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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Here Be Dragons

Little Girl Who Took Australia to Task for Not Inventing Dragons Finally Gets Her Wish

Two days ago we told you the story of Sophie Lester, a seven-year-old girl from Brisbane, Australia who has all lived her young life feeling the very keen sting of there not being dragons in the world. (Don’t we all?) So she wrote a letter to CSIRO, the national science agency, asking whether they could please make her one. CSIRO, perhaps won over by the way Sophie started off her letter with “Hello Lovely Scientist,” wrote her back apologizing for the grave error they made in not having invented dragons yet and promising to get on that ASAP. And now they’ve sent her one. It’s 3D printed, but that’s probably for the best. I’m not sure Australia needs any more killer lizards, especially with Steve Irwin not around.


Clever Girl

Monday Cute: Baby Wombat Uses Cat Door

Ruby is an orphaned baby Wombat being raised by Australian YouTuber Matt Hill, and her video leaves me with one pressing question: if a wombat is using it, is it still a cat door?

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It is known

Aussie Prime Minster Is a Game of Thrones Nut, Fangirls Daenerys [VIDEO]

Australian Prime Minster Julia Gillard, who caught the Internet’s attention with her epic 15-minute verbal beatdown of a misogynist colleague, is apparently a huge Game of Thrones fan. Behind the cut (because of its weird dimensions) you can check out a video of her chatting with The Guardian about her favorite character (fire and blood!) and her shock at a certain season one death.

I want to believe that she and U.S. ambassador Jeffrey Bleich, he of “OMG Aussies stop pirating Game of Thrones!,” argue over who they want to ascend the Iron Throne. Stannis all the way.


And All Was Right With the World

The Australian Billionaire Who’s Building a Replica Titanic Decided to Build Jurassic Park, Too

Granted, the dinosaur-themed resort will be filled with giant robotic dinosaurs, not real ones. But if anyone ever figures out the cloning process you can bet Clive Palmer will be the first in line to buy some embryos.


All this has happened before...

It’s Okay, Guys, The Robot Revolution Already Happened. In Russia. Ninety-Five Years Ago

At least that’s what thousands of Australian students found out this week while taking a standardized test, all thanks to a little careless Google Image searching.


Today in Awesome

Watch Australian Prime Minsiter Julia Gillard’s Epic Verbal Takedown of a Misogynist Politician [VIDEO]

For fifteen minutes well-spent, check out this video of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard laying a a verbal beatdown on the sexism and misogyny of opposition leader Tony Abbott. The backstory is that Abbott demanded that the Speaker of the House be fired for sending a series of sexist text messages. Gillard didn’t take too kindly to the hypocrisy of Abbott jumping on someone else’s sexism for his own political gain, and boy did she let him know it, calling him on his own attitude toward abortion, women in government, and more for a good quarter-hour while he sat frozen in the crosshairs.

It’s a thing of beauty. Can we get her to come and talk to some of our politicians in the U.S., please?

(via: Jezebel)

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Bloody Good Fun

Attention Advertisers: This is Actually a Pretty Funny Maxipad Commercial

Forget about the predictable “boyfriend caught acting childish in front of parents” ending (hey, at least it’s not the “boyfriend caught acting feminine in front of parents” ending). If I’d unlocked the hidden potential of winged maxipads to become Wonder Woman bracers (and therefore to not only absorb moisture but also bullets) at a young age, my parents would probably have a lot more embarrassing video tape of me. Probably of me trying to take them off as the adhesive pulled at my arm hairs.

Stick around for a bonus one second of Gregory House being super serious.

(via Jezebel.)

Today in things that make us scream incoherently

When Flying To The Olympics, Women Are Second Class To Men

Japan’s women’s soccer team scored a huge win for their country last year when they beat the United States for the World Cup. But apparently that amounts to nothing. They flew to Europe earlier this week along with the men’s team in anticipation of the London Olympics. The men had seats in business class. The women sat in coach. And they aren’t the only team seated this way. What gives? 



Introducing DC Comics License Plates (Yah!), Available Only In Australia (Boo!)

Sometimes awesome things are only available in certain areas of the world. And sometimes, I cry myself to sleep about it. This is one of those times. Available November 30, in Australia, classic DC Comic Superheroes license plates. And no, I am not the one responsible for Batman’s awesome caption bubble. 


Today in Depressing

Iranian Actress Arrested for Appearing in Australian Film Sans Headscarf, Sentenced to Flogging

Marzieh Vafamehr is an Iranian actress and director who played the lead role in My Tehran For Sale, a 2009 film made through the collaborative efforts of Australian and Iranian artists. She was arrested in July, officially for filming in Tehran without proper permits, a charge that Cyan Films and Vafamehr’s husband, another Iranian filmmaker, deny. Vafamehr does appear in a scene of My Tehran for Sale while not wearing a headscarf, and this appears to be the unspoken reason for her arrest. She was released a month later on bail, but her sentence was recently revealed by an Iranian opposition website.