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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Bear Time

Canadian Mountie Delighted To Find Tumblr’s Cartoons of Her Stopping Crime With Bear Cub Partner

Two and a half years ago, Constable Suzanne Bourque was interviewing witnesses about the activity of a too-friendly-for-his-own-good bear cub who’d been pestering visitors at the Terra Nova National park in Newfoundland and Labrador when the bear cub himself showed up. The ensuing pictures were un-bear-ably adorable, but, in the way of things on the internet, ran under the radar for a while until they finally got their chance at becoming internet gold.



New Years Eve Cute: Bouncing Baby… Polar Bears

Polar bear moms sleep away their babies first New Year’s Eve, deep in a maternity den either waiting for their cubs to be born or waiting for them to get big enough to step into the outside world. So lets all try to have a good time tonight. For the polar bear moms.

And especially for polar bear moms named after the main character of The Golden Compass.


Monday Cute: Polar Bear Cubs’ First Field Trip

It’s very warm where The Mary Sue offices are right now, so chalk up this video of polar bear cubs spending their first days outside the den in which they were born to the New York Summer.

(via BuzzFeed.)

Bear Time

Nearly a Full Minute of a New Scene From Brave Covers Reruns Over Dinner [Video]

Disney Pixar has released a 48-second clip from Brave, showing Merida’s father Fergus regaling the tale of a confrontation with a bear. Apparently, he has regaled this story many, many, may times. It’s a lesson — every kind of family has had to hear the same family stories every year of their lives.

(via Nerd Bastards)

Previously in Brave


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Zombie Bunny

For Easter: a zombie bunny by Ruben Martinez! We don’t recommend leaving out any live carrots. Or people. (via The Zombie Research Society)


What the Heck is Happening In This Set Photo?

Fine, Internet. Fine. Henry Cavill has Abdominal Muscles

Introducing a new category: What the Heck is Happening in this Set Photo?

Because, sure, I know a lot of people looking at this photo are thinking only about Superman’s, né Henry Cavil’s, muscles, but my eyes instead went straight to the inexplicable rack of what appears to be either bacon strips or salmon filets and now I really want to know if there is an Alaskan tangent to Man of Steel where he becomes a hunter/trapper and sells beaver pelts to the settlers back east.


Bear Time

Bear Chases Child, Woman Chases Bear

A 25-year old Missouri woman named Erin Bolster was leading a group of riders on horseback one day when they came across a bear. A grizzly bear. Chasing a deer that sped right past the group. All the horses, including Bolster’s — a horse named Tonk — ran away from the bear, but one horse, Scout, carrying an eight-year-old boy, ran into the woods instead. The bear started chasing Scout and the boy — so Bolster and Tonk chased the bear.


What It Says On the Tin

Bear Bites Dog: Girl Punches Bear

Don’t you hate it when you’re hanging out at home (in Alaska) and all of a sudden, you see a bear carrying your dachshund in its mouth like a salmon? That is exactly what happened to Brooke Collins, who did exactly what any self-respecting dog owner would do — she punched that bear in the face. What? You thought only sharks hated being punched in the face? Oh, no, Virginia. Bears dislike being punched in the face. But not enough to punch you back. Because this one left Collins and both her dogs unscathed and ran away back to the forest where he was mostly likely mocked relentlessly by all his bear friends.


Bear Time

Here is A Grizzly Bear Eating R2-D2

Susana: I have a video of a grizzly bear eating R2-D2.

Jamie: That sounds awesome, though I have a ridiculously cute cat who can’t figure out how chairs work.

Ladies and gentlemen: The Internet.

(via Nerd Bastards.)

Bear Time

All Polar Bears Can Trace Lineage Back to Ireland, Insert Whiskey-to-Stay-Warm Joke Here

Geneticists studying the DNA of bears have come to a very festive conclusion about polar bears: they can all trace their lineage back to brown bears from Ireland. There are so many jokes to be made, none of them are polite. I’m not Irish, but Susana is part-Irish, and she’s given me permission. And some of my best friends are Irish. So let’s just get this out there: We’re going to make ethnic jokes about the Irish.