This Friday sees the release of Charlemagne: The Omens of Death, the second metal LP by actor/secret agent/metal musician Sir Christopher Lee. Death and Taxes has song clips and a video where Lee "shares the inspiration for his calling as a metal sorcerer."

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  10. How The Morning After Pill Ensures That Babby Is Not Formed

    We've got a lot of methods of birth control at our disposal, and on principle, we are big fans of all of them, because dang it, family planning is a good thing. Yes, we are fans of things for boring reasons sometimes. Despite our best laid plans, though, accidents still happen. That's why it's always good to have a backstop, and for many women and couples, that backstop is Plan B. Also known as the morning-after pill, Plan B can prevent an egg from ever being fertilized. We repeat, since there's been some know what? Just check out the above video from AsapSCIENCE, who once again just knock it out of the park with snappy answers to our stupid questions. Oh, and also brightly colored pictures. We like pictures.

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  11. Eggs & Sperm Take On Cute Personalities In This Animation Helping You Understand Plan B

    Allow Us To Explain

    I'll be honest, it's been a while since I sat in a science class and my brain has refused to retain most of what I learned when I did. Though mostly, I don't care how things like the pill or Plan B work, just that they do work. But in case you're curious (or forgot), here's a great animation from AsapSCIENCE showing you what goes down in your body. (via The High Definite) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  12. Things We Saw Today: An I Love NY Shirt Fit for a Whovian

    Things We Saw Today

    The BBC wants to add a bunch of new shirts to its line of official Doctor Who merchandise, but is letting fans choose which ones make the cut. Vote here! (Titan Merchandise)

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  13. Things We Saw Today: Blizzard Offers In Game Kittens in Hurricane Relief Promotion

    Things We Saw Today

    Shortly after Blizzard took the plunge and began offering exclusive in-game pets to World of Warcraft players for real money they started offering them to benefit charity. The Cinder Kitten above goes for $10, and all of those dollars will go to the Red Cross' Sandy efforts. (Wow Insider)

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  14. Birth Control Pills May Improve Women’s Cognitive Abilities Later In Life

    Beginning in the 1960s, the introduction of hormonal birth control pills introduced modern family planning to the world, preventing unwanted pregnancies and generally making the world a better place for everyone concerned. It turns out the pill may do even more than that, though. A new study shows that taking hormonal birth control before menopause may improve women's cognitive function later in life, leaving them sharper and more mentally "with it" than peers who weren't on the pill.

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  15. “Would You Like A Pregnancy Test With That Beer,” Says One Minnesota Bar

    A Series of Fallopian Tubes

    Upon hearing there's a bar that offers pregnancy tests in the bathroom, you might think they're trying to make some really terrible joke about taking someone home after a few beers and having unprotected sex. In actuality, they're concerned with women who had sex before stepping into their establishment. That's right. One Minnesota bar wants to prevent you from drinking while you're pregnant. Thanks for the concern, I guess?

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  16. Contraceptive Gel For Men May Be On The Horizon

    The Future Is Now!

    Wouldn't it be absolutely wonderful if the burden of using the majority of contraceptive options didn't fall almost totally upon women? Thanks to an innovative birth control method involving a gel that is applied directly onto men's skin, reliable male contraceptives may not be a pipe dream any longer.

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  17. So It Turns Out We Weren’t Really Sure How The Morning After Pill Works

    she blinded me with science

    Whenever amendments, resolutions, and other such proposed laws attempt to strictly include fertilized ova as persons in attempts to make abortion illegal, it is pointed out, and rightfully so, that not only does medically defined pregnancy not begin until that fertilized ova travels down its Fallopian tube and implants in the wall of the uterus, that the majority of birth control methods prevent implantation, rather than fertilization. Meaning, that such personhood amendments would actually outlaw an overwhelmingly large number of birth control options for women. Plan B, and other "morning-after" pills, however, usually get left out of those discussions, since it's generally understood and even written on the box that they flat out prevent the implantation of fertilized ova instead of preventing fertilization. But as the New York Times recently looked into, scientific studies show that morning after pills don't work that way, and the FDA was straight-up labeling the boxes wrong.

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  18. Things We Saw Today: The Ladies of Science Fiction and Fantasy Poker Game

    Things We Saw Today

    Rocketpig67 put this lovely piece together. Personally, I think I love the Starbuck best. (DC Women Kicking Ass)

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  19. Things We Saw Today: Batman Whistling While He Works

    Things We Saw Today

    A delightful one-hour drawing by Dustin Harbin titled Off to Bat-Work. (via Never Lose Hope) Check out what else we saw today! 

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  20. Sandra Fluke Responds to Being Called “Slut” by Rush Limbaugh, Gets Call From President Obama

    A Series of Fallopian Tubes

    The day after hilarious radio personality Rush Limbaugh called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a "slut" and "prostitute" who should make videos of herself having sex if she wants access to birth control pills (to show everyone she's using them, you see), Fluke has issued a response, she received a phone call from the President, and sponsors have started dropping their ads from Limbaugh's show. Sorry guys, we couldn't let this one go. But let's look at the support Fluke has been receiving since this infuriating thing happened. (Don't worry, there is lots of support.)

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