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Archie Comics

  1. The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: Archie’s B&V Friends Comics Double Digest #242

    Cell phone game addictions abound in our latest preview from Archie Comics (you know you've been there). Take a look at B&V Friends Comics Double Digest #242!

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  2. The Mary Sue Exclusive: Archie Comics’ Betty & Veronica #275 Anniversary Covers

    Archie has five, yes FIVE, covers for their oversized anniversary issue, Betty & Veronica #275, written by none other than Batman producer Michael Uslan! They've passed these fantastic covers on to us for your eyes to take in! Check out the fine work of Adam Hughes, Genevieve F.T., Dan Parent, Ramona Fradon, and Brittney Williams.

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  3. The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: Archie Comics’ B&V Friends: Snow Day!

    Archie Comics have given The Mary Sue an exclusive preview of their only release for this week. Now don't we feel special?

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  4. The Mary Sue Exclusive: Betty and Veronica Comics Double Digest #229

    Archie Comics have given us a new preview of this week's Betty and Veronica release!

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  5. Dorkly Presents the 5 Weirdest Comic Book Crossovers You’ve Ever Seen

    You'll pay for killing Frank Castle's family, Jughead!

    We're all waiting with breathless anticipation for the upcoming nonsense that is Archie Meets Predator, but in the meantime, we can satisfy ourselves with other just-as-ridiculous Riverdale crossovers—such as that time The Punisher paid the gang a visit. Dorkly has more weird comic shenanigans where that came from. Can you think of any they missed?

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  6. The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: Archie Comics’ Sabrina’s Christmas Magic

    An all-new exclusive Archie Comics' preview on what turned out to be a very exciting day for Archie!

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  7. Riverdale Reboot: Archie Comics Starts All Over Again With Mark Waid and Fiona Staples

    But when does it cross over with Saga?

    2015 marks the 75th anniversary of Archie Comics, but the company is following up a series of bold and unexpected moves with something that'd be entirely normal at certain other comics companies we could name... it's restarting and renumbering its flagship series with a brand new, acclaimed writer/artist team.

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  8. Pull It Together: Bitch Planet Is Out!

    We've got issues. Lots of issues.

    Welcome to Pull It Together, where the goal is to narrow the massive field of comic book titles to the ones you shouldn’t overlook. It isn’t about what’s on my pull list, it’s about what could be on yours!

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  9. Whoa, Guys, The Mega Man Comic Got Dark

    The Mega Man comic has been chugging along comfortably for the last three years under the Archie Comics label, which has been undergoing a slow evolution with some genuinely new and surprising ideas and storylines.

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  10. Creator Of Riverdale Says Fox Show Will Be “Archie Meets Twin Peaks


    Damn fine news, everyone: if you thought the description for Riverdale paid homage to the obvious similarities between Archie's home and a certain eccentric Northwest town, you were right. The sock hops are not what they seem.

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