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  1. Dorkly’s Already Found Our Favorite Sims 4 Glitch: Eldritch Horror Babies

    Bet you wish there were toddlers now, huh?

    “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. Fear of these freaky Sim babies is probably a pretty close second, though. Dang.” —H.P. Lovecraft, if he wrote for Dorkly.

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  2. Adorable Wearable Tech For Babies Could Turn You Into A Parent Of The Future

    It's not Google Baby yet, but it's close.

    I don't have a baby yet, but if and when I do, I imagine I'd be reassured if some of the geniuses from Google and Apple were helping me keep Cox Jr. healthy.

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  3. A Bunch of Babies Listened to the Backstreet Boys for Scientific Research

    Think carefully, baby: Howie or A.J.?

    At what point does an infant's response to music transition from unrelated flailing to busting a baby move? A group of scientists undeterred by extreme cuteness observed a bunch of babies "dancing" to The Backstreet Boys to examine when humans develop a sense of rhythm (and if, right? I can't be the only one).

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  4. 2013′s Newest Popular Baby Names Include Characters from Wreck It Ralph, The Hunger Games, and My Little Pony

    Things to Do With Your Kids

    When little Vanellope gets old enough to understand how fun it is to annoy people by repeating everything they say, she's not going to understand why her parents find it so hilarious.

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  5. Why Are Babies Cute? Because Science, That’s Why! Let AsapSCIENCE Explain

    Earth Unplugged also explains why some animals are so ugly.

    Babies are cute, sure, but why are they cute? AsapSCIENCE explains the science of "Baby Schema" and why we just want to pinch those widdle cheeks. Conversely, Earth Unplugged explains the science behind why some animals are so very ugly.

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  6. Babies Keep Parents Sleep Deprived on Purpose So They Don’t Make Any More Babies

    "Go the f--- to sleep." —Samuel L. Jackson

    Any new parent can tell you that sleeping through the night is a rare experience after babby is formed. According to Harvard biology professor David Haig, that may be on purpose. He says that babies intentionally wake parents up for overnight feedings to keep them from... making more babies.

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  7. We Know We Shouldn’t, But Can We Genetically Modify Geniuses?

    And don't try to argue that we should. I had to sit through Baby Geniuses. Never again.

    Don't worry, friends, no one's going to start recreating Gattaca. But there is a team of scientists working on research for something called the Cognitive Genome Project, which seeks to explain the genetic markers for intelligence. How successful could they be? AsapSCIENCE and special guest Jake from Vsauce3 explain the basics.

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  8. Baby Dresses Up As Various TV Characters; Does Photoshoot

    Things to Do With Your Kids

    Photographer Karen Abad was cooped up with a good friend and her good friend's baby Olive and so what else was there to do but dress Olive up as various television characters. We found these pictures on Abad's blog, which contains lots of lovely images that you should go check out. Uh oh, looks like we accidentally doubled up on the Monday cute today. I'm sure you're very disappointed.

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  9. Watching This Baby Get Excited Over Man of Steel Will Make You Realize Why Superman Has Lasted This Long

    Faster than a speeding bullet!

    Folks are pretty evenly split on whether or not the latest live-action incarnation of Superman on the big screen was a win or a lose but Superman films will keep being made. Not just because they make millions of dollars, but because at his core, Superman inspires. Youtuber lribbit writes of this video, "My 16 month old son reacts to the First Flight sequence from Man of Steel. I've spawned another fan!" Yes, it all comes back to, "you'll believe a man can fly." Take a look. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  10. Bored Family Recreates Every Movie With Cardboard Boxes and a Baby

    Things to Do With Your Kids

    Lilly and Leon, having moved countries and had a baby, found themselves with lots of cardboard boxes, and a significantly smaller social life. Their blog, Cardboard Box Office, is the result.

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