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  1. Bear Falls Through Skylight Into Boy’s First Birthday Party, Eats Hella Cupcakes

    Maybe my invitation got lost in the wooaaaaaaaaaaah!

    If you give a moose a muffin, he will probably want some jam, but if you don't invite a bear to a birthday party, he will devour all baked goods and cause extensive property damage. The Andrew W.K. of bears literally crashed a boy's first birthday party in Alaska last Saturday, simultaneously capturing cupcakes as well as my heart.

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  2. Unarmed Bosnian Shepherd Kills Brown Bear to Defend His Flock

    Davy Crockett is alive and well and living in Bosnia. We're confused as to why he's working as a shepherd, though.

    A Bosnian shepherd is really earning his "World's Best Shepherd" coffee mug this week after killing a brown bear with his bearhands bare hands to protect himself and his flock. Russian media reports that 48-year-old Blazo Grkovic was leading sheep around  -- is this what shepherds do? I have no idea -- when he was attacked by a brown bear. Unable to draw the small hand ax he kept on his person, presumably for situations exactly like this one, Grkovic defended himself the only way he knew how, by grabbing the bear's throat and strangling it to death.

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  3. Switzerland Just Killed Its Only Known Wild Bear

    How many bears is too many for Switzerland to handle? Apparently, just one, as Swiss wildlife officials have shot and killed the country's only known wild bear, a 2-year old male known as M13. The bear had wandered into inhabited areas looking for a meal, and reports indicate it had even been following some Swiss citizens around, apparently hoping for a handout, leading Switzerland to declare itself a 'no-bears' zone in rather decisive fashion.

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  4. Hunter Hospitalized After Being Mauled By Bear He Thought He’d Killed

    We'll admit it -- we've never really gotten the point of hunting. Driving way out into the woods to kill a thing when there are any number of fine grocery stores and restaurants just a short walk from home never really made much sense to us, and the sporting aspect always rang false because, well, you have a gun and the animals, by and large, do not. We do know one thing about hunting, though, neophytes though we may be: If you shoot a bear, you had best make certain it's dead, because if it's not, well, then it's just an angry bear. That's a lesson Oregon deer hunter Alex Machavo learned the hard way this weekend, when he was mauled by a bear he was pretty sure he'd killed.

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  5. Cute Robot Bear Pillow Swats You When You Snore Like an Impatient Lover

    For years, bed sharing couples have done the delicate dance between annoyance and assault. One partner leads by snoring, irritating the other awake. The second partner rouses, and swats at the other until the snoring dies down, and the dance continues. But what about people who have no partner to be annoyed with their snoring? Don't worry, Japan has a robotic solution in the form of Jusui-Kun, the snore-swatting robotic pillow.

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  6. Bear Cub in an Alaskan Grocery Store [Video]

    Somehow, a bear cub found its way into a grocery store in Ketchikan, Alaska, and of course, it was sort of cute. A bystander managed to catch the moment on film and the result is this adorable little video of a bear cub enjoying vegetables way more (and in a completely different way) than you ever have. While the cub doesn't look too jazzed about being carried outside, it's probably better that he was put out there before Momma found her way inside.

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  7. There Has Never Been A Bear Attack This Cute [Video]

    The best part of working with cute baby bears? The cute baby bears. The worst part? Running the risk of being horribly mauled by cute baby bears. Luckily, this baby bear is better at being cute than he is at mauling and the result is a life-affirming delight to watch. He got one thing right though: Go for the shins, you always go for the shins.

    (via reddit)

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