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Artificial Intelligence

  1. “Ada Lovelace Exam” Proposed As Alternative To Turing Test, Computers Everywhere Are Hella Stoked

    I feel so much better about the Singularity.

    You guys remember rad-as-HECK Ada Lovelace from Sam's profile of her earlier this year, right? The Ada Lovelace? The one with a day of the year named after her plus an entire computer language? The woman who essentially wrote the world's first-ever computer program and predicted the creative capabilities of modern machines? Well, good. Because Ada might be about to get a lot more fans, at least if one tech professor has his druthers.

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  2. Elon Musk Is Afraid We Might Create Ultron, He Is Now Officially Tony Stark

    There are no strings on Musk.

    Now do you believe me that Elon Musk is not-so-secretly Iron Man? The dude is worried about Ultron, for crap's sake! Whoever came up with this viral marketing campaign for Age of Ultron deserves a raise.

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  3. Showtime Ramps Up Penny Dreadful Advertising With Creepy Interactive Window Display That Follows Passersby

    Cool, I'm not going to have nightmares about women in feathered hats tonight.

    While Showtime has made the first episode of Penny Dreadful available online already, they certainly aren't pulling any punches when it comes to promoting its May 11th premiere, as evidenced by the elaborately interactive displays they've placed in New York and Los Angeles for the next two weeks.

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  4. Facebook’s Automatic Tagging Software Has Near-Human Facial Recognition

    This is why we need a dislike button.

    Bad news for those of us who strategically choose which images of ourselves we label on Facebook. Actually, bad news for anyone who has a face. The social network's horrifyingly accurate facial recognition software, DeepFace, is approaching human-level accuracy and definitely knows what you look like. NSA, don't you even think about it.

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  5. EmoSPARK Is An Artificial Intelligence System For Your Home, Better Be Nice To It

    Just please, please, don't name yours HAL.

    The IndieGoGo campaign for the EmoSPARK has already been completely funded, so you might as well witness the future of SmartHomes now. If you're a Eureka fan, it's basically like having your very own SARAH (Self Actuated Residential Automated Habitat). Just don't try to disconnect it - you'll never get your garage/Pod bay doors open again.

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  6. Does Artificial Intelligence Have A Place in eSports?

    Maybe if we teach the robots to play video games, they'll let us live after the revolution.

    Games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, or Planetside 2 are notable for their cooperative play between real live teammates. But what if one of those teammates could be replaced by a capable A.I.? PBS Game/Show thinks it might be worth doing in the future as a way to streamline gamplay. Here's their argument for why.

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  7. Google Just Bought An Artificial Intelligence Company, Might As Well Surrender Now

    Google would also like your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.

    Since December, Google has been picking up robotics companies all over the place, including the super-terrifying Boston Dynamics, and the DARPA robot olympics-winning SCHAFT. We couldn't have thees robots annihilate the human race without brains, though, so Google has acquired Artificial Intelligence start-up DeepMind for about $500 million.

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  8. Artificial Intelligence is on the Rise, and That Might Be a Good Thing [Video]

    You can definitely trust us, we're totally human too. Totally.

    We all know the standard tropes and fears surrounding artificial intelligence -- how the robots will replace all of us at our jobs and evolve to overthrow humanity in an apocalyptic blaze, that kind of thing. PBS Off Book wanted to poke those tropes with a stick and see just what AI could actually bring us, so they gathered up several computer science professors from NYU and Oxford to ask them just what we should expect from our future cybernetic overlords.

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  9. Developing A.I. Might Be Less Unethical Than Not [Video]

    Every single we aren't actively trying to make the Matrix happen is apparently a day wasted.

    Robots are only getting more and more intelligent, and eventually they will replace us. Every single story in popular science fiction confirms this viewpoint, so naturally whenever someone invents a new piece of technology that begins to closely resemble artificial intelligence, some nerd shouts "No don't do that THE CYLONS" or something to that extent. But what if creating better robots is actually the most ethical thing we can do as a society? That's the question that the most recent episode of PBS Ideal Channel puts forth to viewers. I'm not sure if I agree, but I could basically listen to host Mike Rugnetta wax philosophical to accompanying pop culture GIFs for days on end regardless.

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  10. Artificial Intelligence Can Now Beat Super Mario Bros.

    Tired of playing video games now that the sun is starting to make regular appearances and the outside world is looking more inviting? Good news! Now there's a computer program that can play your video games for you! Computer scientist Tom Murphy has developed an artificial intelligence that can play NES games like Super Mario Bros. all by itself. It doesn't even have to trade off the controller with its kid brother every other life.

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