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Archives of Internal Medicine

  1. Study Links Regular Chocolate Consumption to Lower Body Mass Index

    Most of us can agree that chocolate is delicious. However, we probably also agree that eating a lot of it is probably not a good thing from a dietary or waistline standpoint. However, a new study from the University of California, San Diego suggests that people who eat chocolate on a regular basis may actually be skinnier than people who do not indulge as often.

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  2. Study Shows Coffee Can Help Prevent Depression, Empty Coffee Cups

    If you need a study to tell you that coffee may prevent depression, you probably don't drink coffee. If you did, you would know that its magical, motivational properties can compel you to accomplish tasks with reckless abandon in a delightful, suddenly-I-don't-hate-being-alive-this-morning sort of way. Well, a study of 50,000 female nurses published in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that coffee (but only the real, caffeinated stuff) reduces the occurrence of depression, in women at least. Doctors, being doctors, are suggesting more study rather than suggesting that women start drinking more coffee. Ladies, allow me to suggest that you start drinking more coffee. The study, orchestrated by doubtlessly caffeinated folks from The Harvard Medical School, tracked the involved nurses for an entire decade, relying on self-reporting to record their coffee consumption. The results were that out of the 2,600 who developed varying degrees of depression, coffee drinking was not popular. In comparison to the non-drinkers who had one cup or less per week, women who drank two to three cups a day where 15% less likely to become depressed; the guzzlers who drank four or more were 20% less likely, assuming no one tried to pry them off the coffee maker.

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