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  1. Jack Kirby’s Concept Art For The Fake Sci-Fi Film In Argo Goes Up For Auction

    If you've got $10,000 or so burning a hole in your pocket, you could be the proud owner of these Kirby designs for Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light.

    Attention well-off comic nerds and history buffs! The original Jack Kirby concept art for the fake film featured in last year's critically acclaimed film Argo is going up for auction this week. That means you could soon be the owner of Jack Kirby drawings that helped save the lives of U.S. diplomats during the Iranian hostage crisis.

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  2. The Great French Post-It Note War of 2011

    So, you are bored at work. What is there to do? Well, you could decorate the glass walls of your office building with Post-it pictures of your favorite animated characters. This is exactly what employees at Ubisoft Montreuil in France did. But, their neighbors across the street at BNP bank took their Post-it artwork as a bit of a challenge, and started firing back with some window images of their own. Thus, the Great French Post-it War of 2011 was born. Clearly, it spawned an epic rivalry worthy of the likes of Mario and Bowser. See more pictures of the two companies' Post-it characters after the jump.

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  3. Insect Clock Hybrids Are Creepily Wonderful

    Artist Mike Libby has created the unique Insect Lab Studio, where he remixes real insect specimens with antique watch parts and other electric components. Libby's creations aren't intended to actually work as electronic devices, but he says they are meant to seem as though they could. According to Libby, the creatures meld science fiction with fact to celebration the inherent contradictions between nature and technology. Each piece is hand made and one of a kind. Libby's sculptures, in addition to prints, are available for purchase on his website, provided you aren't completely creeped out by the idea of dead insects retrofitted with clock parts. Check out more of his clockwork insects after the jump.

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  4. Woman Buys Non-Visible Art For $10,000

    It would be nice to have so much money that investing in non-visible art seems like a great idea. Yes, non-visible art, as in art that you cannot see, because the artwork itself does not exist. The Museum of Non-Visible Art is a project endorsed by actor James Franco that promotes artwork that is imagined by the artist. So, when new media producer Aimee Davison recently shelled out $10,000 for a piece of non-visible artwork, what she was really getting was a card to hang on her wall that describes the invisible, non-existent piece of art. Davison says she bought the non-visible artwork, called "Fresh Air," because her job as a new media producer helped her identify with the ideology of the project. By new media, Davison is referring to social media, which she says is integral to how artists create, promote and sell their art online. She told the Huffington Post:
    "I felt that the act of purchasing "Fresh Air" supported my thesis about a concept I term "you-commerce," which is the marketing and monetization of one's persona, skills, and products via the use of social media and self-broadcasting platforms, like Franco's use of the crowd funding platform Kickstarter to fund the Museum of Non-Visible Art. Essentially, I wanted to put my money where my mouth is."

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