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  1. Ship Lost In Arctic 160 Years Ago Found Due To Global Warming

    Good. Soon we'll need all the ships we can get.

    In 1845 explorer John Franklin set off to explore the Northwest Passage. The adventurer and his ships the HMS Erebus and the terribly-named HMS Terror were never seen again--until very recently, that is.

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  2. LEGO Caught In Political Struggle Between Greenpeace And Shell Oil Company [Updated]

    But...but they're still coming over for Taco Tuesday, right?

    LEGO might be hazardous to more than bare feet, and Greenpeace is willing to kill as many teeny-tiny polar bears as necessary to prove it. (See above. L'il guys didn't stand a chance.)

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  3. New Projection Suggests We’re Looking at an Ice-Free Arctic by 2058

    Climate change is coming.

    A group of American and Chinese researchers have used an advanced climate simulation tool to project that the Arctic will undergo periods without ice, likely occurring during September, beginning sometime between the years 2054 and 2058.

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  4. Didn’t See That One Coming: Giant Camels Came From the Great White North

    Everything you know may be wrong. You grew up assuming that camels originated in the Middle East, right? Or maybe Africa or Asia, like the two-humped Bactrian? Since that no longer seems to be the case, what else were your teachers lying about? You see, evidence has been found that giant, prehistoric camels lived in the Arctic circle and this just might be where our even-toed, arid-dwelling friends came from.

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  5. Arctic Sea Ice at Lowest Levels Ever Observed from Space

    The polar caps have been under consistent surveillance from space since 1979. There's a certain area scientists refer to as the Arctic's "minimum," where it shrinks down to on a regular basis during warmer weather, before colder climates prevail and rebuild the sheet of ice. However, NASA has revealed that the extent of melting as of yesterday, August 26th, has set the new record as the lowest level of Arctic sea ice observed since we started doing such a thing.

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  6. An Inuit Village You Can’t Drive to Coming Soon to Google Street View

    Google has been making some rather interesting decisions when it comes to what they add to their Google Street View service. Between the cars and tricycles, they can squeeze into a number of spaces -- even those typically without real traffic. One of their latest projects is mappingĀ Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, an Inuit village so far into the Canadian Arctic that it is only reachable by plane for the majority of the year.

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  7. Who Owns the Arctic? It’s Messy

    Under international law, nobody can own the North Pole or the portion of ocean immediately surrounding it, but that doesn't keep the carving up of the jurisdiction and boundaries of the broader Arctic from being a messy affair: Durham University counts no fewer than twenty different territorial classifications governing the Arctic. (Larger map after the jump.)

    Arctic control is far from a dead, bygone issue:

    In August 2007 Russian scientists sent a submarine to the Arctic Ocean seabed at 90Ā° North to gather data in support of Russia's claim that the North Pole is part of the Russian continental shelf. The expedition provoked a hostile reaction from other Arctic littoral states and prompted media speculation that Russia's action might trigger a "new Cold War" over the resources of the Arctic.

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  8. Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer is Out in HD! Watch it Here.

    This morning, we found out that the seventh CoD game is going to be called Call of Duty: Black Ops. As of 12:40 tonight, we know what it looks like, thanks to a trailer for the game that just debuted on GameTrailers TV. There's not a ton of tangible new information to be had here -- it's a fairly short trailer -- but it sure is visually impressive:

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