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  1. AsapSCIENCE Takes on 7 Myths About the Brain

    Your brain probably believes some silly things about itself.

    AsapSCIENCE's latest YouTube video explains the truth behind seven common myths about our brains. Can you be "left-brained" or "right-brained"? What percentage of our brain do we really use? Does size matter? They've got the answers.

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  2. AsapSCIENCE Makes a Compelling Case for Why We Should All Eat Bugs

    Let's see how many crickets we can fit in our mouths!

    Have you ever eaten bug? Actually, you probably have, but have you ever eaten one on purpose? AsapSCIENCE's latest video explains that maybe you should consider eating more of them. They also make a secondary case for why you should probably lay off the beef.

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  3. The Guys Behind the AsapSCIENCE Channel Address Their Anti-Gay Haters

    Because science doesn't care about sexual orientation.

    Fun fact: Greg and Mitch, the two people responsible for creating AsapSCIENCE, are both openly gay (and a couple, which is adorable).  This being the Internet, they've had a lot of commenters fixate on that aspect of their identities, so they'd like to talk to us about how their orientation doesn't change the fact that science is awesome.

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  4. AsapSCIENCE Says Your Ears Are Lying to You, Put Them to the Test With This Audio Illusion Video

    I knew it! You've been colluding with my eyeballs all along!

    Optical illusions are old hat at this point. Yes, the two lines are the same length. No, that's an old lady AND a young woman at the same time. But what about audio illusions? Those don't get nearly enough play, so to speak. That's why AsapSCIENCE wants to trick your brain with sounds instead of sights using a number of famous paradoxes.

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  5. AsapSCIENCE Explores the Science of Laziness [Video]

    Ahh, genes, what don't you ruin for us?

    Hey, you sitting in front of the computer. You could probably be outside getting some fresh air right about now. But it's not entirely your fault that you're lazy, according to AsapSCIENCE -- part of it, sadly, is due to your genetics. You should probably still go for a walk or something if you're able, though.

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  6. AsapSCIENCE Explains What Gluten Is, and Why You Shouldn’t Worry About It (Unless You Have Celiac Disease)

    Your gluten-free diet is probably pointless.

    If you're not someone with celiac disease and you're choosing to be on a gluten-free diet anyway, you're likely wasting your time and could even be opening yourself for health problems. So what is gluten? AsapSCIENCE explains that it's just a (usually) harmless protein found in grains. Take a look.

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  7. Why Are Babies Cute? Because Science, That’s Why! Let AsapSCIENCE Explain

    Earth Unplugged also explains why some animals are so ugly.

    Babies are cute, sure, but why are they cute? AsapSCIENCE explains the science of "Baby Schema" and why we just want to pinch those widdle cheeks. Conversely, Earth Unplugged explains the science behind why some animals are so very ugly.

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  8. Can You Genetically Enhance Yourself? Find Out with Vsauce in Their Half of the AsapSCIENCE Collaboration

    Just tell us when we can shoot bees out of our hands!

    We already showed you the AsapSCIENCE half of this collaboration between the two channels. AsapSCIENCE focused on genetically altering intelligence, and in this video Jake from Vsauce looks at genetic enhancements as a whole. He also compares genetic modifications to Bioshock.

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  9. We Know We Shouldn’t, But Can We Genetically Modify Geniuses?

    And don't try to argue that we should. I had to sit through Baby Geniuses. Never again.

    Don't worry, friends, no one's going to start recreating Gattaca. But there is a team of scientists working on research for something called the Cognitive Genome Project, which seeks to explain the genetic markers for intelligence. How successful could they be? AsapSCIENCE and special guest Jake from Vsauce3 explain the basics.

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  10. AsapTHOUGHT Explores the Link Between Art and Science

    You got your art in my science! You got your science in my art!

    What is art? It's an age-old question made even more confusing by stuff like upside-down urinal fountains and drawings of pipes that may or may not actually be pipes. But, on their new channel called AsapTHOUGHT, the AsapSCIENCE guys think that science and art are more closely linked than you might imagine.

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