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Arya Stark

  1. Man at Arms Built Arya’s Needle, Stabbed It Through Everything they Could Find

    Woman at Arms.

    Forge, impale. Forge, impale. Repeat.

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  2. New Maisie Williams Interview Demonstrates Awesomeness Beyond Arya Stark

    "There is no gender stereotype; you can do with your life as you please."

    So, we all know that Maisie Williams is pretty much the coolest ever, and Arya Stark is the jam on Game of Thrones. However, in this interview with Flicks and the City from the Berlin Film Festival, Williams shows that she's awesome above and beyond the character that has made her internationally famous.

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  3. The Gang’s All Here! Game of Thrones Takes Over Entertainment Weekly

    Arya excited yet?

    Oddly enough, I'm getting definite Crimson Peak vibes from Arya's cover. Can Maisie Williams' next feature film involve gothic horror, please?

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  4. 20 New Images From Game of Thrones Season 5 Feature All The Faces (Almost)

    Oh my god, HBO, give is a second to breath after the amazing first trailer for Season 5. Just kidding. Don't. These pictures are fabulous. Some are definitely meme worthy.

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  5. Keisha Castle-Hughes Discusses The Strong Women of Game of Thrones & Her Character Obara Sand’s Spear

    "Some of her favorite pastimes are murdering people with her spear and meditating." <3 <3 <3

    We here at The Mary Sue are anxiously awaiting the arrival of George R.R. Martin's "Sand Snakes" to Season 5 of HBO's Game of Thrones. They're super-interesting warriors and while we know they've had to make a few changes for the show, we're hopeful (boob armor and all) they'll be awesome on screen. One of them, New Zealand actress Keisha Castle-Hughes, got to talking about them recently and had great things to say.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Sistah Sinema’s Relaunched For Your LGBTQ Women Of Color Film Needs

    Useful things!

    It can be hard to find an abundance of media for/by queer women of color. Sistah Sinema is aiming to make a comeback to change that by teaming with Indieflix and relaunching their streaming service.

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  7. Get Your First Look at Braavos, Arya, & Tyrion In These Game of Thrones Season 5 Set Photos

    What do we say to the God of Death?

    Last time we journeyed to Braavos in Game of Thrones Season 4, all we saw was a giant interior space with Mycroft Holmes in it. With so many characters from the main cast descending on the free city at once, though, we're probably going to be spending a lot of time there when the show returns next year. Spoilers abound, of course!

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  8. “Snobby” A Song of Ice and Fire Readers, Maisie Williams Wants You to STFU

    "READ THE BOOKS if you don't want to be spoil—oh God, she's coming. Run away. RUN AWAAAAAY."

    Not all book readers, mind you. Just the ones who spoil things for non-book readers because "LOLOL, they're not spoilers if the books have been out for years!" You know who you are.

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  9. The Women of Westeros Never Looked So Elegant As They Do In This Print Series

    Yup. They're the strong ones, all right.

    As much as we love all the actors on Game of Thrones, it's always nice to see a more book-driven interpretation of the characters we know and adore. That's why we can't get enough of these illustrations from Martina Cecelia. The Qartheen one-breasted dress! Catelyn's auburn hair! ASHA! It's too much for our hearts to take. Someone's gonna have to come and eat them raw or something.

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  10. Seven Hells, Look At This Portrait of Arya Stark [Video]

    Winter Is Coming

    Earlier this week, my partner and I were playing hangman. Her gallows kept getting more and more elaborate, so in response, I drew a hasty approximation of the steps of the Great Sept of Baelor for the setting of our next round. My partner lost, and to seal her defeat, I drew Arya Stark watching from the crowd. That is to say, I drew a faceless stick figure with scraggly hair, standing behind a much larger stick figure labeled "BAELOR" in big block letters. Suffice it to say, this video impressed me. Please direct your applause toward Xiaonan, the artist at work here. (via Nerd Approved)

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  11. No, That’s Not Game Of Thrones’ Maisie Williams. That’s An Uncanny Arya Cosplayer Look-alike.

    Winter Is Coming

    After we posted a Game of Thrones cosplayer who looked remarkably like Natalie Dormer's Magaery Tyrell, we got several emails letting us know about Ginny Diguiseppi. Yup, that's her cosplaying as Arya Stark, Little Badass of Westeros, not a photo of Maisie Williams on set. Check out a few more photos of this talented women...

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  12. A Frank Discussion of Game of Thrones‘s Rape Scene And Its Epidemic of Sexual Violence

    The Mary Sue

    Since last Sunday, the Internet has been abuzz with talk of Game of Thrones' controversial rape scene. We touched on it in our recap and shared with you the responses of the scene's director, co-writer, and one of its actors, plus A Song of Ice and Fire scribe George R.R. Martin. But we hadn't written a post specifically on our personal thoughts on scene, because...well, because we have a lot of them. There's much to unpack about rape culture, storytelling tropes, and the responsibility of fiction. So Jill Pantozzi and Rebecca Pahle, along with Geekosystem's Victoria McNally, sat down to hash it all out. Below you'll find our uncensored discussion on the scene and why, specifically, it made us boil with seething, all-encompassing rage.

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  13. Game Of Thrones UK/US Simulcast News, Plus Arya & Ygritte Are Ready For Vengeance

    Winter Is Coming

    Here in the US, there's a few British series we have to wait patiently for and we sometimes forget it works both ways. But good news for UK Game of Thrones fans, you'll get to watch the premiere at the exact same time as us this year. Read on for details as well as a few interview bits from stars Rose Leslie and Maisie Williams about their character's paths this season.

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  14. Maisie Williams Talks Arya Stark’s Character Development In Game of Thrones Season Four (No Spoilers)

    "I don't want people to like her anymore, almost," quoth Maisie Williams, one of the people I enjoy most on television. "I want people to realize that actually she's not the same anymore. You can't root for her forever, because she's not there to be your favorite character." But she is, Maisie Williams. She is.

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  15. Game Of Thrones Casting News: The Mountain That Smiles & A Friend For Arya?

    Winter Is Coming

    While villages in the UK are busy renaming themselves King's Landing in anticipation of Game of Thrones' new season, we're keeping our ear to the ground on just where the next season will take us. Needless to say (or should that be Needle-less?), if you thought Arya was badass already, a new casting item may mean she's about to take it up a notch. Find out more, plus a look at our new Mountain after the cut.

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  16. Things We Saw Today: Warrior Fiona Cosplay

    Things We Saw Today

    An original Adventure Time cosplay by Ashley Hay. Photo by LJinto, sword by Jason of Hello My Sweet. 

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  17. Arya Stark Responds to This Weekend’s Game of Thrones

    Winter Is Coming

    For those of you still processing a certain event on Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones, Maisie Williams has a little news for you.  Spoiler Alert for The Rains of Castamere after the jump.

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  18. What If Arya, Daenerys, Brienne & The Rest of the Game of Thrones Cast Lived In The 1990s?

    You know nothing Jon Snow

    Artist Mike Wrobel has thrown some of our favorite Game of Thrones characters into the world of Saved by the Bell, Duran Duran, and flannel. He writes, "I grew up at a wonderful time when X-Files was THE show we couldn't miss, Grunge music made us wear ripped jeans, and we still could find toys in cereal boxes." Looks like he went for a late 80s/early 90s interpretation of these Westeros citizens. I'm loving it.

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  19. What Game Of Thrones’ Arya Would Look Like In A 1960s Animated Disney Film

    Winter Is Coming

    Anyone else getting The Sword in the Stone feels from this illustration or is it just me? I'm currently plotting in my head how the film would go if Arya were the main character instead of Wart. (via TwiggyMcBones) Previously in Game of Thrones

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  20. Arya Is Welcomed Into the BAMF Girls House By Hermione, Katniss, & Michonne [VIDEO]

    Winter Is Coming

    We brought you the first episode of Comediva's The BAMF Girls Club last week but are super excited to see a brand new additon to the household in episode three! Arya Stark from Game of Thrones! Wonder what will happen when she meets fellow sword-wielder Michonne... If you missed episode two, you can find it after the jump!

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