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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Batman: The Animated Series

I Am The Night

Bruce Timm Celebrates Batman’s 75th Anniversary With A New Animated Short

Since Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series were cancelled by Cartoon Network, I stopped paying attention to the DC Nation shorts which were continuing on Wednesdays during Teen Titans Go! But I did not miss the news of Bruce Timm returning to his Batman: The Animated Series animation style for a special anniversary short (he also helped with the celebration of Superman’s 75th). It’s described as, “a lost tale from Batman’s past, the Dark Knight tracks a strange giant to the mysterious lair of Dr. Hugo Strange.”

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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: A Gummy Bear’s Skeleton

This makes zero sense but I enjoy it anyway. Currently out of stock on (via Geek Alerts)


What Boys Think of Girls

Warner Bros. Animation Takes Issue With Girls Watching Their Programs

Does it ever feel like Warner Bros. thinks girls are icky? Here’s a story that may lend credence to that theory.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Creepy Medieval Baby Lemongrab

There’s Ugly Renaissance Babies, and then there’s Ugly Lemongrab Babies. (Tumblr via io9.)


Once More With Feeling

Guillermo del Toro Is Making Pan’s Labyrinth: The Musical

I just got finished saying the other day that Guillermo del Toro needs to stop talking about all the projects he’s going to do and actually make some and here he is adding fuel to the fire. Not with a completely new project, oh no, with a musical version of his 2006 dark fantasy, Pan’s Labyrinth. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti No! 


And So It Begins

Angelina Jolie’s Daughter Is Ready For Her Close-Up, Lands Role In Maleficent

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. Learn her name. Love it. She’s a future Oscar winner. Or so hopes her parents, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The 4-year-old has herself a role in momma’s upcoming Sleeping Beauty film, Maleficent. Read on for who she’ll be playing and to find out which comic book professional wrote the script.


what is this I don't even

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Reenacted By Hot Dogs. You Heard Us. Hot Dogs.

We here at The Mary Sue are huge fans of the fan trailers that have come out of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. Sure, there are a lot of talented people out there who’ve edited together bits from all three films to create super-trailers but what we really love are the ones where individuals recreate the trailer using something else. For instance, there was a LEGO, stop-motion version of the trailer and not one but two mash-ups with Batman: The Animated Series. Oh, and let’s not forget the epic Lion King mash-up. But here is something I’ve never seen before and never in my life expected to see. It’s the TDKR trailer reenacted by ground up meat in casings. Yes, hot dogs. And it was created by a group called Sausage Party. Then again, I never thought I’d see a hot dog eating Batman either, but that happened. Enjoy Commissioner Gordon’s mustache, Catwoman’s hair, and about twenty other awesome moments.

(via Topless Robot)


Watch Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy Record Voiceovers For Batman: Arkham City [Video]

If there’s one thing any geek can appreciate, even if they’re not a gamer nor a passionate Batman fan, it’s watching awesome people do voiceovers for things. Take the aforementioned awesome people — in this case, Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, and Mark Hamill, voice of the Joker — put them in a completely unnatural environment, like a recording booth, and then say “Action” and watch the excellence ensue. Both actors reprised their roles from Batman: The Animated Series for Batman: Arkham City, because they love us and want us to be happy.

On another note, Hamill should really follow Conroy’s example and do a guest voice on The Venture Bros. next season. Let’s please start the Twitter campaign now.

(via Game Informer)

Previously in Batman


where does he get those wonderful toys

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer, As Performed by the Cast of Batman: The Animated Series [Video]

A new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises came out recently, and that means someone did a thing with it! In this case, another go-round matching scenes with Batman: The Animated Series. I’ll tell you guys something: While I am excited about The Dark Knight Rises and like Christopher Nolan‘s Batman trilogy, I’m the one third of the staff at The Mary Sue who is not a die-hard Batfan. So, I was surprised to see that Bane has a side job as a luchador. But this animated trailer is a pretty great edit, and I’d totally watch this movie, too. Especially if it had a luchador in it.

To read less infuriating things about Bane, here is Susana’s essay at Geekosystem about him. More comic book passion, less Mexican wrestling.

(via DC Women Kicking Ass)

Previously in Batman



Kevin Conroy Talks About Being The Voice Of Batman

For many superhero fans, Kevin Conroy is THE Batman. Although he’s only ever voiced the character, he’s held onto the role for over twenty years now and has become synonymous with the caped crusader. At the premiere of the latest Warner Home Video feature, Justice League: Doom, we got a chance to speak with the seasoned actor about his long run with the character, how he sees Batman, and how voice acting for video games like Batman: Arkham City, is a lot harder that it would appear.