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  1. 10-Year-Old Conservationist and Lemonade Tycoon Gets $60K Investment on Shark Tank

    Ya know sharks, they just love lemonade

    Shark Tank might not necessarily be in The Mary Sue's niche, but Mikaila Ulmer sure is.

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  2. Study Shows Honeybees (Beads?) Lose Self-Control, Act Impulsively When Hungry

    One might even say they go buzzerk.

    The next time you feel yourself on the verge of hanger (hungry anger, and don't pretend you haven't been there), take heart: at least humans aren't the only creatures that get a little irrational when they need a snack.

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  3. This Dog Is A Bee Hero, Detecting Contagious Bee Disease & Warming Our Hearts


    Klinker is the only dog in the United States whose nose is certified to detect American Foulbrood.

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  4. Family in Beeville, Texas Attacked by Swarm of Locusts—Just Kidding! It Was Bees

    "See, I told you we should have moved to Puppyville instead."

    There's trouble right here in Beeville, with a capital "T," and that rhymes with "B," and that stands for "bees." Which, you know, would seem pretty obvious considering the name of the town and the county and that it's located square in the middle of Bee County, Texas. You think maybe the town's founders were trying to tell us something here?

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  5. Michael Bay Probably Should Never Give Anyone the “Sex Talk” and Here’s Why [Video]

    It'll be just like Underworld but with more gratuitous car-washing scenes.

    "Honey, little Michael Jr is turning thirteen this year. It seems like he's starting to notice the girls in his class a lot more these days. Don't you think he needs to hear about the... you know, the 'birds and the bees' soon?" Michael Bay's wife will one day say to him.

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  6. Man Whose Balls Were Attacked by a Bee Conducts Study Into the Most Painful Places to Be Stung

    No Wicker Man GIF this time. We're just full of surprises.

    Scenario: you're being chased by killer bees. Perhaps you are hiking alone in the wilderness, or maybe you're part of a pagan ritual to bring the island prosperity. You have to fend the swarm off with one body part. Which one do you choose?

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  7. Urban Canadian Bees Thrive In Garbage Hives

    Even bees in Canada are good at recycling

    Today in tragic animal tales, apparently urban Canadian bees have been doing their darnedest to raise their young in hives made from plastic bags and sealant.

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  8. Australian Scientists Put Teeny Microchips On Honey Bees To Track Their Movements

    Microchips on BEADS?

    In an effort to better understand the chilling phenomenon of Bee Colony Collapse Disorder, Australian scientists have fitted 5,000 sensors onto the backs of honey bees. This is a very important scientifoh my god LOOK AT THE LITTLE BEES WITH THEIR LITTLE MICROCHIPS AAAH. Sorry, what was I saying? Right, yes. Important science.

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  9. Bumblebees Are Taking Over South America

    Ay ay ay!

    Bumblebees are the harmless doofuses of the bee world, or so we thought. It turns out that when introduced to a foreign ecosystem, they actually wreak havoc on native species. Bumblebees brought in to South American greenhouses have escaped, and are quickly dominating the continent at the cost of other species.

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  10. It’s for Science, Okay? Scientists Prepare to Freeze Bee Semen, Breed Superbees

    There's really nothing appropriate to say here. I really need to "bee" careful.

    Bee warned: Researchers at Washington State University are starting a frozen semen bank to store the genetic material of honey bees. In addition, they will use crossbreeding from various colonies to create new generations of bees that are more diversified and resilient to environmental threats. There's probably room for another bee joke here, but I'm drawing a blank.

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