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  1. Watch High School Basketball Player Sink Full-Court Shot for Her Team; Feel Better About Life

    We Have Done the Impossible and That Makes Us Mighty

    Look, I'm not saying it'll fix all your problems, but it's still freakin' awesome. (via SportsGrid.)

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  2. Kids Swede the Chestbursting Scene From Alien, and Our Lives Are Better For It [Video]

    Obligatory Baby Animal of the Day

    I have breaking news for everyone: no matter what you do today, you will not top this video. Because this is a video in which children re-enact the chestbursting scene from Ridley Scott's Alien. With a sock puppet and a hair clip. And pizza and fake mustaches. These kids will grow up to be heroes. I just know it. They laugh in the face of fear (at about 30 seconds in). (Kids Swede Movies via Neatorama) Previously in Sweding

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  3. Neil Patrick Harris Suits Up As Spider-Man for the Tonys

    And Now For Something Completely Different

    This just might be Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark's best moment. Watch Neil Patrick Harris as he takes on the mantle of Spider-Man and dangles from a web to introduce theater heavy-hitters Ted Chapin and Angela Lansbury. Frankly, I'm just surprised he wasn't injured. (via Gossip Cop.)

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  4. Some of the Best Pictures of Venus Transiting the Sun

    hold on to your butts

    So, did you watch the transit of Venus last night? Did you look directly into the sun to watch it? Then, how are you reading this right now? In case you missed it, or didn't have the proper filters for watching safely, here are some of the best pictures, provided by your friendly neighborhood internet.

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  5. The CGI Batgirl Show That Never Will Be

    Great Hera!

    Don't get too excited, here's the lowdown on this footage: this is a CGI promo for a Batgirl show that appears in an episode of the 2D animated Batman: The Brave and the Bold during a fantasy sequence that Batmite is having. Those are his exclamations you can hear over the audio. It's not a promo for a real show. It's not a promo for a short attached to a DC's direct to video offerings. It's just a tiny clip from a dream sequence in another show. And yet it will surely never become a real series even though it looks fabulous so we should probably just enjoy it now. (via Topless Robot.)

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  6. This Clock Built Into Mountain Will Run For Ages

    It seems like a lot of movies and stories gravitate towards the "hidden ancient thing" plot. You know, the one where our heroes find some hidden ancient thing that's about to do something it only does every 27 bajillion years and no one knows whether to be excited or terrified? Unfortunately, no one has found one yet, but someone is working on making one. Jeff Bezos masterminded and is now executing a project to build a clock that will tick for 10,000 years. The clock will chime every day for the intervening 10,000 years, which is a feat in and of itself, but the most awe inspiring detail to note is where this clock is being installed.

    Currently, in the Sierra Diablo mountain range hours away from the nearest airport and literal hike from the nearest road, tunnels are being drilled into the mountains so that the clock can sit in a cave connected to 5 chambers that are devoted to the 1, 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000 year anniversaries of the clock. The 1 year chamber will be fitted with an orrey and the 10 year room is also to be fitted something, although what that will be is still up for debate. The remaining chambers will be left empty except for a mechanical interface that will let future generations install their own celebratory devices.

    Just imagine, thousands of years down the line, hundreds of humans making their trek to the mysterious clock. No one remembers how it got there, or what might happen when it ticks its last tick. It's too bad that no one 10,000 years ago left one for us.

    (10,000 Year Clock via Technabob)

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  7. Life-Sized Lego Space Helmet, Where Have You Been All My Life?

    Designer Jonathan Robson has likely made the dreams of many of people come true with his life-size, wearable version of the iconic Lego space helmet. Long have Lego enthusiast fretted about the perfect headwear for assembling a vintage Blacktron Aerial Intruder and now, finally, they can rest easy. Though I would make an impassioned argument that this fantastic head covering should be worn for all occasions -- work, play, weddings, funerals, first dates. If people can't handle my Lego love, then they're not people I want to be around. Oh, right, and there's something about Robson's helmet functions as an player for digital audio books and syncs up to specially made "Audiocomics" to help teach reading. There's even a USB plug in the back to load up the stories. And yeah, yeah, yeah Robson was motivated by a deep personal admiration for Lego, saying:
    When I was young I played with LEGO a lot and all I used to read was the comics in LEGO magazines, I’d like to give something back to them as they helped me learn to read.
    The point is this thing is amazing, and should adopted as casual wear as quickly as possible. If you're not convinced, read on below and see some shots of the helmet in action on some very, very lucky child.

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  8. For $10 a Month, Someone Will Call You and Say “You’re Awesome” Every Day

    Now here's an idea: Why practice self-affirmation when you can outsource it? Awesomeness Reminders is a $10-a-month service that consists of a person calling you every day to say "you're awesome" and say generally positive things and wish you a happy day. Zack Burt, the site's founder, assures us all that it is actually real:

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  9. The Best Picture of Bane Riding A T-Rex You Will See All Day

    We promise.

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  10. Neill Cameron’s A-Z of Awesomeness

    Neill Cameron, the British artist behind Bulldog Empire and Classical Comics' Henry V, gave himself an artistic challenge last summer. Over 26 days, he would make 26 drawings, one for each letter of the alphabet. For his daily subject, he would use suggestions given to him through his blog, twitter, and a Facebook group set up for the project.

    The criteria? That the suggestion be awesome.

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