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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

Can’t Afford Those DC Bombshell Statues? How About A Nice Print?

We’ve fawned over DC Collectibles’ Bombshell line a few times and while we’d love to have all the lovely women adorning our shelves, that’s not financially feasible (or sound, if you own cats). Luckily, Quantum Mechanix has the perfect solution – prints!



We Do Not Have Enough Wall Space For All These Stylish Game of Thrones Prints

…but we wish we did. Bottleneck Gallery’s online exhibition Winter Is Here offers a slew of gorgeous Game of Thrones-themed artwork by a variety of talented folks. Before you is a selection of a few that caught our eye. Prints are available but limited, so if you want one of these for your own, you’d better move fast.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Bilbo’s Shire Gel

Well, Tolkien did like to spend a lot of his thinking time in the bath… (Nerd Approved)


eye candy

Artist Reimagines Pop Culture Icons as Byzantine Religious Icons

To be fair, Fotis Varthis says on their Behance page that their Byzantine series is based on the Byzantine art style as a whole, not on any particular saint iconography. The series began when they were attempting to draw a prophet and accidentally drew Saruman instead. You can probably guess what came next.

Check out two more of Fotis Varthis’ series at Behance.


eye candy

Steph Caskenette Recreates Videogames in Nostalgic Digital “Papercraft” Art

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you. I’m not really sure what digital papercraft means. But I do know what a dang cute Kirby looks like.


It is known

We Wouldn’t Normally Put “Game of Thrones” and “Adorable” In The Same Sentence, But We’ll Allow It For This Artwork

Going by this artwork by the very talented Olly Moss, you might be forgiven for mistaking Game of Thrones for a charming children’s series. Right up until you get to his version of Theon. And Viserys. And…and oh my god, Robb. Click through for the full set (spoilers through season three).

Prints are available, but only for a non-specified limited time. Get ‘em while you can.


Just Go With It

Round Two! Disney Heroines As Street Fighter Characters

Last year, we shared the first batch of Mike V’s re-imagined Disney heroines. Today, some new challengers appear. I know Mulan’s the obvious choice here, but personally? My money’s on Lilo. Hit the jump to see our favorites.



The Cutest Dinosaur Art You Ever Did See

I don’t know what more I could possibly say about this. There’s a stegosaurus folding origami, for goodness’ sake. A stegosaurus folding origami.

Artist Morgan O’Brien does watercolors of all kinds of other critters, too, but…c’mon. Dinosaurs. Click through to see a whole herd of ‘em. And oh yes, there are prints.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Introducing the Lady Knights of Tumblr

Tumblr user dogbomber (called Sean Ng in the non-Tumblr world), threw together this lady knight randomizer (warning for extremely flashy gifs) to encourage illustrators across Tumblr to get their design on and come up with a wide variety of lady knights. Take a screenshot of the randomizer, or do the click-’n'-drag familiar to all Tumblr users, and draw based on the prompts that you get. It could be an axe-wielding, bottom-heavy, serious, Native American lady knight with snake influences, or a vain Japanese knight a plump build, a pet bull, and a shield… you get the idea. Ng drew some of the knights he got, and other artists took up the challenge as well.

My only regret right now is my complete inability to draw.


Hear Me Roar

Artist Illustrates the Deaths of Game of Thrones, Dredges Up Those Pesky Feels

Leading up the Game of Thrones season four premiere on April 6th, artist Robert M Ball has been illustrating a death a day, one for each episode. It says a lot about the series that that’s something you can do. He’s currently up to season two, episode nine, so certain deaths *cough* haven’t been depicted yet. We’ve included some our favorites behind the jump; you can visit Beautiful Death for the rest and to see season three’s death drawings when they’re released.