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  1. These Short Doctor Who Teasers Are Going To Be The End Of Us

    Brb, buying theater tickets for "Deep Breath."

    Peter Capaldi's first episode of Doctor Who doesn't hit the airwaves (and movie theaters!) until August 23rd, but that's not going to stop the BBC from teasing us mercilessly until then. Enjoy this latest Capald-tease!

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  2. Doctor Who Script Leak Leads to Disciplinary Action

    They'll be sorry. So sorry.

    BBC Worldwide has begun pursuing disciplinary action in response to the script and episode leaks last week.

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  3. Welp, Now The Entire First Episode of Doctor Who Series 8 Has Leaked

    Well, at least the Canadians aren't to blame this time.

    So, remember how the scripts for the first five episodes of the new series of Doctor Who leaked onto the internet this week? Well, prepare your Dalek defenses, because now the entire first episode featuring Peter Capaldi has made its way online.

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  4. Things Get Victorian In First Pic From The Doctor Who Season 8 Premiere

    "F***ity hi!"

    Sure, we've seen set pics and trailers before, but this is the first image actually from season 8 of Doctor Who. I can't tell, but it sure looks like Peter Capaldi's Twelve might be rocking some fingerless gloves, Aidan Turner in Being Human-style (oh, those were the days). Steven Moffat also had some things to say to Entertainment Weekly about the premiere episode, titled "Deep Breath" and featuring the return of the Paternoster Gang (Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax).

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  5. BBC Accidentally Leaks Doctor Who Series 8 Scripts, Asks Fans Not to Ruin It for Each Other


    Spoilerphobes, beware! The scripts for the first five episode's of Peter Capaldi's run as The Doctor have leaked on the Internet, and the BBC is hoping that fans won't spoil it for each other. Don't Google. Google and you're dead. Spoilers are fast—faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't Google. Good luck.

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  6. Hold On To Your Kidneys, There’s A New Doctor Who Series 8 Trailer

    Fantasi-llons-y-mo! (Which will have to do until we know Twelve's catchphrase).

    If you weren't already excited for the new season of Doctor Who, the BBC has dropped an electrifying (I'm not sorry) new teaser trailer.

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  7. The BBC Goes the John Oliver Route and Keeps Science Balanced by Accurately Depicting Imbalance

    I'm sorry, what? I can't hear your opinion over all the science.

    The BBC Trust (the BBC's governing body) put out a report on how their reporters couldn't properly depict the actual balance in scientific discourse because, to remain "impartial," they were expected to always entertain the other side of the debate. The report found that it was due to a fundamental misunderstanding of how such discussions should function, so they're taking steps to fix it.

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  8. Cybermen Return in New BBC Doctor Who Images

    We'll never forget you, Handles.

    August isn't far away now, and the BBC is teasing us with more Doctor Who images. The Cybermen seem to have taken over Cardiff in this latest set photo with Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez.

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  9. The BBC Sends Out a “No Nudity In Game of Thrones!!!” Breaking News Alert, And More In Today’s GoT Roundup

    The night is dark and full of breasts.

    In the BBC's defense, there not being nudity in an episode of Game of Thrones is pretty newsworthy. Also in today's roundup: Which fan favorite actor who's been MIA for a while might come back for season five (obviously, potential spoilers there)? And which actor of a now-dead character is moving on to play Charles Manson?

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  10. Today in British TV: Paul McGann’s Pick for Lady Doctors, “Brilliant” Peter Capaldi, Sherlock Alum Joins Ripper Street

    Timey wimey, spacey wacey.

    Plus: Paul McGann says a Doctor Who video that set the ‘net abuzzing when it was released before the 50th Anniversary special will be getting a sequel. This news is not as good as it could be.

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