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Bill Nye

  1. Make Your Friday Night Way Better With Bill Nye Explaining Evolution Using Emojis

    *weird mask* *purple devil* *cat heart eyes* There, science.

    Bill Nye was pretty cool when I was growing up, but he's got to stay relevant to Kids These Days, you know? What better way to inform us of the facts of evolution, then, than with emojis? Bill Nye is totally with it. We love you, Bill Nye.

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  2. Spaceship Earth Grants Is Handing Out Civilian Trips to Space

    You don't even have to get the high score in Starfighter first!

    Hey, you! Yes, you—person who watches Star Trek and Star Wars all the time and generally just seems to love anything to do with stars—you know where all those stars come from? Space! And you can win a trip there—that is, provided that you promise to use your experience to help your community and fellow humans and not to set up a galactic empire to rule with space wizard powers.

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  3. Members of Congress Pushing to Look for Life on Europa to Help Life on Earth

    Despite warnings to attempt no landing there.

    Europa is one of the strongest possibilities for finding alien life within our solar system, so it's no surprise that NASA would want to explore it. The good news is that some members of congress think such a mission could benefit us Earthlings economically, which is good for its standing amid budget cuts.

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  4. Our Friend Bill Nye Did an AMA, Here Are Our Favorite Answers!

    And could we see a return of "The Science Guy" to television?

    Our Friend Bill Nye and some of his friends did a Reddit AMA today about searching for life on Jupiter's moon Europa. Nye's answered touched on some other excited subjects like the possibility of his return to television!

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  5. Satellites That Literally Sail on Light Get Official Launch Dates

    Where we're going, we don't need fuel.

    The Planetary Society has some pretty ambitious plans for their citizen-funded cubesats: They want to use light to let them maneuver around in orbit—and to other planets—completely propulsion-free. That plan will be a reality soon, because the little satellites just got their one-way tickets to space aboard some SpaceX and Air Force rockets.

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  6. StarTalk Radio Announces New Live Dates With Photo of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye Being Buds

    Science bros for life.

    Good news if you're a StarTalk Radio fan in Seattle, Provincetown, or New York City. The show's hitting the road. Click the link in the tweet for more infor, or just admire Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson being adorable science bros.

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Our First Look At the Disney Villain’s Kids From Descendants

    I think I saw a Monster High set like this once.

    Welp, that is... pretty much how we expected them to look when we heard the words "Disney villain high school AU" for the first time. Starting left and going clockwise we have Booboo Stewart as Jafar's son Jay, Cameron Boyce as Cruella's son Carlos, Sofia Carlson as The Evil Queen's daughter Evie, and Dove Cameron as Maleficent's "Mal." (via Collider)

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  8. Our Friend Bill Nye Joined the Band Last Night on Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Can the next debate just be didgeridoo drowning out the arguments of climate change deniers?

    Last night Our Friend Bill Nye "sat in" for Fred Armisen in the Late Night band, i.e., threatened to play the didgeridoo and talked about all the "free-ass food" he was stealing from the show. Exactly where our priorities would be at, too.

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  9. Our Friend Bill Nye Makes It Weird With Pete Holmes on You Made It Weird

    Stop trying to stir up beef with Nye and Beakman, Pete!

    Bill Nye made an appearance on Pete Holmes' You Made it Weird podcast today, and it's a great interview if you have about two hours to fill. Holmes and Nye get into some territory we haven't heard Nye speak about before—like whether or not Beakman can go suck a dick*.

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  10. StarTalk Video Cosmic Queries Goes for Round 2 With Our Friends Bill Nye and Chuck Nice

    Take a few minutes to learn something and laugh at some jokes.

    Have a burning question about space, the Universe, or particle accelerators? Watch Part 2 of StarTalk's video edition of "Cosmic Queries" with Our Friends Bill Nye and Chuck Nice.

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