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  1. Arizona Schools Are Literally Ripping Pages on Contraception out of Biology Books

    Well this is as stupid as [REDACTED].

    The Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board in Arizona became displeased with a section in a high school biology book that described how an abortion-inducing drug works after complaints from a Christian law organization called Freedom, so they advised school officials to redact it with extreme prejudice. I can't wait until someone goes full-on Fahrenheit 451 on them.

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  2. Plucked Directly From Your Dreams, Here’s Soda Shaq, Shaq’s New Line of Soft Drinks

    Do you dare to drink a soda with Shaq's face on it? If so, there are now four flavors for you to choose from.

    It probably won't surprise regular readers to learn that we're not huge sports fans here at Geekosystem -- I mean, I am, but I'm barely bringing the average up -- so for us to write with any regularity about a sports icon, that person has to be a) good enough at sports that pretty much everyone on the planet knows their name and b) ludicrously entertaining in all other aspects of his or her life. By this metric, Shaquille O'Neal is the perfect sports star for our site, a fact confirmed by yesterday's announcement that Shaq will be lending his name -- and more importantly, his face -- to a line of cream sodas from Arizona.

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  3. Study Shows Arizona Desert is Literally Trashy, Verdict Still Out on Rest of Arizona

    Oscar the Grouch may want to consider leaving his smelly trashcan hovel on Sesame Street behind in favor of the arid landscape of Arizona's Saguaro National Park. A recent study conducted by the University of Arizona and biologist Erin Zylstra shows that windswept trash -- consisting mostly of plastic bags and latex balloons -- has ended up in the desert. Even more alarming is that the amount of trash in the area actually outnumbers the population of indigenous desert tortoises and western diamondback rattlesnakes, with the very life of these little critters on the line.

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  4. London Bridge Was Falling Down, Then Shipped to the U.S.

    The fine folks at MinutePhysics are taking a break from physics this week, presumably because physics is very hard. Instead, they're exploring an odd tidbit from intercontinental history in which the city of London really did have a bridge it wanted to sell -- the then decrepit London Bridge. As is so often the case, an eccentric gazillionaire with more money than sense got involved, and history was made. Which is why the London Bridge is in Arizona now. That is great, because it reaffirms the fact that we live in a world that is very strange sometimes.

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  5. Why Is It That Legislators Think Basic Rights Don’t Apply On The Internet?

    When it comes to Internet activism and Internet discussion of law in general, you're bound to find a lot of people arguing for "freedom." Freedom to do what they want, freedom to say what they want, and freedom to be anonymous about it. Now, you might say (and many do): "That's because they're all a bunch of thieves and bullies who want to keep stealing and bullying." And to an extent, you might be right. The other reason though -- the main reason -- is that basic rights are almost constantly under attack whenever the Internet is involved. Legislators in Arizona, for instance, want to (and think they can) outlaw obscene, lewd or profane language on the Internet, punishable by a $250,000 fine and up to six months in jail. May I suggest you all engage in a bout of self-fornication?

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  6. Reality Hits You Hard, Bro [Video]

    Watch as an excitable Arizonian man recounts a car crash, and coins one of the great truisms of our time. Will people regret their "reality hits you hard, bro" tattoos this time next year? We'll wait and see. (via Viral Viral Video)

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  7. Massive Dust Storm Descends On Phoenix [Video]

    While dust storms might not be a new occurrence for Arizona natives, a massive one that recently descended on Phoenix has been captured in amazing video footage. The above video of the storm was captured by Mike Olbinski, who says that despite living in Phoenix for 35 years, he has never seen anything like this storm. The storm halted flights and knocked out power for more than 8,000 people as it rolled through. This type of dust storm is being described as a "haboob", which aside from being fun to say (we're adults, we swear), is a word of Arabic origins that means a violent and oppressive wind blowing in summer, particularly with regard to bringing sand from the desert.

    (Mike Olbinski via Gizmodo)

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  8. Arizona Republicans Want an Official State Gun

    The timing of this seems a little odd in light of the fairly recent shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona by a crazed gunman, but a group of over 40 Republican state legislators are pushing to adopt the Colt single-action army revolver as Arizona's official state gun. They want the Colt SAA -- which is notable to us, anyway, for being called "the greatest handgun ever made" by Metal Gear Solid villain Revolver Ocelot -- to get the honor because they believe that it "epitomizes the Wild West heritage of Arizona." Arizona Daily Star:

    So why does Arizona need a state firearm? "Just like we need to tell Turkey that we're friends," Gould told Capitol Media Services.
    At the very least, one can't accuse these lawmakers of protectionism; Colt is headquartered in Connecticut. Arizona is racing with Utah to become the first state to designate an official state gun; in January, the Utah State House passed a measure which is currently being considered by the State Senate to declare the Browning M1911 semi-automatic the state gun: "This firearm really has defended liberty and freedom around the country and around the world. And I think this is a very appropriate designation to capture a portion of the state history." (Phoenix New Times via Runnin' Scared | Colt single-action army Wikipedia page)

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  9. Arizona State Senate Bans Human-Animal Hybrids

    Yesterday the Arizona State Senate approved SB 1307, a bill that prohibits the manufacture, for any reason, of human-animal hybrids. Specifically, it prohibits anyone in Arizona from "creating or attempting to create an in vitro human embryo by any means other than fertilization of a human egg by a human sperm."

    Also verboten is “transferring or attempting to transfer a human embryo into a nonhuman womb,” “transferring or attempting to transfer a nonhuman embryo into a human womb” and “transporting or receiving for any purpose a human-animal hybrid.”

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