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  1. Nerds Without Borders Saves Tiny Baby Adorable Turtles With Kindhearted Science


    Here's your heartwarming science story of the day!

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  2. Monday Cute: Damn It, Baby Pandas, You Are Drunk

    Drunk with cuteness, we imagine.

    Today we learned that China Central Television, the leading broadcast television station in mainland China, has its own Youtube channel on which it occasionally posts videos from the Chengdu Wolong National Natural Reserve in Sichuan. Too bad their pandas' behavior is just so deplorable. Get ahold of yourselves, pandas! Sit up straight and stop clinging to everything already!

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  3. Things We Saw Today: Mass Effect Costume Hoodies For Everyday Cosplay

    Does this unit have enough money for all three?

    We've seen some brilliant Game of Thrones cosplayers, but this bear-maiden Brienne look has to be our new favorite. Now, where's a good Jaime cosplayer when you need him? (via Fashionably Geek)

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  4. ATTN: Vikings, We’ve Found Your New Star—Butterfly the Baby “Geep”

    Part goat, part sheep, all adorable.

    Prepare yourself, Hollywood—Butterfly the baby geep (that's a half-goat, half-sheep, obviously) is coming through, and she's going to make the world a better place.

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  5. Things We Saw Today: A Baby Bat Swaddled In a Batman Sock

    Insert uncontrollable high-pitched squealing noise

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  6. Maine Man Accidentally Saves Baby Porcupine After Trying to Harvest Its Dead Mother’s “Valuable Mineral Deposit”

    Maine? This happened in Maine? You're 100% sure this wasn't Florida? It sounds like Florida.

    A man in Lisbon, Maine rescued a baby porcupine over the weekend. If we just stopped there this would be an adorable story, but every detail of this thing gets progressively weirder.

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  7. Adorable Imaginary Animals From Imaginism Studios


    Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera are the team behind Imaginism Studios. And the name is certainly appropriate if the illustrations on their DeviantArt page are any indication. Take a look at just a small sampling of some of the creatures they've created. If they were real, we'd love to have them as pets.

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  8. Monday Cute: Someone Keep This Baby Ocelot Away From Archer


    We skipped "Monday Cute" this morning in lieu of Serious Game of Thrones Trailer Business, so it only seemed right to end the day with it. Plus, a new season of Archer starts tonight on FX so that worked out nicely. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  9. Monday Cute: Reluctant, Whiny Seal Pup


    Approximately what it was like getting out of bed this morning, and you all know it.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: Stewart and McKellen and Nimoy, Oh My!

    Things We Saw Today

    Yesterday we showed you Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen exploring the Big Apple. Now they're joined by Leonard Nimoy. Coney Island has been blessed. (Twitter)

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  11. Adorable and Endangered Lion Cub Born in France

    In the French zoo, the pretty (I'm sure) French zoo, the lion sleeps tonight. Come on, everybody!

    One of the really terrible things we as a species have done is cause other species, both majestic and adorable, to become endangered and sometimes extinct. But now that we're trying to right that wrong, here's our latest little victory: an Asiatic lion cub was born in a zoo in Besancon one week ago.

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  12. Two-Headed Turtle Born at San Antonio Zoo, Probably Not a Ninja

    And no, it's not an alien.

    On June 18th, the world's cutest little abomination was born at the San Antonio Zoo-- a female Texas cooter turtle with two heads. The zookeepers took advantage of the situation and gave the turtle the most novel name possible, Thelma and Louise. According to one of the zookeepers, the heads each have their own personality. One is very curious, the other very aggressive.

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  13. What to Do If You Find a Baby Bird Out of Its Nest This Summer

    This helpful guide explains what to do with a lost baby bird, as well as how to escape from dromaeosaurs.

    For plenty of us, summer means upping your time spent in the great outdoors, reveling in the splendor of nature. Sometimes, though, nature can get really sad -- and you don't get much sadder than a baby bird that's fallen from its nest. If there's one thing worse than seeing the poor thing, it's the helpless feeling of not knowing what to do with it to improve the situation. That, and the secret fear that the bird might actually be a dinosaur. Luckily, Rosemary Mosco of Bird and Moon comics offers an easy-to-digest cartoon primer that can put all your doubts on the subject to rest and ensure that you're prepared to be a hero to birds everywhere. Or, y'know, at least in your backyard.

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  14. Seal Pup Gets Lost In Swedish Forest, Is Rescued By Kindly Hunter

    Need something to brighten your Monday morning? A seal pup's life basically turned into a Disney movie this weekend when the adorable critter got lost discovered in a Swedish forest, four miles from the open sea it calls home. Don't worry, though! A good-hearted hunter found the pup and returned it to its home, demonstrating that every once in a while, things just end up working out the way you hope they will.

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  15. Wild Tiger Kittens Spotted for the First — Wait, Elephant Cams?!

    Adorable kitten videos circulating on the Internet really don't need an introduction, not even when they're tiger cubs. But believe it or not, this is the first footage ever made of a tiger mom with newborn cubs in the wild. And who's bringing this to us? BBC Earth is. Nicely done, BBC! And who brought it to them? Elephants. See for yourself.

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  16. Relax With This Adorable Animal Supercut [Video]

    I don't know about you, but we've had kind of a stressful day here in the office. What better way to help deal with that stress than kicking back with a seven-minute supercut of super cute animals doing super cute things set to nice soft music. This video runs the fun range of Internet animal cuteness from a yawning sloth, to a baby owl being petted, to a little raccoon doing little raccoon things with its little raccoon hands. This video pairs well with a warm cup of tea and footie pajamas.

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  17. Physiologist Proposes Theory of Milk-Making Dinosaurs

    Outside of The Land Before Time movies, dinosaurs aren't exactly creatures noted for their tight familial bonds. One researcher, though, is suggesting that dinosaurs may have been more caring parents than we suspected, even going so far as to feed their babies a milk-like substance rich in antibodies and growth hormones. While lactation is unheard of in reptiles, Professor Paul Else points out that birds like flamingos, penguins, and even the humble pigeon produce "milk-like" substances, so it's not wild thinking to suggest that some dinosaurs may have had the same capacity to make something we'd very much like to try on our breakfast cereal... though probably only once.

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  18. FACT: Looking At Cute Animals On The Internet Improves Work Performance

    This Makes Sense

    In most places of business, if your boss catches you wasting time looking at LOLCATS on the internet, you'd get in trouble. Luckily I work in an office where my boss regularly posts links to kitten cams so I don't need to worry but the next time you get in trouble, offer up some new exciting evidence. Studies have shown that looking at baby animals while you work actually improves work performance. Yeah, I'm pretty shocked too. 

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  19. Things We Saw Today: The Lannisters as the Addams Family

    Things We Saw Today

    So what if the Lannister family of Game of Thrones had their own sitcom? It'd probably still be pretty messed up. We'd tune in. (io9)

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  20. Monday Cute: This Baby Hedgehog Needs Some Coffee


    Most of us could use a caffeine fix on Monday mornings but this baby hedgehog needs their morning cup ASAP. Oh who am I kidding? It's a hedgehog, a baby hedgehog at that! Its only job is looking cute and it's got that down pretty well if you ask me. Perhaps it even deserves a raise. Apologies if this makes you even sleepier this morning. It will be worth it.

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