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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Mouse of Steel

Bobby Timony mixes Mighty Mouse, Man of Steel, and superhero fashion etiquette into one illustration.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

You Won’t Need Bruce Wayne’s Fortune To Make This Little Girl’s Batmobile

Instructables user Cinnamontwisties has a comic book themed room in her house so when it was time for her 16-month-old daughter to get a play car, she knew it had to be a Batmobile. Instead of buying a licensed car that would probably cost quite a bit of money, she created her own for $20. Check out how it was done and see the adorable superhero in training after the jump.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Hit The Green With This Batmobile Golf Cart

Who needs skill when you can rely on intimidating your friends with your badass golf cart? (via Reddit.)


Holy Rusted Metal Batman!


The five unique Batmobiles from live-action Batman history were recently brought together for the first time. Warner Bros. got them together at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, California to film some special features for the forthcoming The Dark Knight Rises DVD. According to Crave Online, “Vehicles in attendance included the Adam West Batmobile (TV series and Batman: The Movie- 1966), Michael Keaton’s ride (Batman- 1989 and Batman Returns- 1992), Val Kilmer’s car (Batman Forever- 1995), George Clooney’s single-seat Batmobile (Batman and Robin- 1997), and Christian Bale’s ‘Tumbler’ (Batman Begins- 2005, The Dark Knight- 2008, and The Dark Knight Rises- 2012).” And they were all the originals except the 1966, which was a replica. Now if only we could bring the Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile into the real world…

(via Crave Online)

where does he get those wonderful toys

Judge: Custom Batmobiles Are Subject to Copyright

A judge in California has ruled that custom Batmobiles, like the ones made by Gotham Garage owner Mark Towles and owned by toddler pop music sensation Justin Bieber, are subject to copyright law because cars, apparently, do not fall under the “useful articles” exception. I have no idea what this really means for people who spend their money on Batmobiles, but if it means trouble for Justin Bieber, then that is more fun for everyone.



That Classic Batmobile You’ve Always Wanted But Still Can’t Afford

There are few pieces of television and movie memorabilia that get nerds’ engines running – the One Ring, the Grail Diary, etc. – but the Batmobile…any Batmobile…is probably at the top of my list. Well, for those of you with some disposable income, your dream is about to come true. One company is now selling fully-functional Batmobiles in the style of the 1966 Batman television show. Atomic batteries to power…turbines to speed…roger, ready to move out! 


Today in things that make us scream incoherently

Life Isn’t Fair: Justin Bieber Owns A Batmobile

I don’t want to sound like a hater here but it really chaffs my cape that Justin Bieber owns a Batmobile and I don’t. To be fair, I’d hate any 17-year-old who owned their very own bat-themed vehicle so it’s not exactly the pop star’s fault. Well, ok, maybe a little. 


Misleading Headline of the Day

Babes Will Love Your Battery-Powered Batmobile

It’s the car, right? Chicks dig the car. And more to the point, if she’s an environmentally friendly chick, she’ll really dig this car. It’s a battery powered Batmobile, or BATT-mobile if you prefer.


Second Batmobile, Same as the First

Pictures have been surfacing in the past couple of days, showing that the now iconic Tumbler Batmobile and Batpod are being used on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. Mostly, people are referring to this as pictures of the new Batmobile, but there’s no ruling out the use of it in flashbacks.

I dunno, it just seems odd to me that if the Batmobile was destroyed Lucius Fox wouldn’t produce another with significantly noticeable improvements. But I will very likely be proved wrong! So… there?

(via io9.)

Famous Cars, Pixar-Style

Well, this is an anthropomorphic car movie I would totally see. OldRedJalopy at DeviantART came up with these mashups in anticipation of the release of Cars 2. Maybe if there was a sardonic, wisecracking Ecto 1 character (voiced by, oh, I don’t know, Bill Murray) instead of an annoying redneck truck with someone else’s catchphrase, Cars 2 would have been more well-received. More after the jump.