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  1. Banksy Arrest Hoax Is The Banksiest Thing To Ever Banksy

    This will look nice when it's framed.

    Reports of Banksy's arrest have been greatly exaggerated.

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  2. Google Is Curating a Massive Street Art Project

    Everything's a Google Doodle, now.

    Street art is ephemeral, but the Internet is forever--so in their unofficial position as masters of the World Wide Web, Google has announced a new project today dedicated to documenting transient art and making it accessible for everyone with Internet, everywhere, all the time.

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  3. Famous Bansky Pieces Recreated in LEGO

    Well no wonder he's never been caught, he's so tiny!

    I have reservations about commodifying Banksy images, but not when the creative and empowering spirit of LEGO is involved! Jeff Friesen of the Brick Fantastic sells these amazing "Bricksy" prints--perfect for protesting Lord Business.

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  4. China’s Great Wall Is Now Graffiti Friendly

    Or maybe we're all falling for an elaborate Banksy prank.

    Do you have revolutionary political views (GIVE PEACE A CHANCE) or a budding relationship you want to commemorate for all time? New graffiti sections on the Great Wall of China now allow you to immortalize your genius for as long as the monument may stand. No pressure.

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  5. Banksy’s October in New York Is Almost Over, So We Take a Look Back

    OK, art geeks. Here's your Banksy month in review.

    We recently found out that one of Banksy's latest works was done by buying a painting from charity thrift store Housing Works, adding to it, and then returning it. The thrift store now stands to raise a bunch of money off of the proceeds for charity, which was no doubt Banksy's goal. We take a look at what else he's done this month in New York.

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  6. Banksy Cancels Art Because The Police Don’t Get It

    It's just, like, you wouldn't even understand.

    Banksy's scheduled art piece for today has been "cancelled due to police activity," according to the street artist's website.

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  7. “Steal Banksy” Website Maps Out All Of His New York Artwork So You Can Steal It

    Good artists copy. Great artists steal. So do people who just want to own things.

    We've been a bit lax in reporting the past couple of Banksy pieces in New York, but that doesn't mean he's stopped unveiling them. If you want to play catch up, then the Steal Banksy website is a great place for tracking every painting across the 5 boroughs-- and every time they've been defaced, too.

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  8. Okay, We’ll Admit it: Banksy’s Two Latest New York Artworks Are Pretty Great

    Unless you hate Banksy on principal, in which case we don't know what to tell you.

    Last time we saw one of the pieces Banksy uploaded to his website we were kind of... well, bored, to be honest. These latest two are decidedly awesome and thought provoking, though, even if you're not sure you like street art.

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  9. Banksy’s Latest Piece Is At Greenpoint, Says What Every Sarcastic Redditor Already Thinks

    Go back to painting British cops making out! We liked those!

    Everything is more profound when a famous intellectual says it. That’s why people on the Internet are constantly misattributing stupid quotes to William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde. So if Banksy — who is also famous — says it, does that mean it’s officially his theory now? Or is Plato going to get credit for this […]

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  10. Here Are All the New Banksy Pieces You Missed Between Friday and Today

    Go find 'em now -- some might already be gone tomorrow.

    Did you guys do anything fun this weekend? Because the street artist Banksy sure did. He's been running around New York City all October as part of a self-proclaimed residency project, and he got a lot done since we last checked into his work on Friday. Come see for yourself.

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