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  1. Don’t Panic: Earth’s Atmosphere is Escaping [Video]

    Okay, so, don't freak out or anything, but Earth's atmosphere is escaping. Ridiculously slowly, I should say, and there's no concern that it'll happen at any point soon. We're talking billions of years before it's gone. MinuteEarth breaks it all down in this handy video, but it's pretty much a problem of our hydrogen and helium trying to get the heck out of here whenever they can.

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  2. To Find Life on Other Planets, Scientists Will Look For… Hairspray?

    We've never been closer to finding life on other planets. It shouldn't come as a surprise, but it's an important fact to keep in mind when you think about what you're about to read. In trying to figure out how the human race might be able terraform and live on other planets, scientists have discovered what may be the best way to detect whether intelligent alien species have been there before us. While it's a technically advanced process and nothing scoff at, in the end scientists have decided that, from now on, they will make a concerted effort to look for signs of spray deodorant and hairspray on previously undiscovered worlds.

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  3. Capturing CO2 from the Atmosphere May Be More Feasible Than Once Thought

    It's no secret that the amount of Carbon Dioxide in Earth's atmosphere is steadily rising. A variety of factors contribute to this increase but one thing is for sure: It's kind of a drag. However, we aren't totally screwed quite yet. Researchers at the Georgia Institue of Technology have not only developed techniques for absorbing CO2 directly from the atmosphere, but have also determined that these techniques are much more economically feasible than originally anticipated. Learn more about the logistics of Georgia Tech's methods after the jump.

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