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  1. “Miss Possible” Dolls Teach Young Girls About Historical Role Models

    WTB Ada Lovelace doll PST

    Behold the latest Barbie-challenger to enter the field: Miss Possible, an as-of-yet conceptual line of dolls designed to introduce young'uns to inspiring women in history.

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  2. Shut Down Everything: Somebody Filmed Their Daughter Reacting to Cosmos

    she blinded me with science

    Two-and-a-half year old Delilah loves Cosmos, and she's pretty darn good at planets too. Don't worry, Delilah, in reality, the objects in the asteroid belt are really quite far apart, Neil's gonna get out of there just fine. All the better for next week's episode. Previously in Cosmos

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  3. Science Apologizes to Little Girl for Not Making Dragons

    Here Be Dragons

    Little kids ask a lot of questions, and it's the mark of a confident parent that when they don't actually know why the sky is blue, they can go ask an expert. Or just make something up. But I think I know which one I'd prefer. When Sophie Lester's parents had to sit down with her and explain that, no matter how much she asked, they couldn't get her a dragon for Christmas, they also suggested that she write to somebody who might be able to get her one. Sophie knew exactly what to do, and suggested that they ask a scientist. And that's how the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia's national science agency, wound up apologizing for not being able to create dragons yet.

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  4. 9-Year-Old Chess Expert Makes Us All Feel Unaccomplished


    Chess is a game that takes years of planning, hard work, and skill to master. It is notoriously the pursuit of the brainy and usually is thought of as a nerdy boys' club. That, however, is not the case for this incredible player. Nine-year-old Carissa Yip (of Massachusetts) is a chess expert, but not only that: She reached the level of expert "at a younger age than anyone since the chess federation began electronic record-keeping in 1991." Impressed? Hit the jump for more amazing facts about this tiny chess champion.

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  5. Get Ready to Be Jealous: Five-Year-Old Girl Snags a Gig Testing Toys

    Today in Awesome

    What if you had a job that was so awesome that you didn't want to take off (or be concerned with child labor laws)? You should talk to Jessica Rosbrook. She is the little lady above in the tiny lab coat, and she just scored herself a job with toy manufacturer Tomy as a chief toy tester. Go ahead. Chug that Independence Day margarita while lamenting your return to your much less wonderful job tomorrow. I'll wait.

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  6. Meet Caitlin “Meathook” Kelley, A 9-Year-Old MMA Fighter Who Can Kick You Into Next Week

    i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

    She's nine years old, she has pink hair, and she loves Justin Bieber. But don't let that fool you into thinking Caitlin Kelley isn't into something a little more badass. Kelley, who lives in Tampa, Florida, is actually a very accomplished competitive MMA fighter who pounds a punching bag with her bare hands. If she could, she'd train every single day, but when would she have time to do her homework? Something tells me she'd squeeze it in somehow.

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  7. Essay: Supporting A Daughter’s Love for Superheroines (While Wishing There Were More of Them)

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    It all started with She-Ra. I was strolling through Target and I saw The Princess of Power on DVD. I thought my daughter might get a kick out of the '80s cartoon I grew up on. So I grabbed the story of He-Man's twin sister and introduced my daughter to a whole world of girls who save the day and fight the forces of evil. So began my four-year-old daughter Brenna's love affair with superheroes and my education about a whole world of storylines and characters that I would soon become intimately familiar with. We moved on to Justice League cartoons and movies, some of which seemed a little too adult for my pre-schooler. But she just wanted a show with as many girls as possible. Sure, she loved The Flash and Martian Manhunter, but she needed more Hawk Girls. Younger shows, like the Super Hero Squad, were exciting but left her a little frustrated.

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  8. Allow Yourself to Be Very Jealous of These Two Little Girls Building a Variety of Dwellings [Video]

    Things to Do With Your Kids

    Remember forts, you guys? Taking whatever sturdy objects were around the house and building as big a fort as you could manage? Thanks to NBC's Community, forts are having a moment. But the daughters of comic creator Nick Bertozzi -- with the help of a Fort Magic kit, a thing that really exists -- have taken their own fortastic journey. Go ahead -- take another look at those couch cushions ... (via Fort Magic on Twitter)

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  9. Witness a Nine-Year-Old Girl Talk Herself Into Her First Big Ski Jump [Video]

    Fear is the Mind Killer

    Have you ever chickened out of something, like a physical challenge? Or, if you're a daredevil, do you remember the first time you did something that now seems purely thrilling but at first seemed terrifying? We invite you to witness this fourth grader while she gears herself up to take on her first big ski jump. And then share the pure joy when she finally does it. Let's get ready for another work week, everyone! (via Kottke)

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  10. Six-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest Competitor Ever in the Scripps National Spelling Bee

    Clever Girl

    At the age of six, Lori Anne Madison just became the youngest contestant in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. The home-schooled student from Woodbridge, Virginia out-spelled 21 elementary and middle school students and emerged victorious by spelling the word "vaquero," a Spanish word for "cowboy" -- while dressed like a bee. Yeehaw! It's on to nationals!

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