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  1. Eat, Drink, and Play Pac-Man: Namco Plans to Expand Arcade Business With New Restaurant Chain

    Even well into our adult years, we never appear to break out of that desire to seek out venues that in some way emulate our fond childhood experiences spent at Chuck E. Cheese's or ShowBiz Pizza restaurants: Food of dubious nutritional value, arcade games, and enough light and sound to overload the senses of even the most hardy of human beings. With plenty of establishments such as Jillian's and Dave & Busters catering to modern society's rampant case of Peter Pan Syndrome, Namco Entertainment Inc. -- the arcade game division of video game publisher/developer Namco Bandai Games Inc. -- is going forward with their plan to open a chain of restaurants in a similar vein to the aforementioned competition, which will hopefully allow the company to stake a claim in this lucrative market.

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  2. Press Start: Museum of Modern Art to Showcase Video Game Collection

    To all those people who scoff at video games and see them as nothing but wastes of time and a way to lose brain cells, here's some well-deserved egg on your face: By March 2013, The Museum of Modern Art is planning to present a gallery showcasing select video games that have left an indelible mark on popular culture in addition to other qualities that make them artistic pieces in their own right. At last, someone out there has discerning taste!

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  3. What a 1968 Arcade Looked Like

    Due to the booming console gaming industry and its robust online features, for better or worse, arcades aren't quite happening spots anymore. If you were born after the arcade era, or only have fuzzy memories of skee ball, take a trip back to 1968 with this picture set, and relive the days of arcades past, when people actually attended arcades and Pit-Fighter wasn't the top draw.

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  4. Caine’s Arcade Is The Best Cardboard Arcade Ever To Be Run By A 9-Year-Old

    Kids are pretty uniquely talented when it comes to being able to get fired up about things. I, for instance, had grand plans to build a Commander Keen-style spacecraft out of my parents' old car and some box fans. 9-year-old Caine Monroy from L.A. had plans to construct his own arcade out of cardboard, and operate it out of his dad's used auto parts store. Unlike me, Caine stayed devoted to his goal and found insane success when his first customer Nirvan Mullick organized a flash-mob of other patrons and filmed a short documentary about it. Kind of makes you wonder if you pursued your childhood dreams hard enough, doesn't it?

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  5. This Is One Dedicated Gamer [Video]

    Playing Ghost Squad, this very dedicated gamer was seen in Bang Kapi Mall in Bangkok, Thailand, mimicking each move his character makes on screen, even ducking down below the arcade unit when his character ducks for cover, rising from the unit's cover at the same time his character does. Not only does he fake reload his fake gun when his character reloads, but he is also wearing camo pants.

    Hey, Dance Dance Revolution players who dance without watching the screen, you now have some competition.

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  6. Arcade Dominator [Video]

    YouTube star Freddie Wong takes to the arcade to show it who's boss. The video is amusing, but Wong isn't exactly the best Skee Ball player of all time; he explains:

    In the interest of giving you all the down low - the only thing I'm actually doing is Guitar Hero. The Skee Ball basically is one take where I bowl 9 in a row in the correct segment of the ramp, and then we replace each one of those with successful shots from another take. Same with Stacker - I stood very still, and the action of my hand hitting the button is actually pieced together for timing. Everything up to the Major Prize payout is legit, just because Stacker is pretty easy and the way it works is the Major payout depends on the machine.
    Even if the perfect Skee Ball bowling was legit, the more impressive feat would've been finding an arcade that is still in business.

    (via reddit)

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  7. Geekolinks: 7/2

    Adorable young rascals reenact American Revolution (Urlesque)

    How to trap lightning in a block (MAKE)

    Inmate's secret footage shot in prison coming to HBO (This Is 50)

    How to make an arcade cabinet in under 15 minutes (RetroFusion)

    Mind-controlled computers coming in the future (Fast Company)

    Rumor: leaked Windows Phone 7 specs (BGR)

    Twilight craze kills Neil Gaiman's desire to write a novel about a vampire, which would've been awesome (Gamma Squad)

    (title image via Friends with You)

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