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  1. The World’s Largest Video Game Collection Is up for Auction, Can Someone Spot Us Some Cash?

    It's for very important life necessities. We promise.

    You dreamed of amassing the world's largest collection of video games as a child. Then, tracking down all of those games turned out to be too much work (and money), so you gave up. Now that you're an adult and fabulously wealthy, you can pay someone who's done all the hard work—unless becoming fabulously wealthy turned out to be too much work, too.

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  2. Someone Paid Almost $1 Million for a Possibly Fake Apollo 15 Moon Camera

    Smile and say, "The Moon is made of cheese!"

    Over the weekend, a Hasselblad Electronic Data Camera that went to the surface of the Moon during the Apollo 15 mission was auctioned off and sold for almost $1 million. The only problem is that the camera may not have actually been on the Moon, or near it, or even to space.

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  3. Pew! Pew! Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Han Solo’s Blaster Sells at Auction for $200,000

    $200,000 is a small price to pay for a good blaster at your side, kid.

    Han Solo's iconic blaster pistol from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi has been sold at auction for $200,000. We don't know the exact exchange rate from US dollars to galactic credits, but that had to have been enough to pay his bounty, right? Why not just give Jabba the gun, Han?

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  4. Robert Heinlein’s Bed Is Being Auctioned Off, Not Sure Why You’d Want That

    The man's a legend and all but... gaah.

    The Heinlein Society doesn't know what to do with celebrated sci-fi novelist Robert A. Heinlein's old bed -- every museum they've offered it to has refused to take it. So they've decided instead to auction the thing, which was designed by Heinlein himself for he and his wife Ginny, off on eBay. I mean, hey: do what you gotta, right?

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  5. Here’s Hoping a Potentially Incredible Fossil Find Doesn’t Vanish Into a Private Collection

    Because why would anyone want an important fossil find to be in a museum, where it could be studied? It belongs by rights to the wealthy, because they are better than us.

    A pair of fossils discovered in Montana -- a T-Rex or close relative and an unidentified triceratops relative -- could potentially teach paleontologists a great deal about their respective species. Since they're going up for auction later this week, though, there's a real possibility that researchers will never even get to see them.

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  6. Jack Kirby’s Concept Art For The Fake Sci-Fi Film In Argo Goes Up For Auction

    If you've got $10,000 or so burning a hole in your pocket, you could be the proud owner of these Kirby designs for Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light.

    Attention well-off comic nerds and history buffs! The original Jack Kirby concept art for the fake film featured in last year's critically acclaimed film Argo is going up for auction this week. That means you could soon be the owner of Jack Kirby drawings that helped save the lives of U.S. diplomats during the Iranian hostage crisis.

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  7. Have $500,000 to Throw Around? Original Dark Knight Returns #2 Cover Art Goes Up For Auction

    You'd have to be rich like Bruce Wayne, or at the very least have Tom Haverford stacks on stacks on stacks to afford this.

    "Gritty" Batman started in one place -- Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Miller's original artwork for the cover of issue #2 in the series is going up for sale at Heritage Auctions, and it can be yours, but only if you're Bruce-Wayne-level loaded. The piece is expected to bring in over half a million dollars, and I'm willing to bet the Joker tries to steal it.

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  8. New York City Puts Morgue Refrigerator Up For Sale On eBay

    If you need to keep as many as four cadavers on ice at a time, this could be your lucky day. Just don't tell us why you need to keep four cadavers on ice.

    Looking for a way to keep things nice and frosty this summer? Whether it's beer or bodies you're trying to keep cool, the city of New York may be able to help you out. Just visit eBay to place your bid on a morgue refrigerator put up for sale by the city's Office of General Services. According to the listing, this steel refrigerator, hailing from the Manhattan Psychiatric Center, is used, but in good condition (which we assume means no longer full of dead bodies) and has space to hold up to four cadavers or an as yet determined quantity of cold cuts and six packs.

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  9. The Only Known Complete Copy of Atari 2600 Air Raid’s For Sale

    Vintage video games can fetch high prices if they just so happen to be of a certain kind. Sometimes a sale is made based on what comes with the game rather than the game itself. In 2010, a copy of the Atari 2600 game Air Raid sold for $31,600, because it was the only known copy with a box. Now a new copy of Air Raid has surfaced with both the box and instruction manual, making it the only known complete copy in existence, and has already hit $11,650 on its auction.

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  10. News Corp. Reportedly Looking to Auction IGN Off, Bidding to Start at “Please Take It Already”

    News Corp. and IGN's honeymoon has been over for a while now. It's no secret that the former has been looking to offload the latter for at least a year and failing miserably. After a series of high-profile departures, all ongoing attempts to produce a sale have apparently fallen by the wayside. With that behind them, News Corp. is supposedly looking at auctioning IGN off with the help of an investment bank.

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