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  1. Live Preview of Wolfenstein: The New Order Straight From Bethesda at 2:00PM ET [Replay Added]

    Now with Mecha-Nazis.

    The classic Wolfenstein is getting a sequel from MachineGames, and they're giving everyone a preview of all the Nazi-shooting fun today on Twitch. Unlike a lot of modern shooters, Wolfenstein is going to focus entirely on its single-player campaign set in an alternate 1960s where the Nazis won World War II, and it looks bananas.

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  2. Skyrim PlayStation 3 DLC Finally Gets Release Dates

    Hell must have frozen over, pigs are surely flying, and dozens of other tired phrases have obviously come to pass. It's the only explanation for the PlayStation 3 downloadable content for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim finally receiving release dates. Bethesda had promised that they'd come in February, but only a fool completely believes such claims. It's been months -- four months short of a year for Dawnguard -- since they released on Xbox 360, but PlayStation 3 users will finally get all three this month.

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  3. Debut Trailer for Skyrim DLC Dawnguard [Video]

    Bethesda has released the debut trailer for Skyrim's first piece of downloadable content. Dubbed Dawnguard, the trailer depicts what could be a two-faction war between some sort of every-generic-fantasy-demon-you-can-think-of group (vampires, winged imps, gargoyles, etc.) going up against the titular Dawnguard. The trailer doesn't quite let loose if you can choose either faction, though the narration provided by someone from the anti-Dawnguard camp asks the typical "which will you choose?" question. We won't have to wait much longer until E3, where all of the juicy DLCtails will most likely be divulged.

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  4. Bethesda’s Office Now Has a Real-Life Alduin’s Wall From Skyrim

    Bethesda has had Alduin's Wall from Skyrim just lying around after it was used for E3, PAX, and the Skyrim launch party. So, instead of letting that gigantic art wall go to waste, they shoved it into their place of work, where it is now a permanent fixture of how cool it must be to work at the place that makes The Elder Scrolls games. More pictures after the break.

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  5. Play Wolfenstein 3D In Your Browser, For Free

    I wasn't allowed to play Wolf 3D as a kid; I distinctly remember being scolded for doing so. When I found the illicit diskette years later in high school, however, I burned through that sucker like nothing. Now you can do the same, online, no archaic storage medium required! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the game's release, Bethesda, the current rightsholder, has published a browser-based version of the game, complete with the first 3 episodes.

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  6. Bethesda’s Facebook Tease Yesterday Was For Dishonored, Which Now Has a Trailer [Video]

    Yesterday, Bethesda posted a single screenshot of a grizzled man to their Facebook account, with the simple caption of "tomorrow." Well, yesterday's tomorrow is now, for it is today, and Bethesda released a trailer to go along with that screenshot, which is for the steampunk-em-up, Dishonored. The trailer is over four minutes long and contains no gameplay, but it is certainly worth a watch.

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  7. Bethesda Teases Us With Screenshot of Grizzled Man, With a Caption of “Tomorrow”

    Earlier today, Bethesda posted the above screenshot to their Facebook page with a simple, yet mysterious caption that reads "tomorrow." What could it mean?!

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  8. This Lady Rocks The Skyrim Bard Song

    This Exists... Because of A Lady

    In Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, "The Dragonborn Comes" has a male singer but vocal angel Malukah decided t0 record her own version. It's so good I think they should do a recall on the game just so they can put her song in instead. Check out her Facebook for now since her newfound fame has crashed her website. She was also nice enough to make the mp3 available for free download. Also check out the alternate version. (via Joystick)

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  9. Someone Actually Did Name Their Baby Born On 11/11/11 "Dovahkiin" to Get Lifetime Supply of Bethesda Games

    Back in February, Bethesda announced that if someone had a baby on November 11, 2011, the release date for Skyrim, and named that baby "Dovahkiin," a name used in the game that translates to "Dragonborn," they'd get a prize. If this IRL quest was accepted and completed, instead of a few points to dispense between health, magicka, or stamina, Bethesda would provide free Bethesda games -- past, present and future titles -- for life. Well, a couple took Bethesda up on the offer and gave the world 8 pound, 1/2 ounce Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer.

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  10. Mojang Wins Interim Injunction, Gets to Keep the Name Scrolls

    Internet overlord Notch tweeted that Mojang won the interim injunction versus ZeniMax regarding the Scrolls naming lawsuit, wherein ZeniMax claimed the name to Mojang's next game was too similar to their venerable franchise, The Elder Scrolls and people would confuse the two. The case never made any sense, and though ZeniMax can still appeal the ruling, this initial ruling is probably a step toward Mojang (and us) not having to deal with the nonsense any longer.

    What always seemed especially odd about the case, is that ZeniMax claimed the name was too similar and people would confuse the two titles, but not only are both games wildly different in presentation, but are geared more toward the hardcore gaming crowd -- a crowd that wouldn't make such a mistake as to confuse the two. It looks like maybe Notch's offer to settle the dispute via a match of Quake 3 might've faired better for ZeniMax than taking Mojang to court.

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