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  1. All About Arrow Finale: “My Name Is Oliver Queen”

    Arrow's third season finale! What do you think of how everything shook out? Let us (and each other) know in the comments below, but beware of spoilers as always!

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  2. DC and CW’s Legends of Tomorrow Trailer Is Like The Avengers With Time Travel, So Basically Awesome

    All the TV is happening!

    We recently learned the title, synopsis, and what Caity Lotz's role would be for the Arrow/Flash spinoff TV series Legends of Tomorrow, and now there's finally a trailer to go with it—and it looks like a lot of fun, as well as a lot like what some other superhero franchises are doing, and not in a bad way.

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  3. DCTV Podcasts Team Up To Fight Cancer In Superpowered Marathon This Weekend

    You don't have to be super-powered to do some good in the world.

    For those of you who don't know, I'm a co-host of a fan podcast called Supergirl Radio, which is educating the world about Kara Zor-El in anticipation of the upcoming Supergirl series on CBS! Even cooler is that Supergirl Radio is part of a DC TV Podcasts family that includes Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast, The Flash Podcast, and Legends of Gotham. Usually, we just team up to talk superhero television. Now, we're teaming up for a much more important cause: to fight cancer.

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  4. [UPDATED] Stephen Amell Suggests Arrow Crossover For #SaveConstantine

    NBC may have passed on a second season of Constantine, but all hope is not lost. Fans and stars alike have been tweeting their support of the show in the hopes that another network might give it a chance - including Arrow's Stephen Amell.

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  5. CW Arrow/Flash Spinoff Legends of Tomorrow Gets Series Order, As If You Had a Doubt

    Oh thank god, we can finally stop calling it "Other CW Superhero Show."

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  6. All About Arrow: “This Is Your Sword”

    Only one more episode left in the season! What did you think of last night?

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  7. [UPDATED] Things We Saw Today: Target “Most Likely to Screw Up Star Wars Merch”

    #WeWantLeia, but not like this!

    TMS reader, Kirsten McKnight tipped us off to this really disappointing Star Wars shirt from Target featuring Leia as "Most Likely to Be Rescued." Really? Not "Most Likely to Rule?" or "Most Likely to Be a Senator?" or "Most Likely to Rebel?" Get it together, Target!

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  8. The Suicide Squad is Revealed in Costumed Cast Photos Including Harley Quinn, Katana, & Deadshot

    Standing in front of a big ol' Belle Reve sign is your Suicide Squad. What do you think?

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  9. All about Arrow: “Al Sah-Him”

    Things are getting serious.

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  10. Gerry Conway Says DC Entertainment is Ripping Off Creators

    It's not like you don't have the money, DC.

    Whenever you see comic book characters leap off the page and into a new medium - like all the DC shows on television right now - you're probably thinking Wow! Whoever created these characters must be making BANK! Not necessarily. In fact, thanks to changes that happened once DC Comics became DC Entertainment, comic creators are making a lot less.

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  11. Awesome Geek Girl Rocks Arrow Inspired Prom Dress

    Her outfit definitely hits the mark.

    When Danielle Taylor heard about the "Sweet Dreams (or Candy Land)" theme for her school's prom, she decided she wanted something a little more... heroic.

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  12. All About Arrow: “The Fallen”

    What did you folks think of last night's episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below, but beware of spoilers if you're behind!

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  13. The Flash Mob: “Who Is Harrison Wells?”

    Cisco, I could hug you to death.

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  14. All About Arrow: “Broken Arrow”

    This photo is Oliver's reaction to the title of this episode.

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  15. The Psychology of Inspirational Women: Black Canary (Laurel Lance)

    The Background: Black Canary is the alter ego of Dinah Laurel Lance, and was one of the first DC female superheroes, along with Wonder Woman. Black Canary’s initial name in DC comics was Dinah Drake, and in the later series the Black Canary was based on two separate people – mother (Dinah Drake) and daughter (Dinah Laurel Lance). In the comics Black Canary temporarily worked with the Justice League and also with Oracle (formerly, Batgirl).

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  16. All About Arrow: “Public Enemy”

    Dammit, Ra's.

    What did you think of the **** hitting the fan on last night's Arrow? Tell us in the comments below, but as always, beware of spoilers!

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  17. The Big Flash Twist and an Extended Look at the Rest of the Season Have Us Running Wild

    Last night's episode of The Flash was an excellent one but it ended with a extra long "this season on The Flash" promo which revealed some seriously cool things. Let's discuss!

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  18. BREAKING: Arrow’s Stephen Amell Set to Play Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

    Arrow on the Half-Shell.

    Stephen Amell has been cast in the role of Casey Jones in the upcoming film, with Megan Fox returning as April O'Neil.

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  19. Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill Has Joined The CW’s Arrow/Flash Superhero Spinoff as a Time Traveler

    OMG we can honestly say this is Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey... Stuff!


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  20. Hawkgirl Kendra Saunders Cast For Arrow/Flash Spinoff Superhero Series


    Yes, I had to specify which Hawkgirl. THERE ARE A LOT, OK?

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