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  1. Space Selfies Are the Best Selfies

    No space duckface, sadly.

    Just because you exit the stratosphere doesn't mean you can escape the pull of the selfie.

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  2. Identical Twin Astronauts Will Test the Effects of Space on Humans

    Man, the Winklevoss twins must be so jealous.

    Despite the Winklevoss twins' plans to use Bitcoin to go to outer space, two NASA astronauts are getting the jump on their whole "twins in space" bit. Identical twin astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly are going to help NASA better understand how weightlessness affects the human body.

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  3. Astronaut Does Laundry Because of Chris Hadfield’s Book [VIDEO]

    Basically astronauts look ridiculous doing anything except being in space.

    Former International Space Station Commander and Canadian Legend Chris Hadfield is releasing a book called An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth on October 29th - and to promote it, Book Lounge is making a series of videos featuring astronauts just trying to do every-day stuff. They're predictably hilarious.

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  4. Chris Hadfield As David Bowie Is Out-Of-This-World Awesome

    Ground control to Commander Hadfield: You are way too cool for this planet.

    If you thought Commander Chris Hadfield couldn't get any more awesome - first, don't ever underestimate Hadfield, come on. Second, you have to check out the cover of Canadian magazine Maclean's, because they've got Hadfield on their cover done up like David Bowie, and it's perfection.

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  5. Twins in Spaaace! NASA Will Perform Tests on Astronaut Using Identical Twin As Control

    If one twin ages 10 milliseconds less than his brother, does anyone actually care?

    As totally and unbelievably awesome as it would be to have "Space Explorer" as your job title, astronauts lives are not quite as simple as ours here on Earth -- extended time in space contributes to a whole host of health problems. But now NASA has a fairly inexpensive way to test propensity for such issues: identical twins.

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  6. Talking Robot to Fly to Space With Japanese Astronaut

    Because of course it's going up with a Japanese astronaut.

    A 13.4 inch-tall humanoid robot named Kirobo will be launched into space in August. Kirobo, which has the capability to speak and carry out conversations, will join Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakada aboard the International Space Station as a conversation partner. Great news, so long as Kirobo will not be given control of the pod bay doors.

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  7. Get Ready to Cry Some Space-Tears: Chris Hadfield Announces His Retirement

    We love astronaut Chris Hadfield, which is why it's so hard to hear he's retiring. We just hope he uses his free time to write more tweets.

    We've published dozens of articles about astronaut Chris Hadfield here on Geekosystem. His work on the International Space Station was impressive, but so was his own social media presence covering it. We're sad to say Hadfield is retiring from public service effective July 3rd.

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  8. Probably the Most Wigged-Out Pictures Ever Taken Aboard the International Space Station

    NASA astronaut Don Pettit, in addition to being flight engineer on Expedition 31, is also something of a gifted photographer. Aboard the International Space Station, Pettit began a series of long-exposure photographs from various locations on the orbiting outpost. Perhaps it's telling that the team chose a Starry Night-inspired background for their group photo because the resulting images are stunning.

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  9. NASA Receives Highest Number of Astronaut Applicants in Over 30 Years

    In case you had forgotten, NASA has extended its search for new astronauts online in recent years, giving anyone the chance to apply for what is probably the coolest job on the planet. Hopefully you didn't forget to turn in your application, because the NASA won't be taking anymore for a while. However, the space agency repots that it was a banner year, boasting the most applications since 1978. So if you did remember to apply, you're going to have a lot of competition.

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  10. NASA Accepting Applications to Become an Astronaut

    You knew it was coming, so you've had plenty of time to brush up your résumé and apply for a job as an astronaut. Sure, it's not the most glamorous job. You'll only make between $67k-$141K, and to qualify you'll have to posses over 1,000 hours of jet-flying experience, an advanced degree, and also be between 62 and 75 inches tall. The perks? You fly into space. See the requirements and apply for the job, after the break.

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