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  1. Review: Like Video Games and Archaeology? You’ll Really Dig Atari: Game Over

    Press start.

    As we noted in our interview with Atari: Game Over director Zak Penn yesterday, if you've heard about this movie before, then it's pretty likely that you already think you know what it's about. Here's the thing, though: you really don't know the half of it.

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  2. Interview: Atari: Game Over Director Zak Penn On Video Games, Movie Adaptations, and Pacific Rim 2

    On February 2nd, Atari: Game Over, which documents the quest to find Atari E.T. cartridges that were buried in the New Mexico desert over 30 years ago, will be available on VOD. Our review will be up tomorrow, but in the meantime we had the chance to talk with director Zak Penn about the project, as well as some other irons he has in the fire. If you've ever thought of going into screenwriting, he has some really great tips for you all.

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  3. Excavated E.T. Atari Cartridges Heading To Museums and Auctions

    What even are video games.

    One day, our grandchildren will ask of us: "Were you there when the E.T. Atari cartridges were unearthed?" And we'll reply, "Dear ones, we were on the internet. We were all there."

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  4. Atari: Game Over Documentary Trailer Makes the E.T. Video Game Look Fun for the First Time Ever

    And if it's not, we can always just toss it back in that hole.

    At first glance, this trailer about a bunch of buried cartridges of a really terrible game might look a tad overdramatic, but there's an incredibly interesting story about the video game industry's near dissolution lying just under that initial impression. Luckily, Microsoft didn't bury all of its Xbox TV content in the desert when they axed Xbox Entertainment Studios, and this documentary will premiere on Xbox Live in the fall.

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  5. Denny’s Is Remixing Atari Games Into Breakfast-Themed Slices of Weirdness


    Today in "What is this? Why is this?": Denny's, that bastion of fine American cuisine, has teamed up with Atari to provide the teeming masses with some free mobile games. Their titles: Centipup, Take-Out, and Hashteroids. I think I'm in love. And also hungry. But not for Denny's. Ew. IHOP all the way.

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  6. You Can Buy Those E.T. Game Cartridges They Dug Up In The New Mexico Desert

    If you're interested in owning the worst game ever made, that is.

    Remember that E.T. game that was so horrible they buried it by the millions in the New Mexico desert? And how a documentary film crew finally found and excavated the landfill? If you followed the whole #DiggingET story, then you might be interested in knowing that you can now own your own excavated copy of the game.

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  7. The Atari E.T. Landfill Graveyard Has Been Found And They’re Excavating It Right Now

    I think... I think this signals the beginning of the end times.

    Remember that horrible E.T. game for Atari? The one that everyone said is buried by the millions in the New Mexico desert? And a documentary film crew was trying to find them all? Well, gamer-bros, the landfill graveyard has been found - and they're digging up copies of everyone's least-favorite favorite retro game right now.

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  8. Plan to Exhume Millions of E.T. Atari Cartridges Put on Hold Over Environmental Concerns

    Maybe this is a sign that this terrible game should stay buried?

    Last June, we told you about a documentary film crew that planned to excavate a long-closed landfill rumored to be the final resting place of millions of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Atari game cartridges. Unfortunately, the plan is on hold, and it's not clear when, if ever, the cartridges will be dug up.

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  9. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Pulled From Sale While Publishers And Developers Duke It Out

    Well, guess we'll have to wait and see where the pieces fall in the end.

    The Enhanced Edition of the classic RPG Baldur's Gate has been removed from digital shelves at the Apple App Store and on the website of its developer, Beamdog. According to Beamdog's president Trent Oster, the game has been taken down "at our publishing partner's request as we attempt to resolve a number of contractual issues," the details of which they are legally prohibited from discussing. The legal dispute will prevent the release of the Android version, which has been expected for months, and a major patch for the game, and will send the Enhanced Edition of Baldur's Gate II plummeting into development hell. Excuse me, development Baator.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: Thor Can Prance If He Wants To

    Things We Saw Today

      The mystery of Thor's workout routine has been revealed thanks to the YouTube channel Everyday Thor.

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  11. Atari E.T.’s Presumed Tomb Exhumed Soon

    We've all heard the stories about a landfill with millions of copies of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, but are they true?

    There's a long standing urban legend about millions of copies of the Atari game E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial being buried in the New Mexico desert, and a documentary film crew wants to settle it once and for all. They've just been given permission by the Alamogordo, New Mexico city council to excavate the landfill believed to be E.T.'s final resting place. Worst case scenario, there's a curse and they get doomed to have to play E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial for all time.

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  12. Looks Like We’re Getting Nothing Done Today: You Can Play Breakout in Google Image Search

    If you have a few minutes to kill, might we suggest typing "Atari Breakout" into Google Image Search? It will return images of the classic game, but after a few seconds those images will change into blocks, and your computer will beep and boop at you as the screen is transformed into the Atari classic Breakout. Google doesn't want anyone getting any work done today.

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  13. Game Over: Atari Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

    Atari Inc. and three of it affiliates in the U.S. are throwing in the towel. Filing for Chapter 11 reorganization in a New York State bankruptcy court, Atari Inc. aims to disentangle itself from its French parent company Atari S.A. -- originally Infogrames -- in a similar manner to how we scootch a few seats down the table to sit away from a creepy relative at family gatherings. If the American company successfully dissolves its ties to floundering France-based parent, Atari Inc.'s leaders intend to shift game development and publishing focus on digital and mobile platforms, though there are no specifics right now on what that might look like. Doesn't matter, really, since we all know they'll likely just churn out yet another modern update of Pong or Asteroids.

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  14. Meet Dona Bailey, The Woman Behind Atari’s Centipede

    This Exists... Because of A Lady

    If you remember hanging out at arcades as a kid, and blowing all of the quarters in your piggy bank every weekend, you definitely know about Centipede. The classic arcade game was bright, colorful, operated by a trackball, and difficult as hell: players must shoot a centipede that splits into more centipedes as it winds down the screen. But what you might not know, is that a large part of the iconic shoot 'em up game was designed by Dona Bailey, one of the few women programmers for the Atari.

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  15. Things We Saw Today: Angelina Jolie, As Maleficent, Flying Through the Air

    Things We Saw Today

    Well, there goes the "intimidation" factor. Angelina Jolie, flying about the set of Maleficent. "RAWR! I am a pitchfork!" (via Geek Tyrant)

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  16. 5th Avenue Frogger Is the Coolest Thing We Atari Geeks Have Seen All Day [Video]

    Olden Lore

    Surely some of you are from the earlier part of the 1980s and can appreciate a little game called Frogger. Seeing it now is a trip down memory lane, and it holds a special place in my heart as one of the roughly five video games I can actually play. If I could just get my Atari 5200 controllers to work! Blast those things. Anyway, this version of Frogger is slightly different than the classic one. In fact, besides something involving actual (and ill-fated) frogs, it's the closest thing we can get to Frogger IRL. Developed by Tyler DeAngelo, 5th Avenue Frogger is the original game, hacked, with the cars programmed according to actual New York City traffic on 5th Avenue. (Spoiler: The frogs die -- fast.) (via Laughing Squid)

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  17. The Origin of Easter Eggs — The Digital Ones

    It's Technical

    It should come as no surprise that the concept of a digital or virtual "Easter egg," or a hidden link, message, feature, etc. embedded into a form of media, has a geeky history. Not just geeky, but vintage geeky -- as in 1979 Atari geeky. Do I have your attention? And no, there are no Easter eggs before the jump. I'm not technically-inclined enough to work that kind of sorcery.

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  18. Space Invaders Jewelry, Because the Internet Loves Us and Wants Us to Be Happy

    Our Adorable Past

    When I saw this picture on EPIC Ponyz this morning, I had to wonder what other wearable art inspired by one of my favorite 1980s video games, Space Invaders, had to exist out there. (My favorite, because the 1980s was the last time I played video games and also because I cannot play video games.) Well, I was in luck, and so are you! Because in addition to that ring above (by Etsy user Virginie Millefiori), there is a whole world of retro 8-bit aliens with which to adorn yourself.

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  19. When Old School Atari Game Gauntlet Invades the Holidays, the Results Are Mint [Video]

    hold on to your butts

    I hate it when this happens. You're having a lovely get-together, and suddenly, it's taken over by pixellated demons and whatnot, and the only thing you can do to regain your strength is consume any food around and drink ... potion. Right! Potion. And then someone shoots the food. For those of us who remember the 1980s, the sights and sounds of the Atari arcade game Gauntlet will come haunting your minds once again. And it won't be the "potion" talking, just this sketch by Co-Op Life. Before you leave today, you need to watch this video, badly. (via Topless Robot)

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  20. Atari’s Space Invaders to Become a Movie, Might Even Have an Actual Story

    It Came From Outer Space

    Space Invaders -- which was first released in 1978 as an arcade game and then came to the Atari 2600 system in 1980 -- is going to be made into a movie, says the Hollywood Reporter. Producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Gigi Pritzker (Odd Lot Entertainment) will be optioning the rights to the game and then finding a writer to come up with a story. Because Space Invaders really doesn't have one. Like, at all. There's no mythology, no protagonist (except for you, the shooter of said space invaders), just a little gun thing and aliens. Those aliens don't even have a real alien name! So everyone has their work cut out for them.

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