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Bill Nye the Science Guy

  1. Today We Learned Our Friend Bill Nye Took Astronomy Classes From Carl Sagan [VIDEO]

    Did the classroom implode into a black hole of awesomeness?

    Our friend Bill Nye is being profiled by the new PBS/NOVA series The Secret Lives of Scientists. Previously, he's shared his origin story and spoken about his penchant for bowties. In this clip, Bill chats about how deeply he's been influenced by Carl Sagan (you know, the host of the original Cosmos), and how Bill hopes to continue Sagan's legacy.

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  2. A Girl Wrote Her Dad an Adorable Note on How to Behave Around Bill Nye

    Children are amazing. Now you know!

    Fourteen years ago, Laura Dyson's Dad George Dyson got a chance to meet our friend Bill Nye, and the nine-year-old was very concerned about him making a good impression. Luckily she wrote down some science and etiquette rules for her Dad to refer to.

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  3. 20 Years Ago Today, Our Friend Bill Nye Changed My Life

    Honorable Mention: Beakman's World

    I don't think I'd be who I am today without Bill Nye, and I don't think I'm alone. His show Bill Nye the Science Guy first aired 20 years ago today, and it changed my life. I think a lot of people in my generation and those after can say the same thing. Happy anniversary, Bill.

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  4. Bill Nye The Science Guy Evaluates Oil Spill Cleanup Solutions

    Bill Nye the Science Guy, by now a bona fide cable news pundit, helped CNN evaluate different oil spill solutions submitted by YouTube users. Some, like one user suggesting further drilling, confused him, and the various items people suggested tossing over the oil-- sand, hay, a ShamWow-like towel-- he seemed to find were on the right track, but some might work better than others.

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